Dog of Paradise WIP

Dog of Paradise is a work in progress, and currently going through a "transistional period", sort of the phase 2 after I made a ton of character concepts and started getting a story together.
This new phase will be reworking almost every character to fit in the new story.
So consider all the characters here (save for Tex) as a rough draft! I also have a list of future character concepts here.
Content Warning: Dog of Paradise is a story with mature themes.
The story and characters may deal with and mention topics such as: murder/death, drugs/alcohol/tobacco use, gambling, addiction, abuse, sex work, etc.


This is my main headworld! A story around Tex and his life as a hitman. It takes place mostly in Los Angeles county, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, various parts of Southwestern states.

The story starts with him being hired by Fenrir as a body guard, meeting Charlie and hiring him as an assistant, as well as befriending Aaron, a rival hitman, and developing a crush on him.

All the characters here have some sort of connections with each other - a lot of them are Tex's friends (he's a friendly guy, despite his job and all), rival hitman (friendly, or more intense), friends of Charlie's, or business competitors with Fenrir, or seriously enemies and villains and so on.

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