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hi kell!! i'd been wanting to ask but what exactly are entropy monsters? and could i make my own or are they a sort of personal species? i hope i don't sound rude I'm genuinely intrigued :D !!

You're not rude at all! They're a very loose species that manifest from all memories (good ones and bad ones) of places or things that become lost to time. Basically a big mix of nostalgia and sensory specifications, though some are less "hip nostalgiacore" and more "uncomfortable". I've been making them as a way to reflect on my weird affinity for dying malls and places I might never go back to :^]
I'd say they are a personal species, I don't tend to make species with the whole "open or closed" thing in mind, but I don't really mind if you wanna make one or not, if you want to really badly then go ahead! I'm much less picky with them than my Sea Beast species u.u Some things to keep in mind design-wise if you're hoping to be a lil true to form is that they've all got long necks, long unique tails, human hair, glowy colorful eyes, rabbit-like noses, and human hands/ hand-feet!

ohhh wow thats such a lovely thing, thank you for sharing this with me!! if i ever do create one i will be sure to abide those guidelines and be respectful to your species :3 <3 much love!!


thanks very much! :^]


aw you're very sweet <3 go right ahead! n_n I don't mind them at all

I SAW THE ANTHRO GLISCOR YOU MADE, THEYRE MY ALL TIME FAV POKEMON AND I LOVE HOW YOU DREW THEM!!! i wish i couldve bought them but thats ok! ive been wanting to make an anthro gliscor for a while i just never knew how to draw them cuz they have weird anatomy haha

AW LOL THANK U! maybe I'll make another 👀 it was fun to draw

omg yw! and do it if you ever feel up to it again! i still personally have no income but maybe i culd ask my bf to buy some time for my bday soon haha!

Hey hey do you have art trades open?! It’s okay if not! I a really like your art!!!

i don't, sorry! >_< my commissions open on the 22nd though n__n <3 



ive been fucking eeled 😔

question, are you chill with me drawing a character of yours? they have the "want art" tag but I wanted to make sure ^^'

oh omg sure!! how sweet of you to offer! the only condition is that........ i get to be the first to see it >:^} 💕


I'll send it as soon as it's done :]

Hey, I was wondering if you would happen to have request or trades open ;u;! I Love your art style so much! that would be very noice! 

Hello! I don't, sorry! My commissions will open in a week or two and that'll be how you can get some art from me UoU thank u! 

oh ok thanks! 

ur furry badges r so sexy i'm CRYINGNGNGNG

AW TYSM!!!! im opening some new ones up tomorrow on my instagram if u need one of your character ;^)!!!

I WOULD LOVE ONE IF I HAD PAYPALLL   but i will surely look for that, i saw and the disc one is rlly nice, u r totally changing furry badges for the better

hehe! <3 i try

I absolutely LOVE your characters and designs!! You’re a huge inspiration to me and I really hope I can get one of the adoptables you sell on Instagram one day :))

aww thank you so much!!! I'll be making a new one very soon ;^)

The Lupin screenshots,, my heart goes happy,,,

Your a huge inspiration, one day I'd love to get a custom from you !! You are super rad, stay cool !!

aw thanks so much!!! <333 i'm looking forward to workin with you! <3 stay cool dawg

couId I get notified when you re-open commissions? or, aIternativeIy, if anyone from my uft foIder interestes you in exchange for art?

I don't have a ping list, sorry! I'll probably make a bulletin on here when they open up though, and whereabouts to find them :^D I'm trying to use toyhouse as one of my main medias so yea!


what ever happened to that giant yellow dog-like creature? they had a leaf on their head and they were in a couple of your older yt videos I believe? just curious bc i loved them so so so so much <3

You mean Mutt? He still belongs to me! I haven't sold him or anything, he doesn't have TH page. I consider him retired :^}

happy to hear you still have him!!! what a good boy 

i will forever love your artttt

UvU <3 thanks choweh!!!


Fall. Fall hard.

ok so 1. I love all of your designs, they're all wonderful and very creative, i love all your sonas and their aesthetics.
2. i made a dumb little doodle of buk. i don't know if you're ok with me putting it in the comments here or if i should send it to you elsewhere. i'm still really new to toyhouse so idk if there's any place other than here to send it. 

aww omg thank you!! if you want you can comment on his toyhouse tab or dm it to my da or instagram :^D

ok, thank you!

I loove your art and designs!!

The deer folder is my favourite folder officially!

Why thank you! <3 I gotta get around to drawing more of my deer ocs

Aye no probs. I cannot wait to see more! <3

would you ever do pings for these fellas? :D

I'm not sure! I've never done pings! I like both Saffron and Breakfast quite a bit though, so they likely won't be up for sale or trade. But I'm very glad you like them! :^D ♡

yeah  theyre both such nice to look at bbys! do you happen to accept fanart btw?

Oh of course! ♡ fanart makes my day!


With all the images and the design itself I'd say $60 minimum



sorry for the fav spam! i love your art and characters !!

Lmao it's no problem at all! ♡