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I have no idea how fast this thread will die considering majority of the people here are artists rather than writers, but it probably won't hurt trying!

The idea of this game are very simple: Post a line (or a few) from your writing project, whether it's a novel, short story or OC bio / background detailing! 
It can be something you're really proud of or something you simply like, or just want to share with other people! Feel free to also tell others a bit about the context if you feel like it

Rules & guidelines:

  • Keep them PG13 max! Let's keep this game something everyone can participate to and read without fear! 
  • Sensitive content should be either blacked out like this THIS or under spoiler. Again, make sure it's PG13 max!
  • No fanfiction lines unless they contain an original character of yours in the line(s) you post!
  • Don't double post. Double posting is allowed! Otherwise this thread will die lmao 
  • You're allowed to post longer chunks of text too, but keep it moderate and put it under spoiler tag so people don't need to scroll through all of it to reach the next post!
  • Feel free to post as IC if your story line is related to a character you have!
Also, here is a general thread for writers if you want to hang out with others or talk about your projects! And if you have anything to ask, feel free to ping or dm me! 

This is a small part from an unfinished Sinfonia draft! It's about Rick befriending a boy called Kennith, but his friends wouldn't like it if they knew he is hanging around with Kennith (since he is close to Claude)

“We can be friends in secret, then,” he said and grinned, this time closing his eyes momentarily as he did so. “I think it’d be exciting, like in stories.”

“I have never read those kind of stories,” Rick admitted with a frown. “And I doubt I would even make a good character for a book, for that matter.”

“I think you’d make an excellent character,” the other boy replied. “You look a lot like an angel… But I think you’re more of a protagonist material, if you ask me.”

“Thank gods, finally someone gets me!” Rick yelped. “One time after another I keep hearing stuff like that from the third years, but nobody ever realizes there is no way someone with my personality could ever, in any circumstances, even be an angel.” 

Kennith chuckled softly as he listened Rick’s complaint. “Well, I, for one, am more than eager to spend time with you even if you aren’t an angel.” 

“You know what Kennith? I think you’re pretty cool after all.” Saying this, Rick gently punched Kennith’s scrawny shoulder. “Sorry I called you weird. I kind of want to take that back.” 

Ooh! Interesting. I'll post a little thing.

“I wish that they would stop bullying me,” said Summer aloud, though no one was around, “I wish that they would stop with their asinine comments and jokes,” she sighed, “I wish that someone cared about me.”

I have this silly ghost story thing about Leon that has been sitting in my folders for at least half a year :'') I should get around proofreading it properly and asking for betas so I could upload it but... what is asking people to do you favours??

“Is there someone messing with me?” he growled. “Alright, I admit, you won! I got scared. You can come out now, wherever you are and whoever you are!”

“... or whatever you are,” he added in his thoughts, unnerved.

But nothing happened. The window continued being open, and the cold early winter wind was now making Leon freeze.

“... fine. I’ll close the damn window. And then I’ll leave, got it? I’m done with this.”

A few frustrated murmurs and groans escaped from him as he walked to the window and closed it with a firm push. The hinges creaked sadly.

Then he heard sounds of someone approaching, walking up the stairs leading to the dead end.

“Aha, so it was a trick after all!” Leon thought and felt foolish for even considering this could be something else; something uncommon and strange in nature.

But the boy who then entered his field of vision looked nothing like the boy Leon had been chasing after.

From Chapter 29 of my story Demon Arc, featuring Avie and Adriel.  They've been at loggerheads throughout the story until now and I feel like this is where Avie really begins to understand Adriel's struggles.


"She glanced over at Adriel.  There were few bumps and bruises on his body, and most could be explained by their recent ventures, but there were other marks that could be left.  Not all visible.  She looked at the way he sat, knees drawn up and arms folded, even thought it must have been uncomfortable.  On guard at all times.  Especially when someone had their voice raised at him..."

Finally got a new line that I actually like! Been a little stuck in a rut these past couple days, but I think I'm getting past it! Probably :'D

Featuring Riy and Renne! From what chapter though... I'll just not say :'3

(And this IS spoilers, so spoiiiler taaags~)

"Wow." Riy remarked while clutching his scarf  with one hand as he glanced at the sky. Snowflakes danced through the air and pelted his face, but he was too mesmerized by the moonlight pouring through the clouds. Renne giggled softly as she trudged through the snow right up beside him and nodded.

"This kingdom is full of beauty like this. The moonlight that pierces through the ashen grey clouds, crystalline water in the mountains-" She reached into the bag at her waist while she spoke and crouched down to the ground, pulling something from within. "It's so wonderful. It must be protected." The noble felt like she was being a little too serious with her thought and cringed slightly, but shook the feeling off and pulled out a large brown rug. The way Renne used both hands gave Riy the impression it was weighted, and when the noble let fall onto the snow covered ground it kicked up snow with a loud crunch.

"Renne? What are you doing?" He wondered loudly  as the girl began straightening the cloth out. 

"We're going to get a little rest before heading through the woods." She explained as she was working with it, taking care to make it as straight as possible. Once it was, the noble reached back into the large brown bag and started tossing small pieces of wood onto the cloth. Riy just cocked his head sideways and pursed his lips.

"Isn't it kind of-" He paused and looked around the snow covered plane before glancing back at the noble and arching a brow. "kind of wet?" Renne just laughed reassuringly as she continued to through miscellaneous items onto the rug. Iron rods, a small iron hood. Next, the noble took the iron bars and began to plant them in the ground one by one. Once that was done, she placed the iron hood atop the poised bars, and held an open hand towards the snow covered ground beneath.

"Warm the earth." With those words, the snow beneath the iron hood swiftly began to melt, until damp brown soil was revealed. Content with this, Renne then began to place the wood pieces under the hood one by one until she had created a stack. Then, with an outstretched hand she spoke again, all while ignoring her companion's previous inquiry. "Warm the frigid air-" With that, a small flame burst to life upon the wooden pieces, and Renne finally looked back at Riy who continued to stare with confusion.

"Well?" He repeated softly with a tired frown. Grinning sheepishly, the sky haired noble sat on the brown rug and patted the space beside her with a nod.

"It's common for mercenaries to take refuge from the cold this way." She explained while continuing to motion for Riy to sit. "We'll get some rest, and then move on." Though reluctant, Riy elected to sit beside the noble anyways. He took the sword scabbard at his side and placed it beside him, and once he had done so Renne gently laid the boy down against the rug..

"Renne?" The boy started to ask curiously, but the noble wouldn't let him speak more. She put a finger to his lips and glanced down at him with a mysterious smile.

"I'll watch for enemies first. I'll wake you in a couple hours." She told him and closed her eyes. Her companion thought to say something at this point, but his eyelids had become suddenly heavy and he slowly closed them without a fight. As he did so, a soft, familiar melody began to float through the air...

"Aer ne kimilu… Veru ae~ Sae to warae ae~"

Well I suppose I post mine.

Then, after finally freeing his cargo ship from their attackers' tethers, Vivi threw this rather mighty fireball onto their hull, exposing the inside of their  ship.

"Herdar! Take the wheel,  I'll go in and disrupt the engine. We can't see it from here." I asked  and, after letting him on board, he got me close to the ship so I could  jump, just managing to grab onto the charred flooring whilst hanging  around 50,000 feet in the air.

"Robi! Please be  careful!" Polly screamed as tried to I pull myself up just when I heard these heavy boots come up and looked up to see a well-dressed pirate try to stab his wooden leg onto my hand, which I whisked away.

"Ha har! You think you can defeat the Lindblum Sky Hawks?! I think not, little rat!" The man took the time to laugh his pride out so I hopped up and delivered a  mighty punch to his scarred face.

His smile turned upside down and drew out this huge sword.

"Arrr. You be a feisty little swamp rat. I'll cut you into bloody ribbons!" He barked and started to swing at me.

I used my own to defend  myself from his frantic swash buckling. Compared to the novice pirate  hijacker, this guy knew his sword fighting as he breaks my defense and  sent my blade flying out of my hand.

"Har har, not even you can defeat my amazing swordfighting!" The pirate scoffed.

"Yeah and so is your amazing breath. It stinks as bad as your ego!" I protested.

Offended, he roared but  little did he knew was that I happened to have brought my rifle. After  he kicking me close to the edge of the charred wood and preparing to  make a mighty blow, I took aim and fired a single shot into his  genitals, immediately bringing him to his knees. I got up and grabbed  him by the neck.

"You know what the old  salior saying? "A captain always goes down with his ship?" well I got a  thing for that because its going down with you." I said and with one  mighty push, I sent him off the ship and down onto the Misty plains  below, screaming.

"You got the captain!  Bravo Robi, now find the engine and put that bucket of bolts out of  commission!" Vivi yelled from the other ship.

I hurried round, whilst  chased by the remaining crewmembers, and sabotaged the engine that was  powering their lumbering wooden barge. With explosions arocking their  vessel, I got back to the hole and made a bound for my own just as the  pirate ship went up in soldering splinters.

I was writing a scene from Nicholas and Dekartes meeting for the first time. It didn't go very well for them

“I’m not a girl!” he growled and pushed the strange creature away, escaping the embrace. “And only an idiot would think I’m voluntarily in a room that has been locked from the outside!”

The demon blinked a few times, confused and dumbfounded not only by this reaction, but what he heard right after.

“Oh, sh*t, uh… Sorry,” Dekartes apologized awkwardly and rubbed the back of his head. “It’s just that your skin was so smooth and face so soft and clean and --”

“Don’t continue that list any further,” Nicholas stopped him and tried to grab something to throw at the creature. “I don’t want to hear that, and neither do I want you to be here!”

From the corner of the room Nicholas dashed to grab a broom, and holding it like a knight holds a spear, Nicholas waved it around and shouted: “Shoo! Shoo! Out of my library! I didn’t ask you to come here!”

“Hey, hey, calm down!” Dekartes tried and jumped up in the air, flapping his wings and taking off some dust from the ground as he did so. “I’m really sorry, alright? I promise I won’t do that again!”

Nicholas almost hit him in the head with a broom, but the demon managed to avoid it just barely.

“Besides, I’m here because of the book!”

This seemed to work, as Nicholas stopped on his tracks and lowered down his weapon.

“You know about the book?”

I like this bit. (spoiler for possible gore? metaphorical gore lol)

Sylveste did not know what had drawn his eyes to him. It was not as though he was dressed differently, or had stood underneath a bright light. Perhaps it was his own traitorous brain, unconsciously piecing the details together and finding something Very Wrong. It was this computational quirk that caused his eyes to sweep across the ballroom, to sweep past princes and leaders, to the simple man with the woman at his arm.

He expected it to twinge, or the old wound to feebly attempt to recreate the pain it had once instilled when first inflicted. But it did not twinge. It roared open like a poorly stitched gash. The pain chased the breath from his lungs, rooting its tendrils into his stomach, twisting it. It sucked the strength from his legs, and the comprehension from his brain.

It broke his heart.

Love how every other post here is by me but that's just how it is sometimes Anyway here is a really short conversation between Rosemarie and her friend Karl, who works in a factory in really unethical circumstances. Sometimes he gets hurt because he is careless / accidents happen but the sad fact is he is sometimes physically abused by the adults or other kids there if he doesn't work "hard enough" or if he makes a mistake, and while he usually doesn't say anything about it, Rosemarie Knows what happens sometimes. 

There was a bruise on Karl’s left cheek, something that hadn’t been there yesterday. 

“What happened?” Rosemarie asked, her initial smile from seeing her friend turning into a more serious stare. 

“Happened?” Karl replied in confusion. 

“To your face!” 

“Oh, this!” the boy replied and touched his cheek gently. “I was just a bit careless yesterday and bumped into machine handle; those things really stick out sometimes, you know?” 

Rosemarie frowned, but knew better than to start pressing it.

Caine I forgot this thread was here, mainly because TH wasn't sending me notifications whenever it got updated. For, some reason. Anyways, nice little excerpt there! I like it :D (and it's one that would keep me reading further to see what happened next).

Well this is a scene from waaay later in Trinity of Worlds. It's rather sweet though. I'm quite fond of this moment. (Warning: Slightly Lengthy)

“Not quite. There is still much to be done, beyond Akedime. There are many people who don’t agree with the current government of Fenrir, or Vedaria for that matter.” She replied and closed her eyes. “It’s not going to get easier from here, but I’m not afraid of that future, because I can count on you.” She eyed him with a pure smile and tilted her head. “Right?”


Riy gulped, and he nodded firmly.

“Yes. You can always rely on me.” His nerves acted up for some reason, and his heart began to beat against his chest when the sky haired noble turned to face him while folding her hands behind her.

“I mean it a bit more than that.” Her low voice startled the boy, and when he looked at her he saw an expression he’d never seen on her before. A serene calm look in her eyes, her gaze piercing his in a way he couldn’t describe. The princess took a breath. “Hold out your hand.” Though he was confused and cocked his head to the side, Riy complied. Renne brought both her hands in front, and took his outstretched hand into hers.

The Wolflian princess took a breath, and then pulled her hands away, allowing her friend to get a glimpse at what she had left in his hand. It was a pendant tthat was cold to the touch, and upon closer inspection it seemed to have an otherworldly glow. It was in the shape of the Fenrir royal family emblem, and seeing it now made Riy furrow his brows in confusion.

“This, what is this?” He whispered with a hint of wonder. Renne daintily took hold of the small pendant’s chain, and leaned towards Riy’s neck while bringing it around. He could see what she was doing, but the young Wolflian boy heard a small click and then the noble stepped away from him with a satisfied grin.

“It’s, from me to you.” She said softly and folded her hands in front of her. “There’s a tradition in our family that those who claim the throne pick a person to be our person guard. Or, a personal knight.” Riy gulped and his heartbeat quickened as he started to see where this was going.

“A-and?” When he replied with this, Renne took a moment to compose herself, which the boy caught and realized this was probably nerve wracking for her.

“Riy Veilheart, you have done so much for the people of Fenrir and have asked little in return.” Unbeknownst to the Wolflian boy, as Renne said this Mana particles gathered in the air around them and created a uniquely serene, perhaps romantic atmosphere. “You have done a lot for us as well, and you are my dearest friend.”

Renne… Riy didn't know where this was coming from, but the words of praise made him secretly happy and as the noble continued, more particles of Mana gathered around them.

“These walls may crumble, and this castle might fall but you are the one I trust above all others. So please, stay by my side as a knight, and as my friend.” Though her words came out strong and her voice never wavered, her friend picked up on the raw emotion in her tone and knew how important this must be to her. Of course, there was zero reason for him to say no. After all, she was just as important to him. Taking a breath, Riy knelt down on one knee, and took Renne’s hand and bowed his head.

“Princess Renne Araa, I am your knight.” He paused, and a tiny grin formed. “You can count on me for anything.” He too, spoke as clearly as she did. Then he rose to his feet to face the noble, and when they locked gazes, Renne’s lips parted as a tiny gasp escaped. She stepped towards the young Wolflian and as a gust went through, gently pushed her forehead to his and smiled. Then, the most unexpected thing happened. Something that Riy was sure not to ever forget.

The princess of Fenrir pulled as close as she could to the boy and pressed her lips to his. Riy's eyes widened, his face flushed and his breath left him. He felt the softness of the noble's lips, the kiss paralyzing him completely. When Renne slowly pulled away and looked him in the eyes, she just smiled softly and wrapped her arms around him in a tender embrace. Her face was bright red, but a joyous smile was stretched across her face as she buried her face in his shoulder, and whispered these words.

“Thank you.”

haaa i have a blurb from my story that takes place in the middle-end of my first story. This is a blurb from the blurb. The original blurb is nearly 9k words long..so posting that is probs a bit much but uh if you wanna read it you are welcome to here. It's very much so a wip//first draft, so be nice xD I kinda just wrote it to get it out of my system lol BUT please do tell me if you read it! Any kind of feedback would be great

the blurb of the blurb (ffffaaa that's a lot of blurbs) and apparently it won't let me unbold it. I'm so sorryyyyy
Features the characters Jay and Zain(Jay knows him as Zirk)

“Yeah, see.” Zirk handed it over. Jay took it, eyes widening at the image on the screen. It was a beautiful photo. The whole scene illuminated by the little stars and candle light. The food looked perfect, the plate even had a glimmer of light on it. And then there was his face. Jay squinted his eyes at the image of himself. He looked awful, like he was captured mid-word, or something.

“Ughhh. Don’t include me in the artwork.” he rolled his eyes and began fiddling with it to take a new photo; one of just the food. “How do you-oh, there, the camera.” He tapped the little blue icon. 

A screen popped up with the table visible. It moved on the screen as he moved the device around. Amazing! He held it over the food and waited for it to work it’s magic, tapping the red button.

“Hmm, so why can’t you be included?”

“In what?” Jay looked up from the screen.

“In the artwork.”

Jay scoffed, lifting the device so Zirk was on the screen. It flashed for a moment, the lighting adjusting itself. “Uhh, did you see that awful picture? It looked like my face was combusting.” He lowered the thing back to the food just as Zirk laughed.

“Oh come on, it wasn’t even that bad.”

“It was.”

“You look perfect.”

“Don’t deny it. The food looks two hundred times better.”

“Probably because you’re looking at it with your stomach.”

“That’s not a thing.”

“Figure of speech.”
“Mhm,” Jay nodded, raising his brows in disbelief, “It’s fine, you know. You can admit your stomach has eyes. I won’t judge you for having a monster stomach.”

“Ohh, well, I guess there’s no hiding it now.”

“I’m honestly shocked you kept it from me for this long.”

“I was scared you’d hate me.”

“Never.” Jay smiled, but frowned immediately, frustrated. “Agh, how long does it take to do the photo thing?” Jay shook the device, his thumb ran over some bumps on the back that drew his attention. “Heyy, what’s this?” Jay flipped the gadget over. Scanning it he ran his thumb against the bumps once more. There was an etching on it. “Cosmo?” he read out loud. “What’s Cosmo?”