Heaven College

Long ago, the greatest minds in Entirety decided to create two schools - Hell and Heaven College - to provide education and training to beings of all species and dispositions. Heaven College - ruled over by the powerful Overkings - was oriented toward angels, humans, fae, as well as beings who sought more structure, peace, and security than Hell College offered. At Heaven College they could learn how to balance virtue and sin, hone their abilities, forge relationships, and enrich their lives with the finest education in Entirety.

Hell and Heaven College once got along well, having a friendly rivalry, but in recent years Heaven College has abruptly developed a powerful hatred for Hell College and all of demonkind. Relationships between the two are tense, leaving Heaven College's residents divided between those who agree with the school's current disposition and those who fear what the school has become. Some seek ways to return to the way things once were, while others enforce the school's brutal policies and kill those who speak out against them... or worse.