The Suffering of Pasta

1 year, 6 months ago
1 year, 6 months ago
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Chapter 9
Published 1 year, 6 months ago

A well-experienced knight goes through several trials in his life all starting from a web of family conflict. Trying to hold onto what he thinks is right, this gets put through the test again and again by one person that is a species this knight tries to hold a good stance about... one that happens to be the uncle of this knight's nephew.

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🖼️The Burden of Noodles


The Burden of Noodles

For the knight quest: Down on Buttersprings
260 words (excluding headlines)

Lift Dem Noodles

In the distance if you were to sit upon a pleasant grassy hill, you would see a shiny source of reflective light wandering through the fields of Buttersprings. A closer look, and it would be prevalent this shining ray of light was that of a golden star on the back of a blue knight's neck. If one were to know this pouflon from a few weeks back, they might ask if he got a haircut.

Nathaniel, as much as he hated having to continue wearing discomforting cloth against his fur, and as much as he hated being called "Nate", dreaded just as much anyone pointing out his new hairstyle. It was not only a symbol of shame and defeat, but also a scar left on his attachment to his dear long locks. The fact that the awful perfectly shaped sparkle scar hadn't a covering was a source of unwanted attention.

Nathaniel didn't ask for any of this. This wasn't the way he wanted to relive knight days for the twentieth or so time, why no, some overgrown villain of much sneakiness forced this on him! Despite having done farm work a countless number of times, this downtrodden knight was exhausted. All the inner burning pain afflicted on him from the past drained the very strength in his legs from him. Yet he could not stop working. He shouldn't stop. Every bundle of wheat that was to become a bundle of noodles at a later point was the perfect distraction from claw swipes that lingered in the back of Nathaniel's mind.