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Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 8 months, 3 days ago) by Coywolfy

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How do I add a code?

To add one of my codes select the </> icon then paste the raw code. This is how I make codes and edit my codes. Note not every one does it this way.

How do I change the box colors?

Changeing the background, text, and border color is easy. Just look in the raw code for a line that looks like "style="background-color:#aaa" the #aaa is a hex code just add the hex code you’d like!

How do I add a background?

to add a full page background image or color you must have toyhouse premium. If you have premium you use this css code to add a background image or color.
body { background-image: url("URL HERE"); background-color: HEX CODE HERE; }



Coming soon!


Using Chara 02!


Using a code of yours! Thanks for making them available :,D <33


hello, i was wondering, if there anyway way of making the boxes background and lines transparent? thank you kindly, i will be using template 4!

edit: figured the background boxes do depend on the theme color, i'd still like to know about the lines, however now i realize that the lines i'd like to make transparent are table's.

another thing, for template 4, is it possible to replace the first most left box with just an image, and for it to maintaining the same structure? this means, not using the current box for the image as background, but an embedded image in its place. thanks!


Perfect for my character, I will be using. Thanks!!




Highkey am gonna use the 2.5 one!!


I use the 2.5 template and it is really good! 


using template 3! these look so good 


Your templetes are BEAUTIFUL I’ll defined use them with some of my ocs :3