Dog of Paradise

Content Warning: Dog of Paradise is a story with mature themes.
The story and characters may deal with and mention topics such as: murder/death, drugs/alcohol/tobacco use, gambling, addiction, abuse, sex work, etc.

This folder and every character in it is a work in progress! Lots of unfinished stuff and many characters are just rough concepts!

This is my main headworld, Dog of Paradise! A story around Tex and his life as a hitman. It takes place mostly in Los Angeles county, Coachella Valley (mainly Palm Springs), Las Vegas area, and various parts of different Southwestern states. The story begins with him being hired by Fenrir as a body guard, eventually meeting Charlie, a young opossum struggling as his current job and in need of a better one, and hiring him as an assistant. On his adventures with Charlie, he has to deal with various enemies and rivals, from Tex's past, those in connection with Fenrir, and some more mysterious and unknown. The characters here are connected in various ways, many may be friends of Tex or Charlie, work with Fenrir, are friendly rivals, or villains out for revenge or in competition with Tex. 

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