The Suffering of Pasta

1 year, 6 months ago
1 year, 6 months ago
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Chapter 8
Published 1 year, 6 months ago

A well-experienced knight goes through several trials in his life all starting from a web of family conflict. Trying to hold onto what he thinks is right, this gets put through the test again and again by one person that is a species this knight tries to hold a good stance about... one that happens to be the uncle of this knight's nephew.

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Down These Slopes

Down These Slopes

1102 words (excluding headlines)

House of a Fool

At the peak of a frosty summit, inside a house unfit for the cold did a little pouflon stomp his hoof down.

"I've had well more than enough of your ridiculously lengthy stories that mean nothing to me! These nobles can tumble down the very side of this mountain and injury their wings, and yet I wouldn't care one bit about them!" A loud boisterous booming shook the busted wooden walls. "I am going right out into those cold winds on my own against every bit of will you might have to stop me! It's been too long that I've told you my height should not be a factor to finding mY FRIEND YOU FOOL!!"

Backing quite a ways away from this source of surprising noise, a towering jagged-mouth creature had a slight expression of not knowing what to do with such a bloom. "My goodness, settle down light blue fire of fury."

"Everyday that I have to listen to one more word from out of your mouth is another moment I wish I didn't have to," Lovett muttered.

A grip upon his crown added much weight to Lovett's shoulders, and this creature was clearly trying to express dominance over Lovett. Such a creature called himself some name, but whatever name it was, Lovett well about threw that name down the mountain that very moment and had forcefully forgotten it. The smoky large creature snorted, "Have some decency and acknowledge that I am in fact one with experience and know very well I shouldn't let a small demanding tiny child go out running on his own. Think of it as me trying to care for you as my own. Surely you should at least see I've kept you in a safe place for a while, shouldn't you my little bloom?"

"You absolute jester of a guardian, what right do you have calling me your own?" Lovett snarled with a slight smirk. "I see to it you're trying to entertain me with this giant joke of a display of nurturing? Well I say, why aren't you giving me a good laugh!"

Just about enough of this

This guardian tilted his head a bit, perhaps even showing a bit of hurt behind his shimmering eyes? The creature seemed to let out some type of cough that showed a glowing within his mouth. Out came that usual shiny smoke Lovett didn't want to see for one day longer.

"Please just stop and get out of my way! I have a very important friend as I've reiterated over a tHOUSAND TIMES that could be in who knows what sort of danger, and you want me to stay in this poor excuse of a shack?!" Lovett shouted even louder hoping to get this through to his wannabe-guardian's deaf ears. "I CAN'T BRING MY FRIEND TO THIS PLACE! I am very cold as is, and as such, I might as well head straight out that door that might fall right off with a tap of my OWN hoof into that blizzard and show you what it takes to care for someone once I find my friend!!!"

"Dear child, must you make it so obvious you're from the filth of the richest of lon? Already you're aware and disgusted by what I am--"

Lovett could've huff out smoke just like this coal-eating guardian did, but instead he huffed, "I am no such thing. Riches are not within my past, only the present am I overflowing with grains of plenty."

"Okay, whether you've been rich or became rich, it shows so much, it reeks off you! To look down on me so lowly--"

"It is in my reluctance I must admit I am not as tall as you might perceive me. I but can only look up at you, for my legs are too short."

Once more a peculiar cough seeped out of the large creature. Perhaps he had a bad cold? Widened eyes that showed much confusion matched the continuous jabbering mouth, "Little bloom, are you aware of figures or parts of speech?"

"I am very much aware that one must speak with wholesome words or have none."


"It is to say that one should only use words that are truly meaningful, not ones that are trivial and weightless! Have you no comprehension to clearly understand what it is that I say? You cannot tell me an individual as yourself cannot make sense of a child!"

Down you go

Before the large creature could react to such accusations, snow blasted in from the windows and took the creature with it. Despite his cries, the creature was not spared from the bulldozing of gallons of snow, and the door was spared not either.

Freed by the might of a waterfall of snow, Lovett dashed for the hole in the baseboards to avoid being like the example set before him. Whatever the creature was, Lovett did not know, but had this speaking giant cooperated with Lovett, the two of them wouldn't have been stuck in that shambles of a house for too long. This was why it was important to listen to reasonable and sensible words of warning, even if from a child. Less you might end up in waves and waves of snow that surely won't listen to any reasoning you try pleading with it.

In all of this, Lovett quietly thought what-ifs and would-should-have-beens while he used his tiny hooves to tunnel through loose snow. It was a fortunate thing there was a tunnel already dug out beneath that house. If only Lovett had found it sooner! Perhaps then that strange talking furnace didn't have to stay there to be wiped off the face of the mountain by the accumulative result of precipitation. What a shameful way to be evicted, Lovett surely thought.

Some days later after being reunited with his dearest bread treasury that was indeed overflowing, Lovett left out a much warmer and non-isolated environment to continue looking for his friend's whereabouts. Amidst nibbling on a priceless slice of whole wheat bread, Lovett thought he saw familiar glittery smoke to the right of him! Most blooms might flee from unknown creatures that forced them to freeze in a place that living being couldn't possibly live in, but Lovett sought out such a fool! Disrupting his thoughts of dragging that giant through rocky icy paths by the tail was a picture on a flyer that looked quite like himself. "WANTED AT LARGE" blared out, and Lovett was entirely offended by this wanted poster of his father!!! His father looked nothing like Lovett, how dare someone try to imply that his father did with this nonsense!!!