Nyctea Scandiacus

NICK-tee-uh scan-dee-AY-kis
DFAB Female
November 25th

A harpy from a planet called Fontanelle, raised to be a powerful magical combatant. From birth she's had high expectations placed on her due to her rare magical potential, and thanks to consistently meeting those expectations she's been spoiled. She thinks highly of herself and has complete confidence in her skills, always eager to get into fights so she can show off.

She's currently attending Heaven College, where her superiors expect her to excel. Nyctea certainly expects to, but she's become exposed to all sorts of new species and worlds. She hasn't given anyone a reason to suspect anything, but she's becoming increasingly interested in unraveling the mysteries behind Fontanelle and Heaven College... and perhaps stirring up some trouble for them both, just to see if she can.


Above all else, Nyctea's most notable trait is her confidence. There is little she believes she cannot accomplish on her own, and those things she's sure she could achieve with either a little bit or help or some more training. She can come off as cocky, but she's not confident to the point of ruin. She's practical, intelligent, and patient, knowing exactly what her weaknesses are and where her limits lie.

Nyctea's difficult to keep the attention of, since for anyone to catch her eye they have to be on her level. In other words, she probably won't give you the time of day if you can't entertain her in combat or intelligence. Given her magical skill and education, this isn't easy to pull off. She does like teasing people here and there, so if your responses are amusing enough she might hang around even if you're weaker than her, but she's such a mercurial person that you shouldn't count on it. If she has nothing to learn or gain from you, she'll probably forget about you quickly.

Nyctea has a love for learning, partially due to wanting to become even greater than she already is. As such she enjoys eavesdropping and gossip, always willing to sell someone's secrets if she'll get to hear another in return. She's tempted by forbidden knowledge, but she's smart enough not to be seduced by it. Whether it's due to practicality or just believing in herself enough that she's sure she'll find out on her own eventually, it's not easy to draw her in if it might come at some cost to her.

It isn't difficult to ignore her. She always tries to keep her cool and doesn't get set off easily, but it's not hard to irritate her. It's also rather dangerous to do, depending on her mood. She will accept apologies if they come from someone groveling on their knees, at least, so as long as you don't anger her too often you can probably escape with your life.

Nyctea enjoys proving herself to others; she doesn't want to have a reputation that she's all bark and no bite. She'll happily battle anyone who approaches her so long as she thinks the fight wouldn't be completely unfavorable to her. She tends to trash talk quite a bit, too, but she'll do that in any competitive environment, not just battle. Even if they lose Nyctea will often spend more time around her battle partners so long as the fight was satisfying enough. A little teasing, a little competition... really, it's less that she wants to make friends and more that she likes having a healthy stock of rivals.


Edibles Nyctea is carnivorous, preferring small game and fish. Worryingly fond of poultry and eggs. Her favorite food is mice. She also likes milk.
Weather Chilly, clear days with just enough wind to make flying feel really satisfying.
Activities Battling, strategizing, reading, learning, chatting with others, flying, hunting, exploring, eavesdropping people-watching.
Colors Yellow and white.
Misc. Mice (not just as food), old books, forbidden knowledge, snow, amazing views, gossip, functional jewelry, ancient artifacts, classical architecture, marbles, lip gloss, high places, hot springs, cool rocks.


EdiblesShe just can't get the appeal of plants, especially vegetables.
Weather Hot, humid days with no wind. It just feels oppressive and dull.
Activities Winning too easily, losing too quickly, being unable to challenge someone she admires, being bored.
Self Nyctea doesn't dislike anything about herself. That single fact is all anyone really needs to know about her to understand her.
Misc. Teachers with no passion, loud noises, predictability, overly serious people, closed spaces, heavy clothing, secretive people, those with no sense of decorum or social awareness, sticky substances (especially if they get on her wings).




Nyctea's nature as a snowy owl harpy is obvious, what with her speckled white hair and wings. She keeps her hair short enough to stay out of her way, but long enough to be styled for any occasion. She stands at 5'8" with peach-colored skin, pale yellow eyes, and a round nose. She has prominent lips which are often heavily glossed. She keeps her nails perfectly manicured, always with a clear coat. Her build is fairly curvy, though her hips are wider than her chest.


Nyctea is known for her... questionable taste in fashion. Not all of it is unexpected: she often wears devices on her hands containing magical gems or other such tools to hone and enhance her powers. She's seldom seen without a cloak which, while not necessarily useful, isn't unusual on a caster.

However, for every mage staple Nyctea has another piece that's been taken right from the late 90s. Crop tops, puffed sleeves, capris, distressed pants, chunky anklets and bracelets... she loves them all and considers anyone who doesn't understand their appeal to have poor taste. And, of course, everything should be in gold!

Despite often being seen as a practical sort, Nyctea is a fierce supporter of fashion over function: "Who cares about being practical when you're putting on a show?"


Nyctea likes to flaunt, so every movement with hers is made with flair. She never takes a short step when she could take a long one and she never stays still when she could be bouncing her hair or adjusting her pose. She spends much of her time putting on a condescending air, always finding a way to look down at people. Sometimes this means resorting to flight to recline in the air, always looking more relaxed than she ought to. Her hands spend most of her time somewhere near her face so she can frame it for the proper emphasis, and her eyes are seldom all the way open.


A subtle lemony vanilla sort of thing.


uhhh the best i got is julie ann taylor but like. a little deeper and always really haughty. i guess. maybe. trying to find voices that match ur inner VA is hard


On the planet of Fontanelle harpies reign supreme, having pushed humans underground and treating themselves to the flesh of any who dare tread on the surface. Their conquest was enabled by Heaven College, who aided them in exchange for Fontanelle providing them with soldiers to serve them. Fontanelle began a breeding and training program, raising every newborn harpy to be a powerful warrior. Those with magical potential were the highest valued, and Nyctea happened to be full of it.

From birth Nyctea was both trained and spoiled aggressively, granted a diverse and thorough education with plenty of luxuries to encourage and enable her. Because of this, Nyctea became quite enthusiastic about her training and learning, always eager to keep going and push harder. Thanks to her competitive streak and love for victory, her superiors assumed she had the sadistic streak of the prodigy before her, leading to Nyctea gaining information about Hell College that she wouldn't have been offered otherwise. Namely that Hell College was less worthy of Heaven College's ire than most harpies knew.

Nyctea didn't care for Hell College's plight that much, but it did make her curious. What else didn't she know? What else was being hidden to her? What knowledge would be lost if Hell College was destroyed? What worthy opponents would be slain long before she got the chance to face them? No, that wouldn't do at all. She'd have to take matters into her own hands.

At the moment Nyctea is loyally serving at Heaven College, showing herself to be just as impressive as her superiors insisted she was. But when no one's looking, she likes to poke her head into places she shouldn't. I mean, if the staff and students want to air their grievances she might as well lend an ear. And if there's anything she can do to help, well... if the task is interesting enough, she can't say no to a little amusement. Her reputation is lofty enough for her lies to be believable, so there's quite a bit she's found she can get away with.

The more she secretly disobeys Heaven College, the more fun she finds it. Wouldn't it be incredible if she overthrew the corrupt system all by herself? There'd be no shortage of praise!

RP History

After browing for some cursed artifacts online, Nyctea stopped by a strange and lifeless world. She came to the aid of a mercenary named Exuro as he fought against a series of undead dragons, helping out with her holy magic despite her loathing of his noisy guns. Humans, honestly!

They were suddenly assisted by a mysterious stranger wielding what resembled a large maquahuitl, and... that's all so far! Whoo.



Nyctea has strong magical potential, allowing her access to a wide variety of spells. There's essentially no magic she isn't capable of learning and excelling in, though dark magic and healing magic don't come easily to her. This might simply be due to her character and upbringing; she was raised as a warrior to fight against demons, so her specialties are holy magic and offensive spells in general. Additionally, Nyctea collects and stores magical energy in gems so that she can draw on their power, enhancing her magic power and adding to her mana pool.

In addition to magic, Nyctea is also capable of flight. She can fly for quite a long time, though it helps that she has wind magic to make travel easier on her wings. Due to being a harpy of the snowy owl variety, she's resistant to cold temperatures and has good night vision.

Whether or not Nyctea can rotate her head all the way around is unknown. If she can do it, though, she probably reserves it for being the last thing her foes see before they die.


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ElementAir / Soul
SpeciesAvian, Humanoid
Positioning SkillShove: Pushes horizontally adjacent units outward one space.
Passive AbilityCold-Blooded: Eliminates weakness to Ice.
Personal WeaknessTakes 10% more damage from Sound attacks.
Friendship Bonus+5% MAG






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800173?1492976708Monacha Passerine

"My mentor. I'm viewed as something like a successor to her, though I'm not quite in her shadow. Her skills are really quite impressive, though... I'd like to get my hands on that kind of magic in the future. Her applications of it are questionable, to say the least, but who am I to judge?"

463984?1489362858Corone Violaceous

"One of my colleagues, and she makes a fine sparring partner. But, goodness, does she even know what fun is? And she always gets so bitter when she loses. She really ought to lighten up. What a joyless life she must live..."


"Ah, Theo! I'm quite fond of them. We both have a lust for knowledge, so we spend much of our time exchanging information. I'd like to join the Discitus Union and follow them about once I graduate, should the stars align just right."

603675?1488503697Psitta Cifora

"So good to see not everyone from Fontanelle's had the life sucked out of them! Psitta's a breath of fresh air. Shame that I gather she must've been sent here to die for having a personality, but I'll try and keep that from happening."


"We've got an awfully similar color scheme, he has magical talent, he understands the allure of distressed pants, and he's always carrying around that bird. I don't know if I'd be able to live with myself if I didn't give him a hard time now and then! I just can't ignore the universe sending out such blatant signals."


Date CreatedMarch 27th, 2017
Soul Color A slightly yellowish white.
Virtue ClassDiligence
MajorMagical Applications
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Present In

  • Heaven College

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  • Nyctea's name comes from an older scientific name of the snowy owl: Nyctea scandiaca.
  • She thinks 90s fashion is the highest caliber of style.
  • No one's ever witnessed Nyctea sleeping, and those who know her are convinced she never sleeps. She likes keeping the mystery alive.