Discord Server!

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago by SpectrumSid


Hello! We now have a Discord server for anyone who wants to chat~ The link the the #general channel is heeeerrreee: https://discord.gg/gx7QgH9

Myself (Sid) and Galaxbii are on pretty much all the time plotting shenanigans, so if you have any questions or just wanna say hi, feel free to drop us a message ;;D






Valentine's Day Prep!

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by SpectrumSid

Hi guys! This is the Sid speaking. Yes we still exist, but boy howdy has the new year gone off with a terrible bang as of late. Don't worry though! Slow and steady wins the race ::3

As of right now, we do have a normal adopt batch made by @Galaxbii on the verge of release! Just a bit more cleaning and they'll be released into the wild~ On the other side, we have a special V-Day adopt batch made by myself, SpectrumSid, coming soon! And THIS TIME FOR SURE they'll be out on time >::3! So look forward to that~






FIrst Starriear Auction! [CLOSED]

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by SpectrumSid

Winner announced!




Woo an Auction is here!

Holidays make deadlines go wibbly wobbly ::'3

Anyways we finally have an auction complete and going live! 'Tis a full custom base Starriear based loosely on Alice in Wonderland~ And tea ::3 This auction will be primarily hosted on Deviantart (here on @Galaxbii's DA!), BUT a mirror advertisement will be held on Toyhou.se over here in the Character Trading forum as well for those who don't have DA. Feel free to share around!

NEW a mirror auction is being held on Furaffinity as well!

The auction will run for approximately a week with a 24 hour snipe guard. Starting Bid will be $21, Paypal only. Please see the DA page OR TH thread for more info ::D

And raw links just in case:

TH Thread: http://toyhou.se/~forums/thread/26239.-open-first-starriear-auction-/1

 DA Post: http://galaxbii.deviantart.com/art/open-first-Starriear-Auction-655240180

NEW! FA Post: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22236104/


Pinglist for members 'cause 'ol Sid here isn't sure if Bulletins alert members:
(pls let me know if you'd rather not be pinged in future announcements)
SpectrumSid (as a test)

☆ Starriear Masterlist

Posted 3 years, 3 days ago by honeycove

This is the official list for approved Starriears! Sorted chronologically.

(DA Mirror)

Please PM honeycove or leave a comment to this thread to have yours approved. Please notify us of any ownership changes as well!

Spumoni (honeycove)
Ylli (SpectrumSid)
Neapolitan (honeycove)
Auva (eclair)
Aldebaran (eclair)
Auliver (PrinceSawyer)
Mephiste (Ellteo)
Ottilie (maiofbabylon)
Raspberry (SINNERIOT)
Pluto (Antimatter)
Raspberry Angel Cake (Fox2210)