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hey, I stumbled upon your page and I wanted to say that your OCs are really interesting and have such cool designs? I’m a bit of a sucker for OCs that are linked to chemistry/elements in general and seeing as you have a few they instantly clicked with me! 

also i wish you the best on your webcomic! instant sub~

AWww! Thank you! As you can tell by my name, I'm kind of a fan of the Periodic Table...! I used to make up a "mons" series back in the day called Carbons where I designed monsters with chemical elements. My Offsprings having associated chemical elements is a holdover from those days (though I never made them into Carbons...) Thanks for the favorites, the subscription and I hope you check out my webcomic sometime! : D

ohhh I think I remember you! I saw your Carbons on deviantart years ago and thought that they were a neat concept? also I remember the rad af boron family children pic you made then

Oh god the Boron family!!! Lol that brings me back! The last time I did a drawing of him was... 2013 it seems.

I'm so flattered that you remember so many of my drawings! That makes me super happy! <3

Hi Stront!! I didn't really know another way to add you so I subscribed to you!

That's how you do it!

Wooo!! :3

ahh wow your art and characters are super cute!! :0

Thank you! I didn't see this message before I thanked you on your page so disregard it XD

oh ahaha no worries!

You're welcome! I like your characters designs. I like the icon you have too! I saw you commented on someone else's page so I checked your page out!

omg I came back to Toyhouse today and noticed you updated lots of your characters (and submitted new ones) :O YES GOOD they are all so cute!!

Aww thanks! yeah here I am trying to get as many characters up here as I can before I go back to school!