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Due to a suggestion on Writers' Thread I'm giving a go to a monthly writing prompt thread! Basically I'll post a new writing prompt on the first day of every month and you have one month to complete the text and post here!
(Also, if you feel like this thread belongs to character discussion rather than a game feel free to move it - I feel like both forum games and character discussion could be appropriate places for this.)


  1. On the first day of every month a new prompt will be posted! It can be a single word, a sentence or something else 
  2. You're free to interpret the prompt as you wish! This means you can be as creative as you want with the given theme - only your imagination is the limit!
  3. When you're done with your writing, post it here either as a link to your story, or put it under read more
  4. Basically that's it! It's a very simple game 
  • Post only writings that are appropriate for all users on this thread! Also the general rules of TH obviously apply here as well
  • You're free to post as many writings as you wish based on the theme! 
  • You have a full month to complete your work. You can also post a little later if you want, but the idea of this game is to produce something within the given time frame
  • Starting day is always the 1st day of the month and you can submit your pieces up until the 1st day of the next month (of any time zone)
  • Feel free to comment and ping other people if you want to say something nice about their work! But if you want to give critique make sure to do it outside of this thread & ask them first if they're ok with that!
  • Keep your content OC focused. Fanfiction is alright as long as it features an original character you made
  • There is no limit to how long or short your contribution can be! Go wild!
More rules might be added if needed! Just have fun and be nice to each other! 


(Image is from Pixabay with CC0 license)

This month's prompt is an image! Write anything the image makes you think of!
As always, you're free to interpret the theme exactly as you will, so don't hesitate to get very creative!!  

Previous prompts:


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March: Big news
April: Sea
May: "Can you hear it?"
June: Celebration
July: Sneaking around
August: School
September: Alternative universe
October: Scare
November: "I don't think this is a good idea"


⭐OCTOBER 2018 PROMPT: Scare⭐

In the spirit of Halloween, this month's prompt is scare! Did your character get startled by something? Are they out trick-or-treating?
As always, you're free to interpret the theme exactly as you will, so don't hesitate to get very creative!!  

 Plymouth 2inchlich

Inspired by this short film!  It's pretty short, but I just wanted to write something you know? ;w;

Plymouth's eyes blinked rapidly as snow fell over the plains.  The first snowfall had come already, in early October, and it had been unseasonably cold since mid August.  The cold weather had taken a toll on him.  His body wasn't suited for it.  He would get by, surely, but now, so far from his forest, he was much more exposed to the elements than he was accustomed to.  He would have loved to be home, curled up beneath the shelter of the trees, but that was no longer a possibility.

He'd rarely ventured further from the forest than a few meters at most, but his home was no longer safe.  A darkness had fallen over the forest that unsettled him.  He didn't believe in witches--he believed in innocent humans being persecuted by their society--but whatever haunted his woods struck a familiar cord with him.  It was something in the same vein as what people thought witches were.  He'd only caught glimpses of it, but every time he saw it, it was facing away from him.  It looked vaguely humanoid, and was clad in a red, hooded cloak.  Its legs were long, thin, and pitch black.  He wasn't sure if that was its skin or its legwear, but the colour was irrelevant.  The thinness of the legs was proof enough that this creature couldn't be human.  No human so emaciated could possibly be alive.  He had seen its arms only once, but never its face.

The day he left the woods he had seen it standing in the clearing he'd made his home in.  It stood atop a mossy boulder, hunched over and still facing away from him.  He'd spent many a warm afternoon sunning atop that boulder, letting the light warm his skin.  Despite the lack of clouds overhead now though, the sun didn't cast its light on the clearing or the creature despite it nearly being noon.  It was as if the being's presence sucked the light from the sky.  Plymouth exhaled a sharp, frightened breath and the creature took note of it.  It emitting a long, low howl building in volume and raising in pitch as it slowly stood.  It's thin body creaked and its bones sounded close to snapping beneath its meager weight as it stood up straight atop the boulder.  It slowly extended its arms upwards, the red fabric of its cloak sliding down to reveal bony arms nearly long enough to touch the ground while it stood.  The skin was pitch black, much like the legs, with the long fingers ending in bleach white bones with bloody nubs of flesh around them.  He had turned and fled immediately, the creature's howling following him in the distance.  The howling was masked by the howling of the wind by the time Plymouth made it out of the woods, but he didn't see the being behind him.

A strong northern wind abruptly blew a wall of snow into him, momentarily blinding him.  When he opened his eyes again, the plain before him was no longer an unbroken sea of white.  The wind had all but stopped but Plymouth could still hear a howling that seemed to encompass him.  He saw exactly where it came from though.  Directly ahead of him, about 100 yards ahead and halfway up a snow covered hill, stood a figure cloaked in red.  He paused only a moment before he took off parallel to it, moving as quickly as he could manage and not looking back to see if he was being pursued.


⭐NOVEMBER 2018 PROMPT: "I don't think this is a good idea"⭐

This month's prompt is a sentence! Are your characters doing something dangerous? Maybe someone outright says this line in whatever context?
As always, you're free to interpret the theme exactly as you will, so don't hesitate to get very creative!!  



F8BMIVh.png(Image is from Pixabay with CC0 license)

This month's prompt is an image! Write anything the image makes you think of!
As always, you're free to interpret the theme exactly as you will, so don't hesitate to get very creative!!  

Mathilda Sinclair 123penguin64

I wrote a short piece about Mathilda! Better late than never haha

The hall was filled with choking incense and the flickering flames  threatened to ignite, combust and explode. Echoes rung throughout the  place, with all eyes on her sitting centre stage. As the man in front of  her paced, pleaded, prayed, “Have mercy on us, oh Deity,” Mathilda’s  eyes lingered on the taunting flame in front of her.

Oh, candles! That’s all they were!

Candles were bad luck, bad luck. Candles were dangerous. Candles signified the end.

 How unfortunate for her.

Despite all protests, here she was. The end of year mass for a deity she didn’t even believe in. Oh country, country, everyone was focused on her.

Young lady Mathilda- Candles? You survive your own assassination but you’re afraid of candles?

Candles used to litter the staircase. Candles used to line her home.

No, no, not anymore.

Candles smell like smoke and smoke smells like-

The incense was choking. All she could do was sit there, pride of place, all eyes on her.

Stifling, this hall was stifling.

But yet, she couldn’t move a centimetre. What would they think of her then?

(This is a chance to redeem yourself!)

(This is the ONE time you can go outside, come on, Mathilda!)

The candles were making fun of her as they danced and skipped before  her vision. They enveloped the hall in their soft orange rosy glow. They  enveloped the hall in their stifling light, centring Our Lady, our  Queen Mathilda. The orange reflected in pools of silver, bouncing off  light and stained glass.

Everything was softly glowing orange.

This was a joke. This was cruelty.

Everybody knew the Queen was afraid of candles. They did this on purpose, right? They had to have did it on purpose.

(Right? Right?)

Somebody extinguished a candle and smoke rose in the air, drifting towards her.

Candles smell like smoke and smoke smells like-

(Keep it together, Mathilda!)

Little Lady Mathilda – Whose idea was this? There was never a day  where she didn’t have doubt in her reign and today was one of those days  where the doubt was strong.

Yet, here she was. Queen Mathilda, the image of the entire country.

(You’re only fourteen and yet…)

(You cannot get upset Mathilda! The entire country is watching you!)

Candles smell like smoke and smoke smells like gunpowder.

Candles smell like smoke and smoke smells like gunpowder.

Candles smell like smoke and smoke smells like gunpowder.

Candles smell like smoke and smoke smells like gunpowder.

She just pressed her lips together and crossed her feet, just how she was taught to do.

This was going to be a long sermon.

Longer than the rest.

Longer than ever.

The candles were laughing at her, but it wasn’t something she wasn’t used to anyway.

Zetheriz Velokae TheLadyAnatola

Oh ho ho, I'm super late and have no idea if this thread is still being used, but I've finally sort of caught up with the current prompt. XD

I wrote a little something for Zetheriz and Jane, because they were the first characters that came to mind from the picture prompt. Here it is. It has very minor content warnings tagged on it, but nothing very detailed, so it should be good for general audiences.


TheLadyAnatola That's totally fine!!

I decided to sort of abandon this thread after the year changed because submissions were so scarce I thought it was no use doing this anymore, but I'm glad if the old prompts can inspire people to write!


Yeah, I noticed submissions were a little sparse lately, which is a bit of a bummer since I do like seeing all the new prompts each month. I actually have all of them in some placeholder documents for me to work on, although I've only technically finished December and February and March. And when I finished those two it was already months later and I couldn't post them. XD Ah well, it's gotten me to write something even if it's not in a timely manner.


I still keep an eye on this thread, I've just not known what to write for the last couple of months. :) Like I've really liked the prompts but not in an "Eureka, I know what to do with them!" sort of way.


And just as I said that, hello October prompt inspiration.

Something for Hehlel, based on a roleplay scene regarding one of her first run-ins with earthly fauna. Also depicted on this picture which I keep promising myself to digitally remaster one day because it's a cute picture.

I blearily realized that I was curled up in a soft bed. My physical condition had not improved – in fact I felt heavy, as if the blankets piled on top of my body had made their way inside of my brain.

I tried to sit up but could not find enough strength in my arms nor wings to do so. My weak call for help was followed by a scratching noise behind the door to the room. It opened reluctantly by an inch, letting a black paw with claws push it’s way through. I could do nothing but stare. After two more pushes the extremity was followed by a furry black head, a palm’s length from the floor and a slender long-tailed body with a single white spot on it’s chest.

I did not recognize the creature, even as it waddled up to me, mewling in a high-pitched tone. The apparition was unperturbed by my startled protests and defensively fluffed up feathers, clambering up to the bed and repeatedly pushing it’s face against my arm. I was unsure of whether it was sentient or not, as I had had no first-hand experiences with animals besides birds and horses. My attempts at communication had evidently failed, so I settled for caressing the creature’s forehead and back with my finger, to which it replied by laying down and baring it’s stomach, encouraging me with loud purring noises.