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through you i have now realized how insanely cool things you can make in second life wtf 

aw, I'm glad! it's definitely what's motivating me to get into 3D modelling. I get to see characters come to life in it, which is super fun.

Uwaahh - nice! I used to follow you a ton on DA and you liked a couple of my nerds! Thanks! <3

hey buddy thanks for the faves! awesome chars you got!

thank you!

thank you kindly ; w ;

thank you!

im so impressed by your style and ocs?? like wowie, they all look so amazing!!! (big love for Villi, Noin, Gentlemanticore, Laistrygon & the entire Animal folk universe)

aw, thank you! the animal folk folder does consist of several different universes, I just sort them under that particular folder for ease of keeping track of things.

thanks for the favs!

YOU *points dramatically*




your art and characters are amazing!!!

thank you!

Your characters are like, incredible, just saying!! :};; esp Mockingbird/Eros like, wow

Why, thank you~


yasssssssssssssssssssss spoon yasssssssssss