so your OC for whatever reason has 1 day left to live, what do they do with that time?

bonus question: your OC has 1 hour left to live, what do they do with those 60 minutes? 

if Ezekiel knew he had one day left to live he’d probably spend his life savings getting turnt and partying and buy drugs and do them with his friends lol

if he had an hour he’d probably just buy a tuna sub and hot cheetos and eat it in the parking lot, for some reason i would find this very grounding, like theres just enough time for this, feeling normal for one last hour

Christine Evelyn Anderson Cliodna

She'd tell her son how much she loves him and how proud she is of him. She'd make sure that her will was up-to-date, so all the friends and family would get what's coming for them. She'd try to tie up any articles she's not finished yet.

Then she'd spend the remaining time with said friends and family, making sure she'd have no regrets. Break out all her stashed sweets and best wine, her favorite music and reminiscence about lives and what might come afterwards. Maybe set up a test to see if she'd be able to contact them from beyond the grave. 

Optionally she'd smash her assistant or the handsome Vice-Commander of Cogwheel Association but ONLY if they make the first move and had the state of mind to do some convincing. Because even though she really wants to she'd also think that she'd be re-united with her husband after death which would make the prospect a bit awkward. Thus she'd feel better if she didn't seem too eager to take the chance.

Shoko (Sho) bettaton Purrve-Ball


shoko would spend their last day:

a)mugging and raping whoever they can get their hands on (they wouldn't have to worry about getting caught since they're gonna die anyway) 

b) crying in their bedroom while writing a letter entrusting everything they own to whoever they're dating at the time 

c) partying hard, getting drunk and doing drugs while fucking every man in the vicinity

d) (most likely)...


sho yeets themselves off a bridge (either in a car or just jumping off). they would probably want to end their life on their own terms instead of delaying what's to come. the letter from option b will also be in the question.

Ash Fora toontastyc

*proceeds to smash original Playstation into bits cuz it turned on in the middle of the night and it scared the crap out of him, and he thought that it was possessed.* He thinks that gaming consoles are cursed now

Tabs ChicketyChina

(ahh my poor baby I love you so much tabby tabs ;w;)

Tbh, I don't think he'd fully understand what that means (bc he's an idiot) so he'd just do whatever he'd normally do until he goes to sleep........

and never awakens again..