❥ Cyber Pixies | MYO Event: Closed ❥

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago (Edited 2 years, 6 months ago) by mappy


welcome to Cyber Pixies' first myo event!
this is a limited time event where you'll be able to create your own Cyber Pixie for free! make sure to read the rules, extra steps, and expiration date!

when to claim a slot: May 10th 12am EST - May 25th 12am EST
when your design is due: July 1st 12am EST


trait info can be found here (with visuals being linked on that page)!
rarities: common - uncommon - rare - ultra rare - legendary !!
trait rarity = myo rarity! aka you must own a rare myo to use rare traits!


for this event, you start out with a common slot, and will be able to upgrade the rarity with extra tasks!
please put all info needed in one post to keep the forum smooth!

(for example: "commenting + joined the world & discord + advertised here & here + my fav bugs are cicadas & my fav snack is chocolate!")

want a higher rarity? or perhaps applied traits? check out our shop here and submit a form here to purchase!
this is a limited sale to test reception & demand, lasting until May 15th !


rules for the species can be found here

rules for this specific event are as follows:
- no transferring of any free myo slots are allowed! 
these are user-bound until the design is made; after your slot has been used and a design is registered, you may trade/gift the design
- we strongly encourage you to register for a profile on our official account herethis will keep track of your slot, along with any future progress in the species!
- any design made for this event qualifies as 9d in the rules linked above! meaning common slots retain the base value of $10 usd, uncommon of $15 usd, and rare of $20 usd + any value of the design/art itself ; these CANNOT be sold though! this is simply their worth for trading purposes only


how to earn your common slot:
- comment below!
- join our species world! (
link here)
- advertise this forum post in a bulletin!
- tell me your favorite kind of bug!

pls provide a link to where you advertised!

if you'd like to upgrade your slot, see below!

how to upgrade to uncommon rarity:
- do all of the above!
- join the discord! (link here)
- advertise elsewhere (deviantart journal, twitter post, instagram post, etc)

- tell me your favorite snack!
pls provide a link to where you advertised!

how to upgrade to rare rarity:
- do all of the above!
- subscribe to me (mappy) and our mod (blackdogz)!

- draw one of the NPCs! (link here)
- tell me your favorite myth/legend/cryptid/etc!
pls provide a link to where you advertised!

feel free to join the discord, or draw art of the npcs, regardless of the upgraded rarity tiers btw!


need some examples of what the species looks like?
check out existing Pixies here, but keep in mind that mods are open to creative freedom! if you have an idea in mind, feel free to ask here in our question corner, in dms to myself, or in our server!

wanna post some wips / sketches?
feel free to drop some images in our discord server, or you're free to post wips elsewhere as well! but please mention what species it is if elsewhere!

need some trait help?
our discord server has specific channels just for questions like that! or you're free to post your question to our question corner here, or dm myself!

done with your design?
submit it to our approval hub here! make sure to double check any traits used, details added, etc before posting!


in conclusion, please follow these steps!
1. post a reply in this forum with proper information (depending on what rarity wanted) before May 25th 12am EST
2. brainstorm/design your cyber pixie (with help of friends/mods if needed)
3. submit the design to toyhouse, and post a link in the approval hub here before July 1st 12am EST
4. (optional) make a user profile on the official species account here


any slots not used by July 1st 12am EST will be voided and removed from the masterlist/user profiles!!


blackdogz you have 1 rare myo! make sure to edit your post with the finished art & refer back to this post as proof of ownership!


I'm in the world + Advertised in a bullertin + In the Discord + Promoted on instagram, though I'm not able to do the drawing at the moment. My favourite bug is the butterfly, and my favourite snacks are mentos!


Talis you have 1 uncommon myo! if you'd like to upgrade the rarity, pls make a new comment! also, refer back to this post as proof of ownership!


ceruloryx you have 1 uncommon myo! if you'd like to upgrade the rarity, pls make a new comment! also, refer back to this post as proof of ownership!


hiiii :0) im in the world + bulletin + joined the server! + promo + my favourite bug is a moth + my current favourite snack issss werther's originals!


heaveneito you have 1 uncommon myo! if you'd like to upgrade the rarity, pls make a new comment! also, refer back to this post as proof of ownership!


Looking to update my slot to Rare!
Art for Rayna (Submitting to her art tab but hasn't been accepted yet so I'm linking it like this instead) + Already subbed to you both + I really like Phoenixes!


Commenting here!

I just sent a request to join the world

Advertised in a bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/322169.cyber-pixies-myo-event-

My favorite bug right now is like those giant chunky milipedes!

Just joined the discord and posted an intro there

Advertised on dA: https://www.deviantart.com/twogoblins/status-update/Cyber-Pixies-MYO-Event-My-friend-s-879191430

My favorite snack is candy, I have a really big sweet tooth, I love reeses and m&ms a lot

i might come back with the other stuff, but im at work right now so no doodles for meeee


Hello! I’ve done the following... I’m in the World https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/320531.cyber-pixies-a-cute-species-you-should-check-out- My favorite bug is a Moth! Joined the discord https://twitter.com/orangesicle_art/status/1391640007300063236?s=21 My favorite snack is ice, just ice to chew on is good enough for me! Subscribed to both! https://twitter.com/orangesicle_art/status/1392360983205666816?s=21 My favorite “mythical creature” has to be the long horse. His story is that if you see him in your dreams he’s scary only to scare off evil spirits that wish to harm you but in reality Long Horse is just a good friend there to help! I think it’s cute yet terrifying. He symbolizes death or unhappiness coming your way even though he’s there to try to prevent those things.


i'd like to claim an uncommon MYO slot please!

here's a link to the bulletin advertisement +  a link to a deviantart advertisement , i've sent a request to join the TH world and i'm already part of the discord and hmmm.. my favorite bugs are a toss up between hercules beetles and nymph mantises and my favorite snack is any kind of sweet pastry, especially cannolis and egg tarts !!