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Heart of the Storm Releases May 27th!

Posted 1 day, 4 hours ago by Harrie

One week babey!!!!

CH1 is already completed, so you can preorder the PDF to read the whole chapter immediately on the 27th:
» https://ko-fi.com/s/53773c6427

Or you can subscribe on ComicFury to read one free page a week!
» https://diosmaden.art/read

See you soon!! 💕


I don't seem to have gotten a notification anywhere so I had no idea & also don't know who to thank, so I'll say it here: thank you very much I really appreciate it!

It's Tempest's Birthday! ^_^

Posted 8 months, 13 days ago by Harrie

i made tempest 6 years ago happy birthday bitch everyone say happy birthday to the birthday girl :)

heres my favourite arts of her


[wipes a tear] they grow up so fast… just last year.. she was 26. and now, she’s still 26, because shes not real

The option is now live on my site :) If you missed the last bulletin, this is the sort of thing I'm now offering, models to help you draw stuff you find hard to draw from different angles:

Interest check :: CSP reference model commissions?

Posted 11 months, 10 days ago by Harrie

Would you be interested?

8 Votes Yeah!

These are models made for reference purposes n not like animation or anything like that so they're low poly & only have very simple rigging (in large part because CSP does not support things like shape keys and doesn't have super great 3d performance, making them simple by necessity)

I'm not super sure how I would want to price these as there's a Lot of things that would influence the price... Like, a sword prop with a reference image already prepared? or your demonic characters' horns? probably like £40 - £60 or something like that. Not too difficult for me to make.

Fully skinned giant chicken monster?? that thang took me days probably like £300 at Least... maybe more bc my models r a little janky with the skinning because I don't mind but if im making them for someone else i probably need to put more love into the rigging which will take even longer..

I dunno, I'll figure out price details if there's enough interest!

Comic Cameo Call

Posted 11 months, 22 days ago by Harrie

Hiya! I'm busy working on CH1 of Heart of the Storm atm, and there's a couple pages that have a crowd shot in them, so I could do with some characters to fill out the crowd :)

I'll be prioritising my patrons for this, but you're welcome to drop a comment on this bulletin or add characters to this spreadsheet for consideration! HotS is a fantasy comic so pretty much anything goes, but you can see what kind of characters I have here.

I have not forgotten about it! However, because it's such a complex code under the hood, I'm working on a custom editor just for it:


This is requiring quite a lot of complex coding! At least for me, I'm still learning Javascript and using this as an opportunity to try create something practical with a lot of different moving parts. To ensure the best user experience I can, this includes allowing you to reorganise images in the layer stack and whatnot and I'll also need to make it so you can save and load so it will probably take quite a while to figure it all out!


But, the end result should mean that all you'll need to do to edit the code is plug in your images and text :)

[YCH] A Princely Kiss :: OPEN

Posted 1 year, 19 days ago by Harrie


Click me to be taken to the bidding page on my website!

I did an auction like this last year for another couple's commission and I thought it'd be fun to do another one :)

Like last time I won't be taking multiple slots, meaning this pose will only be used the once so for all intents and purposes this is a regular commission, just with a pre-set pose and little auction to determine what kind of commission it'll be!

By far my most complicated (for me to code) layout yet! I'm tentatively calling it Inspect And Rotate. You can view the completed, filled out version on Tempest's profile currently


Similar to interactive, it features a design inspector for multiple different outfits with toggleable outfit layers and alternative hairstyles, and like RPG it features an inventory with equippable items.

It also features a rotateable character portrait! Whenever people draw Tempest it's her horns they have the most trouble with, so I wanted to add a rotateable reference which is what lead to me making this layout at all.


The rotate controls can loop back to the start if you have a full rotation but I have not finished drawing tempest's TA so there isn't a live example for that atm:


Anyway this one was a real doozy to code! in order for me to make it possible to fill out easily, I wrote it using nunjucks and have had to create some editors just for it..



It was a lot of work! But the end result is all you have to do is fill in the information and toggle some variables and then use the layered image generator to make each outfit view, and then all the controls for the layout are automatically generated for you. That means if a control is not needed, it doesn't get added to the layout at all:


Before I can release it, I need to set up the documentation and whatnot, and there's a possibility that I might make a form you can fill out rather than editing the nunjucks itself but that depends on how difficult that is to code!

In any case this has been a labour of love for the past two weeks so you should check out the final result for me <3 If you spot any issues let me know so I can fix them before release! I'm not sure what I'll be charging for this layout, quite a bit of work went into it including custom editors just for it so it'll probably be a bit more than my existing layouts. Tenatively thinking it will be £12?

And for the coders on the site, you can find the toyhouse to nunjucks live editor on this page on my website!

I've put them up for adoption !

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Harrie

Tysm for the advice everyone <3 We'll see whether or not they do go to a home, but for anyone who was interested, they're now up! You can click the images below to be taken to their TH pages :)