Drake Frolig



2 years, 11 months ago

Basic Info


Drake Frolig






45 and living


January 19th, 1974




Explorer, Part time musician at restaurant Butterscotch


Station Square

Current residence

House in Station Square near the park

Marital Status

Married to Lara Chaol

Theme Song

Basement Jaxx - Do your thing ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S12iI1p8lpE


Personality traits:




-People around him











Drake could be easily described as someone who’s in a midlife crisis. The thing is, is that his personality really never has changed over time. Drake has always been optimistic, hyperactive and full of motivation to do all kinds of things. He only rarely is not up to meeting new people and making new conversations. He’s very talkative and has a kind of ‘raw’ aura around him. What you see is what you get. This guy still has some kind of bad side though. He’s very impatient and impulsive. He can quickly get fed up with waiting and as consequence, can create a rather dangerous situation for not holding still long enough. Especially while he’s on the job of exploring completely new areas, with all kinds of wildlife around him.


Combat traits:



Drake has no special powers or abilities. He is however very strong and experienced in fighting and survival due to his job. Surviving in tough areas is only a light breeze for him. He knows how to defend himself against wildlife and always has some kind of surviving kit with him.



-Can quickly adapt to new situations

-Strong and fit, definitely a tough guy

-Great memory



-Very impulsive

-Not able to wait

-Forgets that he’s getting older


Social information:


Lara Chaol: His beloved wife. Once met at an ancient village, the two quickly fell in love with each other. Drake sees Lara as if she has no bad characteristics, being everything he is, except with a little more patience and logic. And of course some natural shyness. Truly, the greatest treasure he could ever find.

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Boubka/Luka Frolig: Both of his kids. He loves them with all his heart. Drake never had to be afraid of them. Still slightly regretting his decisions, he’s very happy that both of them could handle the fact that he and his wife had to go away for longer times due to work. He likes seeing his assertiveness being projected on both of them, as well as seeing personality traits of Lara showing up. He couldn’t have wished for better kids. Good job you two.

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Positive relations

Craid Taron: The two met each other in restaurant Butterscotch. While Drake was working there to gain some money without leaving the house for weeks, Craid got a job as cook at the same restaurant. Drake immediately introduced himself. They shared the urge of adventure and exploring. Drake offered help to Craid to aid him through tougher times. He could always show up if he needed any help. Something Craid could really appreciate at that time.  They’ve been friends ever since, having great respect for each other.

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Drake has been born and raised in Station Square. While both parents had a boring office job, they were great at telling stories. This activated Drake to become a full-time explorer. Due to his parents’ close relations with an owl called Jirard, Drake became an explorer when he was 18 and started doing small expeditions at a mountain area. When he was 20, he went on an expedition with Jirard and his team to Angel Island, where he met Lara. The two quickly fell in love and eventually moved back to Station Square together, starting up a new chapter in his life.

A few years later Drake gained two children. Luka and Boubka. This made him decide to stop working as an explorer for a few years and instead work at The Butterscotch Restaurant.

Many years pass as the couple only did small expeditions from time to time. After a while they went back to full-time explorer. Jirard would take care of the kids when the two were away for a few weeks.

Currently Drake’s life is doing very well and solid. The kids are getting old enough to stand on their own and he still enjoys his job. He knows that he eventually has to stop being an explorer due to getting older, but he tries not to think about it too much. Life still has enough to give him before that’ll ever happen.