Favourite TV shows and how they've influenced you~

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What are your top favourite TV show(s) of all time? 

Also, if you want to tie this in to talking about OCs: Do you think your favourite TV shows have influenced what type of OCs you make, or have guided you in how you've written their backstories/worlds/lore/designs etc. 


My favourite show is Gravity Falls (yes... still!). It's been my top favourite for a few years, and even though I get into other things briefly, I still find myself coming back to Gravity Falls... I just love it so much. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Other top favourites of mine are Hannibal, Invader Zim, Inuyasha, Daredevil, and Dirk Gently. These are ones that I really fell in love with right away when watching, though its not even a fraction of all the other shows I've seen that I love. Just the ones that really stick.

I know for a fact that Inuyasha has influenced my interest in creating OCs and world building... it sunk its teeth into me when I was but a wee lass and it really took off from there. Most of my ocs and the universe they reside in, originated from Inuyasha Aus that went completely out of control when I was younger, and formed into their own thing. 

I'm interested to hear your favourite shows (I'd be lying if I said this thread wasn't an excuse to find more good shows to watch >_> )


my fave show (since it forst aired in like... 2008) is merlin! i ADORED it as a kid to the point where i rarely missed an episode and i wrote spells down in my medieval looking dragon notebook and practiced them in the hopes i could do magic too lmao

i recently rewatched all five seasons w/ my bf bc he hadn't seen it all and after we finished i immediately wanted to watch it all over again ;w;

i guess it's influenced my OCs in the sense that i have an entire merlin AU so that's neat :'D also i rly love old fantasy stuff and medieval stuff so if i can make an OC around that i end up loving them a lot (like r'jhera, even tho he's from skyrim... the aspects of it are similar to what i like)

tho in saying that, besides the entire AU dedicated to it i don't think it's influenced my OCs too much at all? i do find them quite difficult to write unless they're FCs or modern funnily enough


Pokemon is likely the show that influenced me the most, especially when it comes to OCs. there is a bit to unpack here so I'll draw the most obvious comparisons I can on my own!

Weenus is without a doubt based on my favorite character of all time, Colress. His appearance in the show itself made a big impact on me. I remember when I was younger, watching it and just loving the archetype of the mad scientist. 

Ellie Nova is more based on a Nurse-Joy type of character, primarily for aesthetics and comfort. 

Infernalia is literally just Jessie in terms of personality and voice and that's all i have to say because I love bitchy women LMAO

Kevin is definitely more of the Brock of my story; a bit goofy, overly flirtatious, but a swell guy who cares alot for his friends. 

Cookie is alot like Meowth in terms of being able to speak and being a complete fucking douchebag!

Gigamingo is alot like Pikachu in his love for the main character, being completely inseperable, and also just being adorable. 

Those are the main obvious comparisons - not much else to say there x'D as for all of my earth related ocs, they aren't based on pokemon and more on real people, rip


OK SO my favorite show ever is mob psycho 100 (season 2 even started this week! yay!) and its definitely inspired me to write more overall positive stories for my characters? especially with redemption arcs! before it like all my stories were super depressing but now ive started moving from "just really sad" to "really sad sometimes but everyone goes through growth and it has a happy ending and everyone can potentially be redeemed as long as they arent like, absolutely heinous" which! i think is a lot more beneficial to both me and anyone taking in my stories and characters.


oh boy there's so many tv shows i love fdhhfds im just gonna talk about my autism shows--

first there's doctor who which i think everyone & their dog has heard of dfhhdf i just really like the uplifting, hopeful feel to it? shows with emphasis on compassion & understanding are Good, Actually. also im bi for like half of the characters which like, helps. its definitely shaped how i tell stories- im a sucker for writing about helpful / benevolent non-humans now

then there's magical girl raising project! i love that it just looks like another dark magical girl show/death game (which i have nothing against ftr) but its really more about the corrupt political system. i also love how complex some of the characters are (pfle....im talking about pfle), how non-uniform the character designs are, and how... unique the powers are!! i have a lot of mgrp ocs (ive written a fanarc so i mean sfhshdf), but i think it's helped me get more interested in character design & making more specific superpowers too!


Digimon has always been one of my favorites of all time and has definitely influenced my artwork and character designs for sure.

Currently I'm watching Bojack Horseman and its definitely going on my list of favorite shows.


I'm actually not much for watching TV (it's only in the past few years I've been getting more into TV shows) but I really love Primeval, Star Trek: The Original Series, Hornblower and Peaky Blinders!

Primeval involves dinosaurs and sometimes monsters from the future and a team trying to get them back to the correct time periods. I would say it hasn't influenced me at all and it's just a fun show with a good cast of characters but that would be a lie. Re-watching the series did inspire me to get started on my idea with time holes and working out how to get my WW1 OC's in my sci-fi setting.

Star Trek TOS got me interested in sci-fi genre and my sci-fi plot again. I really love William Shatner's Jim Kirk and I enjoy Spock's sass.

Hornblower got me interested in the Age of Sail again and is where some of the inspiration to make my own Age of Sail plot comes from. I have a lieutenant called Archie in my Age of Sail cast as a nod to the show. 

Peaky Blinders admittedly is something I resisted for a while because I thought it'd be boring it just didn't sound like something I'd be into but I eventually caved and gave it a go and turns out it's one of my favorite shows. Even though the show it's self is post-WW1 there's odd bits that come up that got me interested in handling my historical military stuff from a gritty anti-war angle because the show made me realize I find those sorts of plots much more interesting to write than trying to write it as action/adventure which I had been previously.


i know someone's mentioned it already, but mob psycho 100's been a huge inspiration for me lately as well! the anime in particular continues to innovate with its stunning animation, color usage, and use of different mediums, yet this doesn't limit it completely to the anime. the series overall is wonderfully written, managing to fit hilarious moments in with surprisingly real messages and conflicts, as well as how espers in the Mob Psycho 100 universe treat their powers- it isn't just limited to one ideal or strategy for everyone. Each one of them has some sort of different view on their powers, and make use of it in different, interesting ways. For example, the protagonist of the show, Mob, has an overwhelming amount of psychic powers held within himself, yet he often chooses to restrain them until he hits a certain point, since he feels as though they're more of a "burden" to him, while someone like Teruki originally sees them as something that makes him superior to others, and uses them with that in mind.

As such, the show's beginning to influence a good chunk of my work, in both my art and writing. I don't have any examples I'm able to show off at the moment, but I'm trying to progress forward with a story that was influenced by mp100 quite a lot, amongst others. i'd definitely recommend watching it if you're in need of a creative boost!

(though some of these aren't ones i haven't focused on for quite a while, they still inspire me quite a bit in my work, whether that be through art style, writing, or concepts: bnha, opm, steven universe, pokemon, yokai watch, a:tla, danny phantom, hilda, and the dragon prince. c:) 


I don't watch TV nowadays and I feel like the Finnish TV channels don't have much to offer anyway in terms of animated series, but I did watch a lot of TV as younger! And I do think some of them have influenced me, especially Pokemon and Digimon, the latter in particular. I was always more drawn to Digimon in terms of the story and characters though because they had a clearer narrative structure and usually dealt with a lot of heavier / mature themes compared to Pokemon, and as a precocious kid I was really fascinated by it all. I still absolutely adore it when in Digimon they digivolve during some intense moment like Angemon's first appearance or SkullGraymon, both in totally opposite in feeling but equally as intense. I also think 02 and the whole arc with Ken really introduced me to the themes of death and isolation and misguided actions turning into something terrible. I was absolutely terrified of the Ken backstory episode but I noticed I was simultaneously really drawn to it and in this weird sort of shame would watch the scenes again and again until they no longer scared me. 

They also happened to air Cyborg 009 at the same time as 02 was airing in Finland (or at least around the same time, but it might have been during the rerun of 02 or after its long hiatus) and it likewise heavily dealt with themes of death and isolation and this particular kind of scifi horror I loved in the Digimon Emperor arc with the Kimeramon. It might not be that clear from my OCs here since they're mostly from "ye olde times" but a lot of my future time OCs actually deal with stuff like the concept of artificial life and the struggles these artificial life forms might face as they're clearly different. And I guess there is also the whole aspect of cyborgs and mutants etc dealing with the isolation from their own body and how it doesn't always feel like it's theirs and it might even terrify them? And I know from personal experience it's freaky and scary to feel like your body isn't fully yours because of an accident or something didn't go as expected in the development, so I reflect that feeling a lot on those kind of characters - it's comfortably different from my own circumstances because, as far as I'm aware, I'm not a cyborg or an android or some government experiment, but still deals with something I have some familiarity with. 

Other, miscellaneous TV shows from childhood my creative work might resonate with are The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, Around the World with Willy Fog, Martin Morning, 64 Zoo Lane, Pablo, the little red fox, Ethelbert the tiger, Pettson and Findus and Sailor Moon! Also special shout out to Sherlock Hound which I never actually saw anything but ads of but it was enough to influence my art style a lot. 

I tried not to talk about anime I didn't personally watch from TV but Romeo no Aoi Sora is definitely a HUGE inspiration for me and legit my fave anime of all time and it's been such a big influence on me and my character designs and just everything that it'd b a crime not to mention it. Also fun fact it was created during my birth year! But I watched it only in recent years

EDIT: So most of these are furry shows, huh. Explains everything tbh


If it isn't evident by the dozen Steven Universe characters I have, I am a big fan of Steven Universe. I got into in 2015, and loved it ever since. I know for a fact that it's influenced me a lot, and it's a little evident in my characters completely unrelated to that show.


Though Hetalia isn't really a TV show, it did influence me a bit when I created my fan oc for it, and one (or maybe a couple others now that I think about it) of my non fan OC was loosely based off a Hetalia character too xD. I'd also say pokemon but it was more of a game influence ^^;


gosh, i think my all-time favourites are game of thrones, dragon ball z and gravity falls

i'm not too sure if they've influeced anything regarding my ocs- i think the only show that really did it was phineas and ferb, really influential show probs when i was 9-12

made me love the idea of creativity and making my own things and art, also starting making my first few ocs because of that show and made me join deviantart also- so it's probably phineas and ferb that started this entire train



real talk, Spongebob inspired my sense of humor. which is interesting since I'm not funny at all.

nah but for real, one of my biggest inspirations is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I absolutely adore the characters and the development they get throughout the anime and manga. the designs are all so creative; the girls' all have unique magical girl costumes, and don't even get me started on how intriguing the witches are.
I said don't get me started but I'm going to babble about it anyways. probably because of my intense love of monsters, the witches in this series are absolutely mindblowing in terms of creativity and design. their abilities, appearance, and familiars are all inspired by the witch's previous life, and its just so neat to see how it is incorporated. some witches we never met in their previous lives, which leaves so much to fan interpretation.
the style of writing, especially for the witches and the darker elements of the anime, inspired a lot of ocs and their backstories. I really adore the uncanny and sometimes creepy witch designs and that really pleases me since I'm a huge dork for monsters. which is why I have so many monster ocs.
but the best part, to me anyway, is that they aren't creepy just to be creepy. each aspect of their design represents something about the person the witch was before becoming a monster. it sort of reminds me of Silent Hill, and how each enemy represents something about the main character in some way. they're never scary looking for the sake of being scary; the unique parts of their designs serve a purpose.


I don't think steven universe influenced me in ways other than me having inconsistent character designs haha

jokes aside, i definitely got more into fantastical/magic powers and their limitations. plus i'm pretty sure leela's backstory was unconsciously inspired by the concept of a defective gem. she is what i like to call a mixing bowl of a bunch of different cartoon characters and i think steven is in there somewhere too.

unpopular opinion, but i really like the 'vibe' of the townie eps and some of the scenes i've imagined my characters in are similar to that

i'm kinda grasping at straws, but maybe i'm not? idk how to tell. fish don't know they're swimming in water, after all.


Aikatsu, for being specific the Akari Generation, is my first thought of 'a favorite TV show that influenced me'. 

In a way, it sparked my interest in idols (and it had become a domino effect to some of my friends so we now all into idol hells), and it has helped me in various ways. Being a kid show, it genuinely is focusing on its motivating morals and it had sparked me a motivation to learn more about fashion (Aikatsu fashion IS really good). I am still dreaming on the day I could be a part of Aikatsu as an official VA or designer... 

In fact, Aikatsu is also one of the reason why I jumped back to making OCs... since it was enabled by the arcade game's Mychara system.

Aside from Aikatsu, the TV anime series Working!! influence me in comedic writing the most.


I wasnt much of a TV person growing up or even now RIP but adventure time held a really big spot in my heart. I cant even say how much it impacted my OCs or anything it straight up pushed my entire art progress forward. I started a webcomic because of the show.. i got into digital art because of the show. It affected my motivation, my style, owwdnooxjw everything LOL i also got a lot of merch so it sure as hell affected my wallet...