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Posted 1 year, 4 months ago (Edited 22 days, 16 hours ago) by Coywolfy

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How do I add a code?

To add one of my codes select the </> icon then paste the raw code. This is how I make codes and edit my codes. Note not every one does it this way.

How do I change the box colors?

Changeing the background, text, and border color is easy. Just look in the raw code for a line that looks like "style="background-color:#aaa" the #aaa is a hex code just add the hex code you’d like!

How do I add a background?

to add a full page background image or color you must have toyhouse premium. If you have premium you use this css code to add a background image or color.
body { background-image: url("URL HERE"); background-color: HEX CODE HERE; }




Hello! I don't wanna sound super dumb but how do you place an image in the placeholder? :O