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Commissions are back open!

Posted 11 days, 13 hours ago by Scheppen

After a little break with only a few types available, now most types of up! :^} <3

Includin badges, animation, customs, digital artwork, and plushies!

closed but feel welcome to ask me about my plushie comms!

For those who don't know, I make plushies! I have a slot open now for my big dumpy beanie plushes - this slot will be strawberry-scented, too!

All info is above there, but you can DM me here about it too.

Why pokemon adopts?

Posted 23 days, 6 hours ago by Scheppen

I thought I'd explain a little for anyone wondering :^]

I've been super fixated on Pokemon lately is the tldr of it! I've loved the franchise since I was little and some of my earliest memories of drawing were makin doodles and comics of Pokemon characters. I was on the edge of my seat for SoulSilver and got it the first day it was released in the US. That summer, I went to Boston with family, and we met up with one of my mom's friends, who had a son - we talked about Pokemon ALL afternoon. He told me there was a new generation in the works, and I was just floored. I did every bit of research into Pokemon black/white that I could, back before all the leaks and translations we see today. I sold my copy of White long ago, but this past week I went to my favorite retro game store and found one. I've been playing it in-between commission work and I'm enjoying it lots :^}

Pokemon has been a big influence on my artwork since before I started with my furry art (which you may be able to notice especially if you look at my older pieces from 2018-2019, though there's still a lot to this day I credit to Ken Sugimori and the design crew, and various TCG artists). It's always fun for me to try and add things I fixate on into my pieces and designs, as I feel it gives me a chance to express my fondness of it. I hope my Pokemon designs can do the same for you if you've gotten one / are interested in one!

My "normal" designs are still always available for commissioning, and adopts will come in time, but lately my well of inspiration is sort of clogged up. I'm using Pokemon as the stepping stones to climb my way back up and to find my voice with designing again. I don't want to have my design folder just become a sea of bipedal dogs (well.... maybe a little, but perhaps dogs with a twist!) so I'm giving myself a little patience.

I hope you enjoy the designs I'm making and also understand that this isn't gonna be a forever thing, I'm not a poke-exclusive artist by any means! I'm just in the middle of lovin one thing and strugglin with another. In the meantime I'll get back to work makin some fun designs for all of you <3

Adopts!! Lookie!

Posted 1 month, 20 days ago by Scheppen

My partner bugscuffle has started making adopts!!! They're just lovely and for a great price too, go snag them!! :^} I do believe he may be making more down the line too >:^}c

Some designs UFO

Posted 1 month, 27 days ago by Scheppen

Gadzooks! Just DM or comment an offer, you're welcome to ask me questions <3 Just think these guys need some nicer homes

I did it (the pokemon)

Posted 2 months, 4 days ago by Scheppen

I couldn't do them all obviously but I think it's safe to say i've proven myself

This goes to show if you ever want a pokecustom from me I Can Handle Your Faves ❤️ so never be afraid to ask for one :^}c



In order: Garbodor, Claydol, Barbaracle, Voltorb, Probopass, Burmy, Magmar, Ludicolo, Conkeldurr, Mr. Mime, Stakataka, Dunsparce, Sigilyph, Spewpa, Vanilluxe

If you genuinely want one of these as a character DM me, i'm fine with a sorta name-your-price thing!!

Claimed: Garbodor, Barbaracle, Ludicolo, Mr. Mime, Dunsparce, Spewpa, Vanilluxe

I need challenges Give me your underrated uggos. Your forgotten weird-shaped friends.

might become small adopts 😏

Badge Bonanza open!

Posted 2 months, 7 days ago by Scheppen

It's that time again! n.n

All info here! --->

you may DM me here to order!

Human(oid) customs?

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago by Scheppen

Would any of you be interested if I opened a few slots for them? They'd be a little pricier than my furry designs just cuz humans are more work for for me to figure out but :^}c lemme know!

Anthro Pokemon adopts?

Posted 2 months, 23 days ago by Scheppen

I'm making some little designs... would you be interested in getting any if I put em up? :^}