Game: Make an outfit for the character above you!

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago (Edited 1 year, 7 months ago) by Hanadoodles

Inspired by the hugely successful draw a character from the person above you thread, here's another forum game with similar rules! 

  • Post to claim a spot. 
  • Look through the characters of the person above you.
  • Make an outfit for them! It's recommended to post a little bit about the character's personal aesthetic, the type of things they'd wear, etc. just so the person after you has some idea) 
  • It's recommended to post IC but that's not entirely mandatory, although please do specify which OC you are designing for if there is none selected above.)
  • Outfits can be simple or complex, digital or traditional.
  • Post BEFORE doing any designs; we don't want two people making an outfit for the same character 
  • You may use sites such as Polyvore/Tumblr/Pinterest or dollmakers/Dreamselfy if fashion design isn't your thing, but please credit any non-original content used. 
  • Don't forget to thank the person below you in an edit to your comment or via PM! 
  • Please wait until at least 3-4 other people have commented before commenting again. 
  • Make sure you have at least one public character, and that images aren't set to thumbnails. 

Since I don't have anyone above me, I'll put together an outfit for the first person to comment >o> (will be traditional as my tablet's currently broken but I will update with the colored version once I get a replacement) 
(Edit: for you-are-butt

And as for my character, some cozy hipster-y fall outfit in reds/oranges/browns for her maybe? 

River ✔ StormTheBard


Got me an idea for Humbug!

I'd love some kind of alt outfit for River, some kind of Mage inspired outfit would be nice! I would also like to have the colour of her shirt kept in for consistency and her scarf added (it's sentimental to her ^^")

If not River, then these guys:

Storm - A more modern look, but with a Celtic twist!

Vladimir - Extra mercenary outfit, medieval fantasy.

Clyde - More of a royal medieval scholar alt outfit.

EDIT: Done and sent via PM!


Stellar ThatOneWow


I would like a purple theme for her, and it should be modernistic! (She is a pop singer if that helps!)

if not Stellar, then maybe either:

Tianna - She doesn't even have a full outfit but look at the top of her shirt, as that should help. I want an Arabian Nights - sort theme.

Damien - His clothes don't match him well... just go off his personality (in bio)


Maxinne - I need a dress for her! It should be very flowy and pastel!


I liked 2 cuties so i made outfits for both of them!


Pick anyone!


Claim Milky_mints - DONE


My preferred - Sue / Clemintine / DUDE / Bex



Anyone is fine, in case you want ideas for a particular character or need to ask me anything go ahead! ;w;

EDIT: Done! Went for a less sporty design but still keeping the beach/summer vibes. Hope you like it ^^


The Arid God CordycepsChowder


edit: done! I used J-pop clothing ref but it turned out a bit darker? I hope that's cool ^^'



hmmm, consider this boy, or anyone from these folders: one aaand two.

Charlie Canham LOLLBACKED




either her or anyone in the kingdom of adare folder and said folder's subfolders.

Julia Wright/Henry Newman Cliodna



Every proper troublemaker needs a hoodie to hide their identity from the security cameras and witnesses.



OPTION 1: Something feminine for Julia perhaps? :P There's way not enough art of hir looking like a woman. Either wearing something of 1940s fashion or in 1920s flapper style. Artistic license can also be had with her hair - hairgel and extensions are common tools for her.

(Absolutely optional: Vertical clawmark scars on chest and collarbone. A pair of mechanical arms that look something like this vintage prosthetic in terms of materials, but with no hook in the palm. Prosthetic on the right hand goes all the way up to the shoulder, the prosthetic on the left hand goes up to the elbow. :D If that doesn't fit then the prosthetics and scars can be left out of the design as if it was depicting her at an earlier point in time.)

(Edit: Since there's so little art of "Julia" in's a sketch compilation if it helps. The one with the blue hat is her, as is the one kissing a nurses' hand. There's also a few female ones on the first image in her character gallery.

Also I know the characters charsheet is long and complicated. No-one has to read everything on it. :D)

OPTION 2: If Julia is not to someones taste then perhaps a picture of Henry in medieval fantasy clothes? (no mechanical arms, beard optional, must have a red scarf or bandana)

OPTION 3: Or something for Pizhke, befitting a finnic/baltic fantasy setting?

OPTION 4: Or a new outfit for Christel Auðursdöttir. Something fitting colder climate.