so your OC for whatever reason has 1 day left to live, what do they do with that time?

bonus question: your OC has 1 hour left to live, what do they do with those 60 minutes? 

if Ezekiel knew he had one day left to live he’d probably spend his life savings getting turnt and partying and buy drugs and do them with his friends lol

if he had an hour he’d probably just buy a tuna sub and hot cheetos and eat it in the parking lot, for some reason i would find this very grounding, like theres just enough time for this, feeling normal for one last hour

Cress Raddishes

Cress would probably smoke weed. 

Ridley zinnia



Aris would probably spend his last day writing that letter he's been putting off on where Samu exactly did come from if anyone did come to try and check on him before trying to make one last final doll: himself with his own flesh and blood.

Shade however would take it very seriously to herself. It's mainly a day of thank yous and last goodbyes. She passes on Commander role to Lon'qu once more, gives Lukas role as summoner. It's especially hard on her closer heroes. Lon'qu had already lost Ke'ri, Raquesis had lost her brother, Tiki knew pretty well that she'd outlast her friends, Reinhardt didn't want to let her go, as did Seliph. For the first time in all of his time within this lifestyle, Lukas actually shed a few tears, Boey had to promise her that if she came back as a spirit, he wouldn't be afraid and Lucius said a prayer or two to keep her in good faith with the gods. Alm had a breakdown as he was told the news, being comforted by Hector and Ike who were all too familiar with the concept. But there was fun to be had for her: A song with Azura along with a dance at Rinea's side, a spell casting duel of sorts with Henry, fanfictions entrusted to Genny and Robin, pranks with Delthea and Lene. A good meal was made by Peri, who Shade had to spare the morbid details so she wouldn't go on a rampage, and spending time with all of the beloved friends she made.

Except there was two. She couldn't bring herself to break the news to Anthony and Berkut. They had lost all too much in their lives and she didn't want to make it worst. Berkut found out accidentally from Rinea, who wasn't angry at her for leaving, but fuming that he wasn't the first alerted. He would have slaughter many for that woman just like Rinea, and dammit he would do so to bring this girl back. Anthony however, was a completely different story. He found out by pure chance and didn't come out from his shared room for a while. Shade wanted to tell him but she couldn't. For a child so innocent and young, he shouldn't have seen so much death around him, but he was accustomed to it like it was a walk in the park on the battlefield. With Shade, the girl he called his big sister, basically broke him down straight into his core. He made that promise to Ariel all that time ago, and now... it was like losing her all over again. A feeling he never wanted to feel again.

Ok I made myself cry somehow writing Shade's part

01. Jax Shayochism

Tell the woman he 'loves' that he likes her. ... He wouldn't use the word love, more say "I quite like you" if anything haha. Then he'd die. Bye.