Lara Chaol



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Basic Info


Lara Chaol






43 (SSHHH Not so loud >:C)


July 22nd, 1975


Chaos Kitsune


Explorer, Part time musician at restaurant Butterscotch


Angel Island

Current residence

House in Station Square near the park

Marital Status

Married to Drake Frolig

Theme Song

Route 10 Black/White [Smash Version] ~


Personality traits:



-Helping people


-Playing violin and guitar


-Making mistakes



-Strict rules



Lara is a very creative and active person. She tries to think of as many ways possible to make life more exciting and fun. She can be quite talkative and cheerful, however something she possesses where the other members of the Frolig family is struggling with, is that she can easily take a moment for herself and act as a calm individual. She likes to sit down and have some tea whenever she did something active. Her other defining trait is that she cares about anything around her. She tries to make sure that everyone is feeling okay and nobody gets left behind.

Combat traits:


Lara was born with a genetic mutation. This mutation causes her to control and create Chaos Energy. Chaos Energy can be created by getting shots of adrenaline. She can manipulate the chaos energy in her blood to create energy beams or even solid or sharp objects. She prefers to create a sword made out of chaos energy and fight with it, however she’s also great at shooting chaos spears and chaos beams.


-Is able to heal minor injuries

-Very strong and agile

-A wide variety of attacks

-Good at short and long range


-Is bad at improvising

-Cannot easily forget mistakes

-Forgets that she’s getting older

-Has a slight problem with usual mobian traditions

Social information:


Drake Frolig: Her wonderful husband. Once met at her home village, the two quickly fell in love with each other. Lara adores Drake’s love for adventure and exploring, as well as his humour and his snarky behaviour. Lara has learned from him that differences do not matter and that love will always break any barrier.

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Boubka/Luka Frolig: Her two kids. Loving them both with all her heart. It bothers her sometimes that she’s away for so long when she has to work. She takes full pride in the two and hopes they will both show that her choice of leaving her home island was the right thing to do. The kids have helped her settle almost completely into normal mobian culture.

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Positive relations

Craid Taron: The two met each other in restaurant Butterscotch. While Lara was working there to gain some money without leaving the house for weeks, Craid got a job as cook at the same restaurant. Her husband immediately introduced himself. They shared the urge of adventure and exploring. Lara offered help to Craid to aid him through tougher times. He could always show up if he needed any help. Something Craid could really appreciate at that time.  They’ve been friends ever since, sharing a lot of the same opinions and having a lot to chat about.

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Lara was born on Angel Island as a Chaos Kitsune; a kitsune that is able to control the chaos energy in her bloodstream. She enjoyed her life there with her two sisters. Her father, Tsjarid, was the advisor of the tribe leader, giving her a somewhat high status in the tribe. Being the middle of the three siblings didn’t give her any responsibilities of becoming the next advisor, that’d go to her older sister, Vyana. Lara liked having a free path to pick, however when she was 18, she still didn’t know what to actually do for the future, this made her insecure. Other people from her age already knew what they were going to do for the tribe.

She also had problems with finding a soulmate. To her, every man there felt the same; trying to become stronger than before, fighting for your tribe until the end and nothing else was worth living for. Lara concluded that such lifestyle was unhealthy. People need a break from time to time.

One day she met Drake. Drake was different. Well, of course he was. He wasn’t a chaos kitsune. He was born and raised in Station Square. He was not a Chaos Kitsune. The two quickly fell in love. Her father however did not support their love. Lara was supposed to love one of her own tribe. Input basic plot device of forbidden love. Tsjarid still was an open-minded person however and accepted the relationship between them if her daughter thought this was the right thing to do. The two love birds eventually left the island to start a life in Station Square.

The situation of the two wasn’t much different than other couples in their early years. They had trouble with finding work and actually getting enough money in to support themselves. Added with the fact that Lara was completely unadapted to life in a city, it could’ve been quite messy, was it not for Jirard, Drake’s work buddy to give her a job at his restaurant: The Butterscotch Restaurant, as well as an invitation to the explorer’s crew.

Eventually Lara got two kids. The first one was Luka, a kitsune who had not gained the power of chaos manipulation to Lara’s slight delight. The other one was Boubka, one who actually did gain that power. This gave Lara a reason to keep their tribe history intact and pass it on.

Because taking care of kids needs to be given a lot of attention, Drake and Lara Stopped with their job as explorers for a few years and instead went working full-time at the Butterscotch Restaurant. This earned them enough money to let them live a good life.

Many years pass as the couple only did small expeditions from time to time. After a while they went back to full-time explorer. Jirard would take care of the kids when the two were away for a few weeks.

Lara’s life has been going smoothly as of late, without any real troubles she’s happy that she had made the choice to leave Angel Island, visiting it regularly still. And with her kids being the new generation, there’s nothing else for her to wish for.