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Posted 1 year, 26 days ago (Edited 6 months, 9 days ago) by Coywolfy

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How do I add a code?

To add one of my codes select the </> icon then paste the raw code. This is how I make codes and edit my codes. Note not every one does it this way.

How do I change the box colors?

Changeing the background, text, and border color is easy. Just look in the raw code for a line that looks like "style="background-color:#aaa" the #aaa is a hex code just add the hex code you’d like!

How do I add a background?

to add a full page background image or color you must have toyhouse premium. If you have premium you use this css code to add a background image or color.
body { background-image: url("URL HERE"); background-color: HEX CODE HERE; }



Coming soon!


Thank you so much for this! Using 2.5! <3


i didnt realize this forum existed but now that i do i thought i'd post this tip here! you dont need premium to add a full image background. just put this line of code at the top of all the other coding: < div class="container-fluid rounded py-4 mb-3" style="margin-top: -55px; background: url(url here);" > (remove the spaces) i used this code on this character's page: https://toyhou.se/2502850.melanie-u-

as you can see you may need to edit the image a tad to get it to fit properly. i hope this helps!


olympus can you please help me? I can't figure it out!

And how do I change the colors of the boxes? The quick guide wasn't of much help because I can't find any codes with ''color'' in the html I used..

Take a look at my profile please.


Drudi i dont think the code you used for your page has color change options ;;_;;;


olympus Ah it's okay, they PM'ed me about it. ^^


This has been super useful! ^w^ I've already tried it out on one of my DnD characters, and plan on using it for some of my others!


using!! ;3; ty!