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Hei!! Tosi siistiä nähdä suomalaisia täällä!!

Kyllä, sen takia pistän aina tälläisen viestin kun tiedän toisen olevan suomalainen.

Thank you for the fav on Agamemnon !! I'm so glad u like that big angry man

You're super welcome! He has such a handsome and visually pleasing design & his bio was really interesting to read!! ;v; 

Such a big compliment thank you again !! <3

Thanks for giving Rose a fave! Your art is so angelic and cute, by the way!

You're super welcome!! < 3
Also thank you so much ;o; !!

Thank's for da fav from the expectations game. Near's profile was one my favorites. Don't be sad about her past she's got Warlock Dad now. :)

I have no idea why her name is Near though. It just kinda stuck.

You're super welcome!! < 3 
And aww that's so cute ;__; I'm so glad she doesnt have to be all alone!!! 

Your characters and style are such an aesthetic!

Thank you so much!! I'm so flattered to hear that ;_; < 3 

T-thank you for the fav ;;;;;;;;;;
I really appreciate it!
Also, can I just say your art style is gorgeous ;;;? I love it- 

The pleasure is all mine!! 

And aaah thank you so much ;o; < 33 

thank you for always being so nice to me in forum games, i feel like im being complimented by a celebrity lol

and im glad u enjoy my characters ;-;

The pleasure is all mine!!! `v´ < 3 

Your art and characters are gorgeous, I really love your icon!! ♥

Aaahhh thank you so much, I'm super flattered to hear both of those things! ; o ; < 33 

I'm so impressed by your art and historical knowledge!!
I hope to get an adopt or commission from you someday.
Ohhh you're my favorite artist/subscribed member on here right now! XD

Thank you, I'm very flattered to hear that!! ;o; < 3 

Bro wtf Kokia is my jam

GOOD CULTURE!!!! Kokia is my to-go whenever I'm adventuring in the woods, the feeling is Just Right 

I just wanted to say thank you for faving Mirage and writing a nice long lil thing about him on that forum thread!! Made my day!

The pleasure is mine! I honestly really fell in love with his character!! ;_; < 33

I love all of your ocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more exclamation marks)

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Your comment made me smile irl, I'm happy you think so! ;__; < 3

Hey! I follow you on Twitter and got excited when I saw your art here, too!! I love your art, it’s so good x3

Aaahh thank you so much!! It makes me genuinely really happy to hear that!! ;o; < 3


I feel the same about you too!! ;w;

YOU'RE SUPER WELCOME!! And thank you ;__; !!

thank you for faving quil!! <3 <3

You're super welcome!! His entire profile was a real treat to read!

afldsjfa i only just now realized you'd claimed me in the praise/compliment an OC thread - oh my god, your words were so sweet. that means so much to me <3 <3 i poured a lot of heart into him and i'm really glad to hear when people find him and his story meaningful or impactful. thank you so much!!!!

SORRY FOR THE LATE ANSWER but aaahh you're super welcome!!! ;v; < 3

Thank you for the favourite on Obe!

You're very welcome!! ;v;/ 

I DON'T KNOW IF YOU MIND THESE KIND OF "THANKS FOR SUB" COMMENTS BUT THANK YOU ANYWAY and thank you for being my Digimon comrade............

I DON'T MIND AT ALL AND YOU'RE VERY WELCOME!!! Thank you for digimon friendship and also thank you for being a positive force on the forums, it's always a delight to see you around ;_; ! 

You have a lovely way of drawing eyes.

Thank you!! ;v;

Someone might've pointed this out to you already, but if you want to blacklist (bad) words in twitter, you can mute them!

Yeah my issue is more with how everyone else can see the nasty? Like I wish people could moderate their reply section enough to make sure nobody needs to see people being gross in their replies sort of like on dA where you can hide the awful comments, but yeah like I said I get why they don't have that since it has its downsides too :'(

Ohh, I see. Yeah. Sorry. I think if you block them they don't appear as replies but don't quote me on it?

to answer the mystery, they look like hair but are her ears c;

Thanks for the clarification; that's what I was suspecting giving her species but they were so well incorporated into her hair design and texture I had to do a double take! Which I really LOVE because it really gives the design a clear sense of unity and it feels very realistic too !!

thanks alot <3 c:

Hello! You recently gave my friend a code for me to be able to use and I just wanted to thank you! I've been wanting an account for a while <3

You're super welcome!! Happy to have you here, and welcome to TH ! `v´9 

Hi!! I just wanted to say I really like seeing you around the forums and TH. Your characters are awesome!!

Aaahh thank you, this was such a nice message to wake up to ! ;_; < 3

Wow your art is really good! May I ask how you got that text under your username oh the sidebar?

Thank you kindly!! ; o ;!
Text under sidebar is a premium feature you can access from settings --> profile css & blurb 

Oh thank you! (i just realised you were a member wow)

I'mma just comment here and not awkwardly in the thread lmAO but thank you for pinging me in the one fave character forum!!! It made really really happy seeing you included Nettle as well this time ;;<;;/ <3333 She is a good daughter and I'm still extremely happy that you like her

you're super welcome!! you have so many lovable ocs honestly ; o ; < 33

Thank you again!! And honestly I can say the same to you!! I don't think I really verbalize it much but I do really love a lot of your ocs as well and really enjoy seeing you draw and post about them!!

kyaaa thank you ;__; < 33

You're super welcome!!!

wtf... ur not only into ryukishi and 2hu.... but also.... end roll....

I LOVE END ROLL I played it pretty much instantly when it came out translated and fell in love with it since; I actually consider it my fave rpgmaker game along with star stealing prince! ;_;


and I loved it so much I made icons for my squad lmao

You're very welcome!! ;v;9


I was stalking some user's profile Like I usually do

and I found that you  have a nanowrimo account??

Sorry I just joined that,, so I'm late by like a whole month ;w; ill try for next year lol

Sure! I'm Caines there and also on the camp nano site!

"the more I work on those and think about them the more I usually also start expanding their circles and contacts and suddenly BOOM I have 20 new OCs and at least 3 story ideas"

if this isn't a real mood then nothing is

I KNOW RIGHT!!! Creating a new OC is always like "yeah ok I guess they need a friend" and suddenly just...... something happens 

"cant forget their siblings, oh and the classmates. and of course that person they talked to once-" it's terrible but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what can you do


AAAA THANK YOU it means me a lot to hear that!! And thank you for the comment on Claude too, it was such a nice thing to wake up to ;v; !!

You deserve it! I can't wait to see more of your creations ^_^ Btw I'm QuyaKillaLuna on DA; be watching you there too <3

Hell! Hey im really really sorry about that! I added in  design question!

omg no worries!! I was still really happy with the questions you sent on the first time so all is fine! ;o;9

ahh omg thank you for the fave on Brennan!! Your art and boys are all so pretty so it really is an honor ;7;

Ah gosh thank you ;__; < 3 And you're very welcome!! 

Ahh thank you so much for showing Tala some love and favoriting her! ♡

You're super welcome!! 

I love your drawings and characters so much. I feel honoured you responded to my Art Freebies thread... ( ◡‿◡ ✿) Drawing Claude will be so much fun, such a pretty boy   

Thank you so much, it means me a lot to hear that!! ;o; < 3
And aaaa no pressure, but I'm glad you like him!!

Thank you for the fave!!!

You're super welcome!! `v´9

Wowow, our birthdays are super close! Leo solidarity~ Happy late birthday!! 

HECK YEAH!!! And thank you ! ; v ; < 3

I know I'm a bit late, but happy birthday!! ♥ I hope you had a nice day c:

Thank you!! And I did! ; v ; < 3 

Hey is it your birthday today? :0 Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day today! :D 🎉🎉

It was on 23rd, yeah! Thank you so much ; v ; <  3

Your art is really pretty, the delicate look is very aesthetically pleasing. c:

Thank you so much!! I woke up to this message and it made me so happy ;; < 3

I ended up playing through the demo of Sinfonia and I just have to say that I really really like it so far!
 Jonathan seems like a lovely person, I love him! He's so friendly and lovely so far but there's certainly an aura of mystery about him, especially with why he transferred schools and that seems very interesting. Claude also seems quite mysterious what with all the rumours circulating about him. He's intriguing and I think the thing I liked most about him was the way he talked (?) I'm not really sure how to explain that one haha. All the characters seen so far are likeable, well I love them anyway lol (especially Walter he was great). Overall I just wanted to say that I really like Sinfonia so far! It's a really interesting and intriguing series and I'll be looking forward to its development! ♥

This comment honestly made me smile so wide, thank you so much ;____; < 33 !!!! I'm honestly super flattered & it makes me really happy to notice Claude has a very distinct way of speaking because I tried to give each character their own voice and way of speaking despite the fact I struggle with that stuff as a non-native speaker, haha

But yeah honestly thank you for taking your time not only to play the demo but also to comment! It's making my super motivated to work on it super hard this week again >:3c

Thank you so much for the fav! It really means a lot to me <3 <3 <3

You're welcome! ;v;9

hey just saw your mention of cadence in that share-somebody-else's-character thread & i died,,,,,ty so much u made my day it's so nice to have other people enjoy my babies,,,,

You're super welcome!! It makes me happy to hear that ; v ; < 3

Thank you so much! I woke up to this message and it already made my day!! ; o ; 

And I'm super glad you like them; I love worldbuilding and especially coming up with history so it makes me happy when people like it too! I wish I had the motivation to one day make a proper image timeline of events and things and characters I have came up with so far ; v ;

Ah thank you so much for the faves hun~

You're welcome!

Aahh thank you for such a sweet comment, it really made my morning ;___; < 3 


thank you so much for the kind words on my trash scientist adrian ;v; you are very sweet! and thank you so much for the fave as well!! <3

You're super welcome !! `v´9

aaaa!! all of your characters are so well developed and nice !

Thank you so much !! And thanks for all the faves, they mean a lot to me!! < 3 ; o ;

Thank you for the fav! :^)

You're super welcome !!! ;v;

Thank you for the favorite! ^^

You're welcome !! ; v ; < 3

thanks for the sub, it's really appreciated!! ' v '

You're welcome!! ; v ;9


YOU'RE SUPER WELCOME your art is always a delight to see around honestly!! 

You're super welcome !! < 3 

Thank you for the lovely and kind words on the "favourite oc" thread. It means a lot to me, so thank you so much! <3

Also, I was just wondering but does your current profile picture come from a character from Kaze to Ki no Uta/The Poem of Wind and Trees? I just happened to notice it looked similar to the artstyle ^^

You're very welcome < 3 ! 

If you mean my avatar he is Edgar from Poe no Ichizoku and the dude on my profile is Lange from Onshitsu, both are by Moto Hagio! But you got really close because Takemiya (the author of kazeki) and Hagio were friends and both debuted in the 70s!

Thank you for the kind words about my sad child eue
yeah it ends that way cus these poor beans end up doing some pretty anti-human things, even after the war is over~
I was so stoked to get such a soft design in the 'generate an OC' thread. I was excepting a typical dark scary monster boy and instead i got this sea green child and everything slipped into place jkalsdjfdsjfldskf
Thanks for your character review; you always say such nice and thought out things <3 

You're super welcome!! And oh man I can imagine, I never participate in those but getting something that takes you by a positive surprise is always fun! 

Thank you for the favorite !

You're very welcome!!


it means a lot from me <3

i adore you characters and your art and art style <3

i hope your ocs and mine can ships or friends <3

if your open for art trade, i would love to do one with you  

You're welcome! And thank you so much ; o ; !! 

I'm super picky with shipping but I'm always willing to RP/HC with people! My RP info is here in case you're interested

I'm not currently open for art trades and probably won't in a long while, last time I did any was literally 5 years ago whoops haha. 

5 years really dang haha.

it's alright haha :">

i am picky with shipping too xD

just tell me when your ready

I'm not........ very good with art trades and this is also why I do commissions super rarely 💦

My entire spring is going to be kind of hectic because of my bachelor thesis but if you don't mind headcanoning instead of full blown RP I'm ready any time! 


no pressure at all! 

i am not familiar with headcanoning and rp~

the last rp i did ended up horrible so   

I find headcanoning the easiest because you can basically just talk things out and maybe throw a character IC line here and there to illustrate their reactions! With RP I tend to run out of stamina fast + time zones can be really merciless since I live in Finland and it's HOURS ahead of most people since majority on TH live in the US or within that time zone 

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I just have to say, thank you for the compliments on the "what do you like about he above persons ocs" forum thread! I actually have a few other non mlp ocs, but I haven't been able to find the original creators of them, so idk if I would be able to put them here. Also I'm kinda lazy >~<

You're super welcome!! I used to have a few pony ocs of my own in the past but by now I have either made them humans or am waiting for drawing them new refs as unicorns haha 

You might want to try the Artist Identification Thread for those; chances are someone will know where your characters originate from! 

Well thank you! But the problem is, I bought almost all of them from Google Plus. But I will try the identification thread to see if I can get a link so they can be credited properly

I've been wanting to say this for a while 

But like idk I get scared... but your characters and art are great and gosh darn it I love looking at them q vq ;; )/!! 

//sweats okay that is all have a nice day uvu;;;;;

Thank you so much! And no need to be scared, this actually really made my morning and I really mean it! ; o ; < 3 

Have a nice day too!! And good luck with your Finnish studies btw, I saw you're still studying it and it really warms my heart to see people interested in my language ;v;

??? i cant hold all these favs you keep giving me for some reason

Wait is TH doing something weird? I have faved like two characters from you?? 

I mean over the course of like the last 2 months or whatever HAHA-

AH I thought there was like some sort of mass faving glitch asdfg I usually fave the characters people I follow post because I want to SUPPORT and LOVE

IM CRYIN they dont deserve it but tHANK U


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Thank you for the sub!! ; o ; < 33 

i want our fancyass royal theme fursonas to be friends. that is all

High five royal themed fursonas!!! 

Mine isn't a character though as much as he is just a design and representation of me haha 

yeah im p much same— maybe i just mean.......... we should b frands :0

late answer whoops BUT !! my DMs are totally open if you ever want to chat more or whatever ovo/ 

I just want to say that omg!! Your art and your characters are so amazing! You have a really lovely artstyle and I love the character stories you have!!

omg thank you so much ; o ; < 33 I woke up to this message and my day has been made!

Thanks so much for your kind words about Nikki! It means so much to me to hear those things about my baby~

You're super welcome !! < 3

Thanks for the fav on Takeru quq/

You're welcome !! `v´9

Hi hi I just wanted to say your characters are amazing and it looks like we have a ton in common in regards to our characters and likes! I'm newer to being active on this site but I just wanted to drop a note saying I'm a big fan and all of your cast is lovely!

Thank you so much omg I woke up to this message and it made my morning ; o ;
I remember your oldest two characters actually!! It's really nice to see you're starting to use TH more now!

omg yeah Fain and Adelaide are my mains, I gotta update them rip lol And thanks so much, I'm always looking forward to more of your amazing work!

Thanks so much for the favorite on Owen! I think it made my day!

omg you're very welcome !! < 3

By the way, I love your art!

aah gosh thank you so much ; v ; < 3

No problem! If I had any money, I'd totally commission you!

aww I'm honoured to hear that ;v;

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You're welcome! She is such an interesting character and I love how well her personality comes across just by the way she talks! < 3 

I most definitely does! I'm actually really impressed by it! 

Aaahh gosh thank you ;__; !! It really warms my heart someone both read it AND liked it omg !! It took me forever to reply to this message because whenever I read it I got so happy I couldn't calm down to reply djsgd 

azeerhzjf I love being mysterious,,,, I love your ocs btw especially the magical bois

Aaa thank you so much ; v ; !! I'm happy to see they're received so well!

they're rly good !! I love the concept :0

If you look at their links you can also see more magical boys; mine are part of a small group friends and I made ! B)

Tysm for the fave on Veranda! And thank you for all the compliments on them- that post made my day qvq

aaw gosh I'm so happy to hear that ; o ; !!! 

your new icon is rllyprettybtwaah<3

if you don't mind me asking, who did it?;w;

Thank you! It's official art from shounen note by Yuhki Kamatani, I highly recommend it ✌

You're very welcome !! `v ´9

aaaa I saw that sepia tarot of Cloud (on DA) last month! I must admit that I love your art and all of your babs  :'^V ♥︎

Thank you so much, it makes me really happy to hear that ; o ; < 33

This user's account has been closed.

No problem, good if I managed to be of help!
And yeah majority of the art here is mine; everything in my profile's "art" tab is by me! `v´9 And you can easily check dA too 

oh gosh I feel like you'll probably know all the Eurobeat I have listened recently! I have had a long eurobeat pause but here are some 

thank you for the song for cushla ;w;; omg it's absloutley beautiful!<3 I love it so much now xD<3

You're very welcome! I'm glad if you liked it ; v ;!

You're welcome !! 

i don't wanna clog up the thread but thank you for the mention on the other people's characters thread! i'm super happy you like xanax that much! :D

You're very welcome < 3 !! 

You're welcome !! 'V'9

Thank you so much, your comment really made my day ;; !!

I'm currently open for dainty commissions but aside from those I'm not open for others ! I will make sure to post a bulletin once I am though `v´9 

*rolls by profile page* It's almost the end of Camp NaNoWriMo ono How is the writing going?

A little less than 2k words left! Which is honestly an easy thing to do, I just need to find the peace between drawing and school work to sit down and finish it ; v ;

How about you? Did you reach your goal already?

Ooh that's awesome to hear! Youi can definitely do it :D

I'm at 50k currently, but I've still got another 20k to go. Since I write roughly 2-3k a day, at least lately, I think I can make that goal by the end of the month. Assuming I don't procrastinate :'D

Thank you, I'm sure it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it! 

And woah that's very admirable! I hope you'll be able to finish it in time, I believe in you! `v´9

Many thanks! ovo/

I think since I've gotten past the majority of the slow parts in this draft, all that's left is a lot of action, torture action, and a hint at romance by the end. I'm looking forward to it!

your birthday is 3 days before mine!!! thats super cool :)

High five fellow Leos !! `v´9 

for sure!!! happy early birthday too btw :)

Thank you! Same to you too!   

Thank you! 

"A favourite, for me? Don't expect it to win you any favours!"


AAAHHH thank you so much! ;;;; It means a lot to me to hear that < 3 !!


Thank you for the fave ;o; Your work and characters are beautiful!!

You're welcome! And thank you !! ; w ;

I love your art <3 soooooo prettty

Thank you so much !! ; ^ ; Your comment really made my day + thanks for the compliments for Desiree too!!

No problem <3

I CRY THANK YOU SO MUCH. All your ocs are super pretty too!

NO NEED TO THANK ME I just said how I feel!! Also thank you ; o ; !! < 3

Late but Thank you for faving my kid, its appreciated! <:

The pleasure is mine!! `v´9

the merman looked flustered for a few moments, lost in his words before finally clearing his throat. "Thank you... for the favorite..." Was he blushing?

Thanks for the Favorite~<3

Anna sounds like a cutie xP

No problem!! And thank you ; v ; !!

Funny thing is she's about the same height as Zephy xD

I'm sorry buddy I'm gonna have to take you to handsome OC Jail :( (I adore all your ocs pls let me love them)

Oh nooooo ANYTHING but handsome OC jail I'm begging you.... (Thank you so much omg this made my morning ; A ; < 3 )

Your beautiful puppy eyes won't SWAY ME ON THIS, SIR. Every one of these babies, too handsome. All of them. Every single one. That's like....300 years in handsome OC jail. Get ready to be surrounded by handsome hunks, buddy. (Im glad!! <33)

"You're favouriting... me? You have my thanks, I suppose."

"My, my- a favourite for me? You have my deepest thanks."

You're welcome!

Thanks so much for the fav!

The pleasure is mine ! ; v ;

Aerodonis lounges back, cradling his head in his the palm of his hand. "A favourite, for me? You shouldn't have~"

thank u for the favs!!!

No problem !! `V´9

THANK YOUUU!! ;O; <3 I still need to work on veils profile some more, Ive been a big sack of lazy lmao. I'm glad to hear someone likes it!!!

The pleasure is mine!! It's such an unique take on a world creation I fell in love immediately + the design is adorable....

Yanno im trying hard to not go on a frenzy clicking the fave button on your chars. huhu.

you know I won't stop you B') / kicked

Pyrris held his hands behind his back, swinging back and forth with a playful smile. "Thank you for the favourite!"

No problem!! `v´9

"A-ah! Thank you so much for the favourite!"

The pleasure is mine!

i see finland i say TERVEPPÄ TERVE

HEI VAAN rakastan sitä tunnetta kun täällä tulee suomalaisia vastaan >:3c

hahaa same, paitti et oot eka suomalaine joho oon törmänny ilman et oon heti jo tienny et suomesta! >v