Write a Crack Headcanon for the Oc above 2.0

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EDIT: Tf why did this go ic

The old thread for this seems to have gotten deleted so I was like "It was pretty funny. Might as well."

Anyway its similar to the regular headcanon thread, except more random and funny! So....ya..

first one to post gets a free one!

Puppeteer BugInTheWater

Venus and Sheriff has a trampoline game where Venus floats as high as she can and y e e t s Sheriff on a trampoline just to see how high she can bounce lmao

V Def canon because that sounds exactly like Puppeteer lmao

Douglas Decker slushrushed

Puppeteer absolutely despises animatronics. To him, a machine's shoddy imitation of movement and life is a mockery to the true art of puppetry! If he ever went to a Chuck E. Cheese's or other establishments of the like, he'd demolish all the robots on stage if no one stopped him.

Dad packofdax

Decker will do absolutely anything for a Klondike bar. It may be an icy confection from a long times past, but it holds more value than life itself to him. When he was younger and more spry, higher ups in the bureau would try to get him to do under the table tasks through bribes. The only times he would ever accept to do such a thing was when Klondike bars were on the line.

Zara Luckyee

D a d will go full on yandere sim if you abandon your kids, assuming he knows who you are.

Extra crack-crack HC, d a d is known for slamming the door open like shrek does, because of the nature of the shack, despite not knowing what the hell shrek even is-


Edit: Oh my GOD that is WAY TOO ACCURATE im gonna cry

Marcato preciousbee

Zara would lose her mind if someone took her to the section of a craft store where they sell the craft birds (like these), immediately wanting to buy a bunch and make one big nest for them to show to Flye.

Kaori Kozuku MoonGeister

Marcato probably really hates flowers after what happened to his eye, to the point that seeing an orchid of flowers will make him really angry and want to destroy it and tear it apart regardless who sent them to him.