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another bat lover!

yyyesss they're my favorite animal !
though I don't have A LOT of bat characters yet, I've been slowly collecting them haha


u hoe <3

Yeah I noticed lol, already seen a huge chunk posted haha!
At least you're finally back on though ~!

Hi Rory!

Ayye man! Your username confused me for a second lol,
 I'm so used to the one you use on DeviantART :,D !

Yeah haha sorry!
Kitsuyuukat used to be my username on everything before I changed it to Medicalkit and I dont have the money to get a name change here on toyhouse 

How are you? Its been a while :3 

What it costs money to change it now? I changed mine for free :,D from Vitiatus to GreaserDemon
Or does it cost money after a certain amount of changing it?

I'm alright! Just got back from vacation, me and Thall were at the coast by the beach for a week,
 now I'm catching up on owed artwork, how about you?

OoO I CAN change it! Oh my gosh I thought that was a premium feature so I never tried xD I guess it doesn't hurt to try. Oops hah well now I've changed it so yey thats awesome. 

Oh thats awesome sounds like a fun vacation. Tuesday I start the move, so I've been busy packing the house. :'3

Yeah before you couldn't change it but somewhen with their updates they gave the option,
I don't know if it's unlimited changing but well I doubt Id be changing from GreaserDemon anytime soon haha!

Oh are you moving within state or outside of your previous state? :0
Moving is always a ton of work though none the less... x_x I hate all the packing especially...takes forever.
Especially when you arrive to the new house and have to unpack and re-sort everything all over again ghh....

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hi it says that your the creator fo this cinna

the group is asking me for proof of the myo slot do you still have it?

That was a MYO design I designed for my friend CursedCorvidae back in 2016
I don't have proof of the slot since it's not my cinnadog, I only designed it for him.

I highly doubt he still has the proof of the slot since he doesn't have a computer anymore since then.
I could ask him still but I can't guarentee he will say he has it, sorry :[

Here is the original submission also:
I don't know if that helps as proof, but it at least shows how old the design is.

okay thank you anyway :3


Your username is missing a few letters 🤔 😂

Haha! Nah it means something else other than Vitality.
I think mine is supposed to mean 'corrupted' but I'm not 100% sure if it's correct.
It would be funny though if we had the same username   
Vita Bros for the win   !


Heck Yeah Bro 💪😎👍 We Rock

I like Eric, Josh and Neon <3 would you accept art for them, bro??

Heck yeah! You know I love your art man ♥ ~

you wanna tell me what you want for them <33 rly love these guys

Would 2 pixels and a chibi be alright with you? I'm actually glad you like Eric because I still like his design but I just never use him and I know you'd draw him pretty rad ~ ö3ö

Ofc no problem! <33 of which characters?? btw I'm prob giving Eric to Blurr if you don't mind -winks- I mean he still stays in the family, right? but yes I will draw him too bcuz he's such an adorable kitteh

Bwah sorry for the late response! x_x Also of course I don't mind ~ Id love to see art of him from you or Blurr ♥ both of you dudes have A+++ art! Also would these chars be alright with you?: / / ? (either types for any, pixel chibi, etc. you can pick whichever you feel like drawing for the types uvu)

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Hey yo did you sell Kimmy? Can't find her, just wondering

Yeah a long time ago : ( , I traded her though, I'm not allowed to resell designs from that designer, only trading or gifting.

Oh okay that's fine, just wanted to know!

you have some gorgeous cinnas!!!

Thank you!

Thanks for authorizing me! Didn't knod that was a thing until you did it lmao

Yeah it's so you can see my characters without this big ol watermark over them B,) I only use my large watermarks for non-authorized people for safety and what not.

Ohhhh okay yeah that IS cool! Very smart!

Of course ~ I forgot to do it awhile ago sorry about that :,D

I have to ask Ray since it says in their TOS to contact them first before trading so I'm waiting on their approval. Once they give the okay, they can transfer him to you (since I can't, due to the design being under their creatorship rights) B,)!

AYEEEEE, yeah I had it for a long time actually haha!

Noice ~ They probably have premium Eventually I want to get it too so I can pimp out my profile and give out free codes to people B)

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He is not for sale. Only for trade (swap highly preferred).

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Thats a MYO cinnadog. I'm looking for Cinnabutt-made cinnadogs and only specific myos I faved here: No other MYO cinnadogs, sorry!

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I don't like cyclopes at all actually, sorry. Also Emmet is generally much harder to give up than the others since I still like his design a lot :,)

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Ah Bruce actually has only one sibling, his younger brother, but they could be good/best friends if you like? övö Unless they are cousins? I'm cool with that also.

Alright! I'll link him to her then ~

You didn't link me anything? : 0 Only batty's link.

sorry but I didn't see anything I liked in that folder, thanks for the offer though :,)

Oh my gosh i didn't know you were nick valentine trash ;w; my brethren show themselves.....

Ahh, this is TDLBallistic from DA btw

Of course 8D I'm Nick Valentine trash and Paladin Danse trash, they're both my top favs.

Maccready and Preston would share second place though B))

Ah okay, ayyeeee! BD

I'm a dirty sinner and have an unlimited companions mod because I can't choose between Nick, Hancock, Curie, and Danse DX I'm gonna get MacCready next too! He's such a sweetie. And a badass.

also did u know you can romance ALL THE COMPANIONS AT ONCE? it's a base game feature. it's not a bug. GO WILD.

Yeah everyone is poly in fallout 4, B))) all the boyfransss Piper is my fav out of the ladies, I like her personality. I don't know much about Curie yet. Also true, yes, MacCready is a badass but incredibly adorable if you romance him, you'll feel like hugging your computer screen with what he says to you whenever you ask how their relationship is XD

i´m starting to stalk u guys now here too ovo

Yeee 8D! ~~

Well well well >3 Let's see who subscribed me xD

Yessssss B)))) huhuhuhuhu~

Omg thank you so much for the Suscribe Rory ;//v//; and yay authorizationnnnnn !

Of course, no problem 8D ~

No problem ~ ^^!

Cries you have so many jolleraptors


I guess I missed it :C it's been deleted I guess

U got single Jolles or Cinnas, brruuuuh? <3

My Bucky, Venom and James are single! <333 If ye see anyone ye like? I love your Zircon, Charlie and Rocky! owo (Cinnabooties tho XDDD) Ohhh and also my meh Jollebutts are all single-mingle. <3 And I love all of yers.

Rocky might suit James? : o Charlie I don't know I'm still waiting on Thall's opinion on pairing him with his new cinna or not pbbt lol Zircon ?? I dunno who he fits. He's an apocolyptic cinna / survivalist. Starlord would probably fit Rubeo since both are sassy & flirty ê___ê

I could definately do Starlord x Rubeo! êvê <3

yeee ~ 8D! shall I label them as paired then? :o

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Heyaaaa 8D Love your Jolle and Cinna army!!!

yeee thank you ~ 8D!

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yaaay! 8D~

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I was the same when I joined XD I had no idea where everything was x-x but I've gotten the hang of it.

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yes 8D ~

on DA right? haha ovo

Hey! Are you trading any of your Tweetles characters? They are so cute and I really want one.

nope, I'm never trading/reselling or co-owning any my Tweetles,sorry.

Hey you're TheNomables right? ;o;

I just happened to see a cinnadog on here and I recognized your style xD

lol no I'm not TheNommables I just own a design from them XD - I'm ll-Vitiatus-ll & ll-Polaris-ll on deviantART.


Well regardless, you've got some nice art <3

Thanks :,D ~

Anytime!! <33 Keep up the good work bud ;u;

Of course 8D ~!

boop boOP BOOP hello bb //chinhands

lelelelelele heeeeeyyy 8D ~~~

herro o_o

cool arts =>

ah thank you 8,D ! //

I found you sweetheart