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By far my most complicated (for me to code) layout yet! I'm tentatively calling it Inspect And Rotate. You can view the completed, filled out version on Tempest's profile currently


Similar to interactive, it features a design inspector for multiple different outfits with toggleable outfit layers and alternative hairstyles, and like RPG it features an inventory with equippable items.

It also features a rotateable character portrait! Whenever people draw Tempest it's her horns they have the most trouble with, so I wanted to add a rotateable reference which is what lead to me making this layout at all.


The rotate controls can loop back to the start if you have a full rotation but I have not finished drawing tempest's TA so there isn't a live example for that atm:


Anyway this one was a real doozy to code! in order for me to make it possible to fill out easily, I wrote it using nunjucks and have had to create some editors just for it..



It was a lot of work! But the end result is all you have to do is fill in the information and toggle some variables and then use the layered image generator to make each outfit view, and then all the controls for the layout are automatically generated for you. That means if a control is not needed, it doesn't get added to the layout at all:


Before I can release it, I need to set up the documentation and whatnot, and there's a possibility that I might make a form you can fill out rather than editing the nunjucks itself but that depends on how difficult that is to code!

In any case this has been a labour of love for the past two weeks so you should check out the final result for me <3 If you spot any issues let me know so I can fix them before release! I'm not sure what I'll be charging for this layout, quite a bit of work went into it including custom editors just for it so it'll probably be a bit more than my existing layouts. Tenatively thinking it will be £12?

And for the coders on the site, you can find the toyhouse to nunjucks live editor on this page on my website!

I've put them up for adoption !

Posted 1 month, 16 days ago by Harrie

Tysm for the advice everyone <3 We'll see whether or not they do go to a home, but for anyone who was interested, they're now up! You can click the images below to be taken to their TH pages :)


interest check for selling designs, & any advice ?

Posted 1 month, 19 days ago by Harrie

Any interest in purchasing any of these?

14 Votes I would be!
16 Votes Perhaps not these specifically, but maybe other designs by you!

Hiya! Every now and then I like to make lil pokemon gijinka designs for funsies, for example:




But then I don't really do anything w the designs for the most part, bc it's just a fun little design exercise for me... I did have the thought that perhaps they could be rehomed to smn who would want to do smth with them? So I'm curious if there's any interest... If there is, then I'd whip up some little reference sheets for them!

I've never sold designs before though, and I'm not very familiar with the design adoption community! I've been commissioned to design ocs before, but never specifically sold a design. Do any of you guys sell designs at all? Do you have any advice on what to bear in mind, like how would you price them differently from commissions, any usage terms n clauses n whatnot it'd be good for me to consider including :? Lmk!!

Should i crosspost my art tutorials here :?

Posted 2 months, 19 days ago by Harrie


39 Votes Yes
0 Votes No

I recently posted my guide to pricing and taking commissions here onto toyhouse, due to how often I see both people asking for advice and also underpricing their work, and also the addition of the new resources category.

I've written many other tutorials over the years, however:


& I'm just curious if there would be any interest in me crossposting tutorials on more general art topics onto here?

I hesitate only because this is ultimately a character repository website, and I'm just not sure if they would belong / be desired here, so I thought I'd make a little poll to see what y'all think.

Safehouse added support for nested loops and toggleable elements, so Interactive should now be even easier to edit! If you've already purchased it, you can visit the documentation page and enter the same password as usual. And if you haven't purchased it, you can find the links to do so there! Let me know if you run into any issues, but all going well you shouldn't :)

Cyber Monday (cyber week??) sale! 10% off

Posted 4 months, 17 hours ago by Harrie

Everything in my ko-fi and itch stores is 10% off this week + next monday :)

Ko-fi sale (use code CYBERMONDAY) :: Itch sale

I also have been meaning to update and release some new 3d CSP models into my store, so keep an eye out for that! Updated versions of my horn reference models (currently only available on CSP assets store), a new antler pack, rigging the bird feet models, and releasing a similar dragon feet one have all been on my to-do list for a while, so I'll try get to them soon!

Hiya! First of all I've given my profile a lil bit of a facelift bc it has been quite clunky for a while now LMAO 

Secondly, about a week ago I suggested in the search update feedback thread for admin to add a browsing page for Worlds and upgrade Literatures & Worlds to have tags to allow for a more advanced search system.

Admin went ahead and added a basic Worlds browse page (which relatedly lead me to find the Marketsources World, which looks like a very neat market hub! Check it out!), and said in their update post that they'll add categorisation / tags if the Worlds browse gets filled enough, so if you have a World that you can add, make sure to add it to the public listing! :)

Lastly, yesterday I released a Safehou-se compatible commissions code for people who aren't confident with editing HTML directly, and I was wondering if there was any other type of code that would be useful to you if you didn't have to edit the HTML? I was thinking the adoptables community would probably benefit from a Safehou-se template for listing things for sale and whatnot, but I wasn't sure if there was anything else anyone had in mind. No guarantees I'll be able to make things as I'm not in the best of health at the moment, but I am curious to know what there's demand for.

8byte has kindly created a new tool for editing Toyhou.se codes, called Safehou-se. Using a special template syntax, coders are now able to make their codes compatible with the tool, allowing it to be edited by filling out a series of automatically generated form fields:


And I have finished converting Interactive to this new format! As well as a small change in making the layer icons now display as eye toggles, and updating the heart meter to display better with the new FontAwesome version. You can find the new code and documentation here.

It remains a hefty code, so the template is divided into two main parts, but it should certainly be a lot easier to edit now especially for those who are not very confident about editing HTML! :)

On a related note, also, you are welcome to commission me to create the assets for the code, or any codes really, if you need someone to create the layered key art or any of the icons! Just mention which code I'm creating assets for in the further details field.


Harrie's Commissions Waitlist




Ink Colour

Pricing, Payment & Process

The price will vary depending on the complexity of the piece and the designs of the character(s). Additional characters will not be discounted. Payment will be taken through Paypal.

Full details, status, additional samples, and waitlist form on my website: Diosmaden.ART/Commissions

Commission form open!

Posted 8 months, 13 days ago by Harrie


Harrie's Commissions Waitlist: July Opening




Ink Colour

Pricing, Payment & Process

The price will vary depending on the complexity of the piece and the designs of the character(s). Additional characters will not be discounted. Payment will be taken through Paypal.

Full details, status, additional samples, and waitlist form on my website: Diosmaden.ART/Commissions