The Suffering of Pasta

1 year, 6 months ago
1 year, 6 months ago
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Chapter 5
Published 1 year, 6 months ago

A well-experienced knight goes through several trials in his life all starting from a web of family conflict. Trying to hold onto what he thinks is right, this gets put through the test again and again by one person that is a species this knight tries to hold a good stance about... one that happens to be the uncle of this knight's nephew.

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New Plans Spring Forth

New Plans Spring Forth

807 words (excluding headlines)

"It's time."

In a pine tree during the early hours of dawn, long extensive claws griped the heftiest branch they could find. A sparkle of yellow followed the glint of gold along the bottom of the clouds from a distance. It is our time little pouflons. A wearer of a woolly gingerbread shedding coat had much thought about St. Ambrose soaring above and whoever else saw her.

Rushing through the lily painted fields, this vespire kept up with St. Ambrose's flight, but parted ways into a cave. Deeper and deeper into the caverns this vespire did navigate, and by the end of his run, Denali leapt onto a wooden platform that descended into the dark. The great platform landed in its destination, and off Denali ran again. His glowing eyes could see up ahead silhouettes of his crew awaiting him at the edge of the tunnel.

A new plan blooms

"My good company, we are all here today to discuss a particular uncle of my nephew's I'm sure you've become familiar with," Denali announced while rested on his "Rock of Leaders".

The mention of this uncle made one of the bigger vespires huff, this vespire rather high and mighty in nature with a hint of finesse. "If only one could place a scratch in those shiny proud horns of his," Mendenhall crackled.

"A pouflon's triumph is what should be damaged my friend, for that is a more realistic goal than trying to wish for the needlessly difficult. Put all your focus on dampening that regal stride, and it will be easy to place a scratch upon an invincible crown," Denali said.

And with that, the discuss was on! Jokes were thrown, paintings of the target from different artists impressed the art collectors amongst the group, and, ah yes, gems were plenteous and not to mention... delicious. This gathering was going splendidly. Once Denali could tell much eagerness was in his friends' and associates' hearts, he decided to end the meeting with an unforgettable collection of words that would ring throughout that season.

"Listen up my friends. Spring is upon us, as the sight of St. Ambrose suggests. We have much to accomplish."

Map the routes

After a heartening meeting, several swift vespires darted out cave entrances to search for routes to send their target down. Mendenhall was the lead vespire of map planning with several years of experience of sneaking into the mainlands of Bellacoste. Along the outskirts of Obrille, he sought for the least guarded paths that season.

During this stakeout, Mendenhall did a double-take of what he thought was a giant bundelion for a moment. "What is... what is that?" Mendenhall whispered to himself.

Mendenhall sprinted along side this blur of fuzzy, and he saw it was a young pouflon with a big box on her back, a loupine in a turtleneck chasing her shadow, and the fuzziest hooded cloak... or was that a sweater? Indeed, it was a fuzzy sweater with a hood that left this vespire smiling with confusion.

Delivery to the blue!

"Alpine! We did it! We made it the farthest into Ebony Wreath than we ever did before!" the fuzzy hooded pouflon cheered. Gladis was so excited for their accomplishment, her tail wagged too fast for her little loupine to catch it playfully with his mouth.

She ran up to a sign over a big rock that read "place my package here. Gladis put the box off her back down on the silver rock, and off she ran to her next place of interest. Ah, but her ears couldn't help but alert her of company trailing her from afar. Gladis stopped that instant, and wasted no time to make her way into the shaded part of the woods where she caught wind of a tap of claws.

"You! You out there!" Gladis called out. She just knew she had seen a shadow earlier, and now it was without a doubt someone was following her! "You! I say you! It would be in your best interest to show yourself or forever be regarded as a coward by these teeth!"

No reply. Gladis had it with playing hide-and-seek with the hidden stranger, and whatever threat to the sweet bread baker she was on her way to was in much danger. "Alpine, wait here."

Four minutes of silence had that forest calm, and then a sounding set of crashes and screeches scared other shadows hiding within that forest. The shadows revealed their shiny eyes to the sky as they all witnessed a vespire with flashing flaky breath screaming and spinning into the endless blue!

"Mendenhall!!!" one of those shadows cried out, and that was the cue for a swarm of vespires to soar high above to catch their friend.

Gladis had no care to see this amazing flight as she was back on her way to get to that bread baker before the fall of the night.