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Forgive the dust as we work to get this group looking nice.

What is Familiars of Zaetera?

This group is a hub for the collection battle game of the same name. The game consists of a gatcha system where people can collect any number of critters, and then use those critters to battle other people's to increase the stats of their's. There is a total of 5 species in the game and many variations, as well as 30 different skills, talents, and mutations.

How do I get a familiar?

Your first critter is free, and rolled as a 1 luck gatcha roll. The result is designed, added to the world, and given to you. To increase stats, you battle other people's critters. You can get more critters via events, trading, or regular gameplay.

Thanks for checking us out!

Latest Bulletin

Hello everyone!! I'm late, but I'm here to announce a character raffle being put on by us!
Anyone can join this raffle, whether you're a member of the group or not!

This raffle will give all people who comment on this raffle bulletin one free ticket! Please let us know if you'd rather be pinged or DM'd or both if you are a winner! Further tickets may be earned through sharing the event on art specific platforms, such as Deviantart, Furaffinity or Instagram. Your post should at least link back to the FoZ world and have one sentence saying there is a free raffle going on at minimum. While we only count once per site you share on, each post on a different site that you link in the raffle will get you another ticket to the raffle!

Even if you are new and do not have a familiar yet you are not locked out of this raffle! Even if you win a familiar from this raffle you are still free to claim your free 1-luck starter from the group as well any time you would like to. For that and participating in the group, you do have to have at least joined the world though.

- This raffle has a total of fifteen 2-luck rolled familiars up to win!
- Each player may only win once, regardless of how many tickets they may have in.
- The first winner drawn will get first choice and then the second will get second choice and so on until all fifteen have been claimed.
- Winners will start being drawn on the seventh!
- Winners will be pinged or DM'd and have 12 hours to respond with which familiar they want before we move onto the next person!

Here are some previews of the characters that will be up for grabs! (Click each for more info!)

64902168_5FMqMK5aorxCJmR.png 64902171_NKVCdG6VKs4OeOZ.png 64902170_2JyLBMPqlbaDqhk.png 64902172_riNoV85jnjqk5ng.png 65454430_J51Bs5dcbOZz0pr.png
64902177_zqE8gWtcYe6Cmit.png 64902162_RSL3c6rpZ4XlMM8.png 64902173_MbMsWEe7mAuIvCi.png 64902166_ZTWzecqJYzXsM9n.png 64902169_2VCvK9NldUh43Yo.png
64902164_ZGdVRC5vqCuSItQ.png 64902175_6oTLxRmS9JJ8d0F.png 65454427_bdw7uJfIq8lVzMn.png 64902163_eSiavaEhg7RJB9E.png 64902174_dtA0rx4sGwlFLJJ.png

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