Draw for the person above 🌀 GIF EDITION

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Twinkling stars, glowing eyes, the sky in the background changing from day to night - this is the place for animated art!

+ Comment to claim the person above you.
+ List AT LEAST TWO characters you would like to receive art for, to give the following person a choice.
+ Edit your post to include your art once you're finished.
+ Wait at least three people before claiming another spot. (Like this: [claim][x][x][x][claim])
+ Finish your previous claim before making a new one.
+ Please thank the person who made art for you!

+ Animated pixels
+ Glowing effects
+ Blinking eyes
+ Anything you put a little effort into!

+ Something you spent two minutes on. Like this.

I'll do a free gif for the first person to post!

edit: here's a windy roxie, it's a little messy but i'm just learning! ;o;




Anyone is gucci

Chaos Sekou haiiroko

DONE!! https://sta.sh/02bkwvq03c2k


Chaos mEGA preferred but Arianna, Daegan and Yotaro are options too!!


Omg claim!!

Johan or Viccio are highly preferred, but if they're not your cup of tea feel free to do anyone else ;;

EDIT: Done!



Claim !

https://toyhou.se/2218862.huaqi-baoqian/gallery#9818230 (Trans) - Soft, Not Really Expressive, Love tea & floral art
https://toyhou.se/2048376.judith/gallery - Pervy (Homosexual), Always with Innocent/Dreamy Face

Ciel Densunes

Claim! Preferably him but anyone here (including splatoon) is fine! https://toyhou.se/Densunes/characters/folder:573227

Done! https://toyhou.se/~images/14819796



Characters here are preffered: https://toyhou.se/ZeyTheFox/characters/tags:1/tagged:DFTPAY

But honestly, drawing anyone is fine! ^^

Done: https://www.dropbox.com/s/74p1j4nlztoafzt/20190624_201651.gif?dl=0