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we are a primarily toyhouse-world species, please do not use the deviantart group for anything other than submitting artworks / designs!


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species founded by an unspecified user,
now owned by mappy
uzkost on deviantart
( species transfer valid since Jan. 2021 )

Latest Comments

I have one of these and I'm thinking of joining the community, but I'm SUPER nervous. I also think they might be technically voided, but I'm unsure; is there any way to un-void them if I buck up and join? This is them: TBN

I love them lots and I want them to make friends (as well as make friends myself) ;;

ah yea thats number 6 on the official designs of the masterlist! id love to have you back in the community, and wouldn't mind reinstating the design!

i did also notice that in the rules, i didn't specify how to unvoid a pixie, so i fixed that for you! head over to rule 11 on the rules & guidelines to see what to do

also feel free to rejoin the server if you'd like!

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Hello! I'm making a list of original species and I tried looking everywhere for the status of Cyber Pixies. Is this a open / closed / semi-open species? Thank you so much and apologies for the bother.