Show me your white haired Oc's

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 1 year, 1 month ago) by Esodra

Show me your white haired characters!

Idk man, I just LOVE white hair on characters !!

If you don't have a white haired character you're welcome to show me a black character with white clothes on, I am absolutely in love with that <3

Here's my sweet Jiang Shi, Tian'e! 'w'

my girl Audrey !! she's a vegas girl > : )c

My sona has white hair!

As do Ori, Gigi, Lottie, Alaska, Akinari, Pisces, and Jingle!

His hair was originally... not white, but turned that way when he was cursed by a creature. His wife said she liked it better white.

Has a blue ombre, but still has mainly white hair nonetheless ;w;

She has a little pink undertone in it but her hair's still white 😊

my space bab has white hair!

Here's Lolita! :D 

Salem has white hair!!

this guy has white hair :3

How am I only JUST finding this wonderful thread???

My good boy Leonid's got white hair! As well as Avery, Braden, Cello, Cestus, Dominic, Noctis, Obreon and Valentius

White hair is just the best colour hair tbh :'3

Koray joining in on this club of white-haired children :')

my character diana. : ' )

 ❤ ❤ ❤

my sun, my moon, my stars

also I have these other 3, I don't have that many white haired ocs despite it being my favorite hair ...color?

Elliott, Nox, and still working on a name..