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Might be a stupid question but I was super curious if there was a code / how to edit the sidebar spot underneath your icon where it has your socials or on a character where it has the warning boxes (they look really good with the red and green boxes on chars)

defs wanna come back soon to get your interactive template (gonna try to do the art first!)

Oh that's just the blurb! You can edit it by going to your profile CSS/Blurb settings, or and then you can put whatever HTML you like in there. There's one blurb for your profile and another for your characters (which you can manually override per character if needed).

On character profiles, I just have two alerts, and on my main profile i have a list

i don't know how i stumbled across your page rn but i'm so glad i did!! your designs & art are absolutely stunning!!

Aw gosh thank you so much! 🥺

i love your artstyle!! 100% reading the comic when it comes out 

Thank you so much!! 😊❤️

You have such a wonderful design and work, I'm shocked that someone can change their profile like that owo

Aw thank you so much!! The profile changes are possible through writing CSS, which is a premium feature :)

i noticed almost all your characters are lesbian, just a note.

I know, I create for myself first and foremost & there is a large void in media where I, a lesbian, do not see myself represented, as such most of my characters are lesbians.

you're honestly such an inspiration to me ;o; i can't wait to see your comic's release!!

Aw gosh thank you so much!! 🥺❤️

WHO DID YOUR CSS OH MY GOD did u do that and how

I did! There's a lot of going on here, but i am assuming you just want to know how to recolour bootstrap right?

In which case, while it ultimately didnt suit my needs and ended up as more of a jumping point for me bc i needed more control, for a simple recolour you can use cheerikolas th retheme.

best site on the internet is here thanks

Rjdjdjfji thank you darling <3

I just wanted to say that you have absolutely beautiful character design, and I'm really excited for that comic you're making!!

aw gosh thank you so much 🥺🥺💕💕💕