Hi everyone! It's been a while in regards to some adopt news~
I'd like to introduce a CS specie concept I'm developing with kanlamari before the year ends

Both of us just wanted something modern/fantasy and somewhat casual next to our other CS www

Here's some tidbits of the lore in development:

In an apocalyptic future where the population of humans declined, modern cities were reduced to ruin; what little survivors were left went into hiding from monsters that are only husks of humans. These husks may have the shape of a human but no longer bear the mind of a human being. The gods took pity in the mortals despite them scourging the earth and causing the devastation to all living beings. In their mercy and love for humanity, they granted mortals who they found worthy to possess their flame to purge these husks with the hope of restarting the world anew.

Everything is still in development but the reference above will set the base standard of what to expect aesthetically. It's demon-esque in nature + flame-based magic and design flares. Main design features are hollow metallic horns, art nouveau/tribal tattoos, and jewelry-centric outfits and accessories. There won't be an in-depth trait sheet like Lilidae, but the design choices (such as color scheme and tattoo thematic) are affected by the lore in development. The designs are also not restricted to kemonomimis so they can have elf or human ears as well.

Kan and I have been developing this world together since last year and we thought it would be fun to make it a specie adopt concept to share. 

We really and sincerely hope you guys like it. Thank you for looking! 


ohhhh looks amazing! can't wait to see more of this <3

ah ty ty! and we'll do our best o9

I really love his design hen!! excited to see more!

tysm sera glad you like em! we'll do our best to develop this species ! T ♡ T

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AYYY TYSM! we totes appreciate all the love from you for this young species <333

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Amazing design! <3

tysm cotton glad you think so! T ♡ T

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glad you love em so far!! T ♡ T

the design is amazing!! cant wait to see more of them XD
i love an apocalyptic lore ><

tysm! kan and I will do our best to update and finalize everything! T ♡ T
and yaas we like em too angst fuel as well//hit

Aahh these are so gorgeous ! Can't wait to see more !

tysm glad you think so! we'll do our best to finalize everything! ♡

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sobbs ty ty! we'll do our best to finalizing everything by release ! T ♡ T

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aww we're glad you think so ty!! 

I look forward to the whole lore of thiss
--i hope i can get one of these too //coughs //holds wallet

aww glad you love them so far, kan and I will do our best to update and finalize everything T ♡ T
and ty for wanting to support !! <3

: 0 a species not restricted to kemonomimis? i'm so in

yeaa we thought we should give more options since some people prefer non-kemono at times.
we're glad you like our decision with that ^^

The concept and design are both so amazing! Looking forward to seeing more of them!

aww ty glad you think so! We'll do our best with finalizing everything! T ♡ T

Hhhhhh dude I love their lore.

Definately going to follow the development of them when or if it’s posted.

Glad u like what we wrote so far! We have lots of ideas lore-wise and hope they all fit in nicely. Ty for the kind words and interest T ♡ T

Absolutely in love with the design and concept! Really looking forward to seeing more of these babs~ ;;

Aww ty ty!! We're glad u like what we have so far and we'll do our best with em! o7 ♡

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Fnkskao sobss ty for being interested in them wriv! We totes appreciate that and we'll do our best!! T ♡ T

These are so cool!! I'm super excited to see more!! * q *

Aww thanks jin!! We'll do our best to make more content and designs ♡

Ooooh! I can't wait!! All the hype!!

omg I was wondering what that gorgeous boy was! +__+ look forward to seeing more of them!!

surprise wwwwwww

And tysm! Will do our best to flesh them out! o9