Write a Crack Headcanon for the Oc above 2.0

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EDIT: Tf why did this go ic

The old thread for this seems to have gotten deleted so I was like "It was pretty funny. Might as well."

Anyway its similar to the regular headcanon thread, except more random and funny! So....ya..

first one to post gets a free one!

L.A.V.A. SwanMuffin27

Stephano will sometimes joke with others that his artificial arm has a "Midas Touch" effect to it, letting him turn things to solid gold should he choose. He's even helped out with a few interrogations through threatening with turning the other into gold.

Kalayo BugInTheWater

Someone once made a game called the floor is made of L.A.V.A where basically L.A.V.A is laying on the floor with his magic spread out to the best of his ability and the other person has to avoid the magic

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edit 2: v shit i actually do that irl so yes

Disung Fei preciousbee

Kalayo will sometimes order glasses full of ice at places like restaurants, but instead of pouring any beverages in, he'll just take all the ice and c r o n c h it. He just likes the cronchiness i guess?? 

Bunny and Jupiter Parasolhyena

Disung Fei loves cats, they always watch him and often try to chrip at him like they would when they see birds. He does wish he could pat them though.

Either of my gals!

Kyna Terran SwanMuffin27

Bunny will sometimes ride on Jupiter's back/shoulders because she likes feeling tall. Jupiter finds it funny, yet quite cute in its own little way.

Pffft, yes, absolutely

Hype SapphireBatWings

"Kyna is kind and caring, and is often the one healing her friends when they get into trouble."

Would play support in League Of Legends and neglect to heal people who beg for it and insult her during the game.

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

Idk why but she strikes me as someone who takes like, super care of her nails. Break her nail and you're getting ur asswhooped. 

Ethereal Candle (Candle) BugInTheWater

If someone tells him to be there or be square, he literally never shows up no matter what it is

v lol yup

Aaron Valentine MagicOfTheCosmos

I want to believe that people can use purple gemstones as currency to him instead of money