Pronounced | well... just fray. Age | 17
Gender | Cis Female Pronouns | she/her
Birthday | April 8th Zodiac | Aries
Species | Tested, Marionette Orientation | Hasn't thought about it much. Probably aro/ace?

"Whoa, what the heck is that?! I'm gonna poke it!"

An energetic girl from the Test Reality who was raised in a wealthy family. Despite her mostly happy life, she realized she was a Tested earlier than she should have and couldn't get anyone to believe her. One day she met Dicro Corrune, who not only believed her but was a Tested himself. The two became close, and once the two learned about their impending participation of the Competition - a deadly game in which the victor would become an almighty being - they were taken under the protection of a mysterious reality-bending woman named Halyn who sought to improve their chances of survival. Not long after, Fray and Dicro mutually agreed that Dicro should make her his "Marionette," allowing him to control her body and soul while granting Fray the same magical abilities he had to give her self-defense capabilities.

Since then she's been thrown into repeated iterations of the Competition in other worlds alongside the rest of the Tested, but she takes it all in stride. She's optimistic, adventurous, and thrilled by the strange, surreal, and unique. While she admittedly does have some bad feelings she keeps locked up tight, for the most part she finds her situation exciting and hopes it never changes too much.


Friendly, excitable, and always up for an adventure, Fray finds joy in almost everything and has an upbeat sense of optimism that cheers up everyone around her. She's creative and imaginative, spending a lot of time coming up with stories and drawing characters. She likes to have fun and explore new places or find new things in old places.

Fray is less well-adjusted than she seems; she feels like she needs to be happy all of the time due to the worrisome situation she and her friends are all stuck in. She's under the impression that if she were to cry, show fear, or talk about her feelings, the atmosphere in Halyn's Alliance would grow dark.

Thanks to her constantly repressing her feelings, Fray's subconscious has dark things in places they shouldn't be.


Snack foods and sweets. Her favorite food is bananas.
Warm, sunny days with enough of a breeze to fly a kite.
Watching cartoons and anime, playing video games, making friends, drawing, writing, playing party games, rollerblading, any kind of outdoor activity, any kind of water-related activity, going on adventures.
Cyan, turquoise, teal... any shade of those, really. Very fond of bright colors.
Bubbles, animals, lucid dreams, ties, themed outfits, beanbag chairs, aquariums, the concept of parkour, pinwheels, kites, summer, stickers, keychains, oversized plushies.


Vegetables and instant noodles.
Severe weather, since you can't really hang out outside during that.
Ice skating, playing with sore losers, doing homework, chores.
Fray's self-conscious about her personality and for a while her age, since it seems to lead to no one taking her seriously or trusting her with anything. She also hates that she always struggles with talking about her feelings with others and feigns happiness even when she needs help.
Being alone, the Competition, feeling afraid, being yelled at, sore losers, scratchy fabrics, high heels, autumn, computers, documentaries, ice skating.



Physical Characteristics

Fray stands at 5'1" with a slender build from years of being active. Her face is fairly youthful and her body has nary a curve in sight; combined with her short size and personality, it's no surprise people tend to mistake her for being younger than she actually is.

Fray has turquoise eyes, slightly tanned skin, and dark brown hair. Her hair is of particular note: it's tremendously long, reaching her waist even when pulled up into her usual ponytail. One bang always covers her eye, because she wants to be a real life anime.


Fray has a... quirky sense of style, to say the thing. She always wants to look some kind of video game character, and she certainly succeeds in that. Her typical attire consists of a teal minidress with black trimming, detached pants(?!), black sneakers, mismatched black gloves, a black hat with her spade pin attached, a spade sticker under her exposed eye, spade earrings, and ties. Loads of ties. She's so obsessed with ties.

Body Language

Fray's body language is pretty vocal. She puffs her cheeks out when she's mad, crosses her arms dramatically when she's displeased, hides behind things when scared, bounces up and down excitedly when happy, so on and so forth. She's astoundingly easy to read, and a keen eye might even be able to tell when she's faking it...


A lot like bubble soap.


if she used to be my self insert then i guess i gotta say me but younger...?? and with exactly much obnoxious squeakiness when talking to animals.


Fray grew up in a wealthy, loving household, though she was rather aware of her status as a Tested and had seen a few things she wasn't supposed to have seen yet. Distraught that no one believed her and instead just chuckled and called her adorably silly, Fray ran away (for like 15 minutes) often.

On one of these outings she met Dicro, who successfully cheered her up by not only believing her, but by showing off his Marionettiste powers and proving that he was in a similar spot. Ecstatic, Fray managed to rope him into being her babysitter and he essentially became part of the family.

A year or two later a Manipulator - a for-hire reality bender with power and jurisdiction over whatever their contractor demands, in this case the Test Reality - named Halyn appeared before them. She invited the two to her alliance, created to give the few Tested who weren't granted magical orbs called Oresses for use in the Competition a better chance at surviving. Her parents starting to fade from her life through no choice of her own, Fray had no qualms accepting. With the Competition approaching, she allowed Dicro to make her his Marionette, recognizing that doing so would improve her odds of survival significantly. Plus, she was pretty fond of him, so trust wasn't an issue.

During the Competition Fray worked hard to keep up with the rest of Halyn's Alliance but felt a little more guilty and afraid than she let on. Living life as though it was nothing more than a video game - something demanding little sympathy and the knowledge it could be reset at any time - wound up being less enjoyable than she thought. Still, she stayed cheerful. She had to. If she didn't, who would?

Toward the end of the Competition she was nearly killed by fellow alliance member Tintra Nekiri after she suffered a mental break, but Dicro managed to kill Tintra first. Even after being revived Fray feels nervous around Tintra, though they made up and Fray externally doesn't show any negativity toward her. The person who actually managed to kill her was a member of the loosely-allied Umbra's Alliance - Shan - who came to pick off the remainder of the competitors shortly after Tintra's attempt. Of course, Fray was already terrified of the guy, so no particular change in opinion there.

RP History

At the beginning of her RP history, Fray was with Halyn's Alliance, who seldom showed up despite being an important part of the Lilaverse. Back during the Oress Plots I really only recall her showing up once and saying basically nothing, being presented by Halyn and Dicro as being able to channel Them or something like that. It was weird. Also she and Dicro were at an amusement park once I think and a guy named Vers won her a big stuffed bear, which she still canonically owns. Other than that I remember using her in RPOT a couple times, usually dragging Dicro on of zany adventures while he acted like the complete opposite of who he is now. How times change!

Her real usage came in during Lila, which granted applies to pretty much all of my Lilaverse OCs and then some. On Day 1, she and the rest of the alliance welcomed the previously-mentioned Vers - an inventor wielding the Oress Craya, giving him the power to create stuff out of thin air - as well as a druggie named Charteuse. Vers found some mysterious documents and wanted to question Umbra Tear about them, so she and Dicro went with to make sure he didn't get on Umbra's notorious bad side. The documents turned out to just be a record of Halyn's experiences in the Test Reality, but before they could get Umbra to translate them they were interrupted by a series of guests waltzing into Umbra's door. The group returned to find Lun and Charteuse attempting to fight off a manbear named Rokkskar, making alarmingly good use of the food-creating Oress, Sumai. Dicro quickly took over Fray and the two fought him off, but as their foes escaped the building it became apparent one of Vers' complex weapons was damaged in the process, causing the basement to overheat and entrance to collapse. Fraycro (I guess I'll call them that when combined??) called up one of Them - an almighty being, essentially - to get the apartment fixed. A man named Durnam arrived on the scene, revealing himself to be Vers' brother and subsequently becoming part of the alliance.

On Day 2, the alliance finds that the Dead List was updated, indicating the first death of the Competition. A group of Competitors from Castle Oress - the hub for Oress Holders and traditionally considered "the good guys" - arrived on the scene, revealing that Durnam was responsible for the killing. A fight immediately broke out, resulting in injuries on both sides. Once the Castle Oress folks fled from the scene, things settled and the apartment was fixed. Dicro returned to his own body, and the alliance found familiar friends Poice and Kilii - a former Oress Holder who became one of Them after death and his wife, a succubus soul scientist - in the basement, buzzing with excitement over Vers' lab. Vers' foolishly gave Fray a lightning gun - which she still owns, terrifyingly - and a magician named Fellmund entered the building, waltzing down to the lab after most of the alliance had left. He took advantage of this to knock Poice and Kilii unconscious and steal their stuff. As he fled upstairs, however, he ran into the rest of the alliance, who didn't fall for his tricks. He still managed to escape, telling the alliance to come to That One Cafe if they wanted revenge. Not one to avoid blatant traps, Fray decided to pursue him alongside Dicro and Tintra - though not before a man named Julias Nightshade showed up with a heavily-injured Vers, down one arm after running into Rokkskar again elsewhere. Poice and Kilii were more than able to handle the situation, though, but Vers threw his disembodied arm at Fray which was rude. ):

At That One Cafe, the trio arrived in time for the beginning of Fellmund's magic show. Fray was enthusiastic to volunteer for a trick, but quickly found herself interrupted by a mysterious voice in her head. The kind of voice that said things like "Don't mind me, Fray, just your average Lord of Torment invading your mental connections to other people." Worrisome! Dicro noticed Fray's change in demeanor, nonchalantly dragging her offstage and replacing her with some since-retconned rando so he could dive into Fray's subconscious and take her mind with him, awkwardly leaving Tintra to deal with the blatant trap alone.

Fray woke up in a blank void, literally bumping into the mysterious voice himself: [wip] Ignis Phasmatis. Fortunately, Dicro showed up before Ignis could intimidate Fray any further. Ignis revealed that he was participating in something called the "Avatar Program" thanks to one of Them, Arella: he chose Fray due to her being one of the last available Tested remaining and having useful connections, allowing him a minor soul bond to view the Competition through her eyes. He explained that he had plenty invested in the Test Reality, including his right-hand man: Julias, the man they had just met earlier in the day. Ignis informed the two that he had at least vaguely known them in prior Competitions and vice versa. As it turned out, Opine Frazil - one of Them and the creator of the Test Reality - had hosted several Competitions already beyond the original, but reset the Tested's memories and sometimes those of other competitors as well each time. Ignis intended to stop the cycle, frustrated with how Opine's interference kept retconning his relationships with useful people and otherwise messed with his plans, including his intent to free himself from the prison he was placed in by his Mirror, a former competitor in the Competitions Fray and Dicro could no longer remember. Despite his obvious evil aura the two sympathized with his goals and decided they were fine with his presence so long as he didn't bring harm to Fray. In the middle of a conversation about delving deeper into Fray's subconscious, Ignis cut the meeting short to attend to a sense that Julias was panicked.

Fray and Dicro woke up again in the cafe, finding the place to be a mess and Tintra unconscious. They dragged Tintra back home, awkwardly walking in on a confrontation between Julias and Exuro: a pseudo-member of their alliance and bodyguard to the also-present Seraye Phaelin. As it turned out, Ignis had a habit of torturing and killing Exuro and company, which he could remember even though the native Tested couldn't. Fortunately Halyn managed to defuse the situation, dragging Julias back to Umbra's Mansion - where her current ambiguous contract lied - and leaving the alliance in Dicro's hands. Also, some weird furry thing named Lokk apparently befriended Vers and joined the alliance while they were gone. Busy day!

On Day 3, the morning began with the holder of the Thyx Oress - Mr. Thorren, a muscular man with a flower shop - arriving to give flowers to everyone. No catch, either! Well, one tried to bite Fray, but these things happen. This charming scene was interrupted by Halyn texting Dicro, telling him to come to the mall with Fray, Tintra, and Lun (Soleil was off elsewhere on a personal mission.) They left the Ritzy Apartment Building in Poice and Kilii's hands, arriving at the mall to meet up with Halyn as well as Umbra's Alliance, including Julias. Unbeknownst to Fray and the others, Halyn arranged the meeting in an attempt to bring back Umbra's memories of the previous Competitions, locking the group in the arcade to imitate a scenario from a previous cycle. It had only a minor effect, prompting Ignis to abruptly swear in a foreign language through Fray, shocking the group but Julias most of all. Ignis attempted to play it off using Fray's body, working passably enough for the moment to pass and the group to start disbanding. Halyn suddenly received a text from Soleil that she and some others were in danger, teleporting Julias, Dicro, and Tintra away to aid her. She intentionally left Fray behind, pulling her aside thanks to detecting Ignis' presence. She proceeded to grill him on his motives, but Ignis - still using Fray's body and receiving little to no input from her - insisted he wouldn't bring any harm to Fray or the rest of Halyn's Alliance.

At the end of the conversation, Ignis attempted to hand control back to Fray... only to find it didn't work. Frignis, as we'll call them, promptly fled the scene, reasonably wary of what Halyn would do from there. Frignis (once again, literally) bumped into Umbra, who was immediately suspicious of Frignis' complete inability to act remotely like herself. Not in the mood to deal with it, though, Umbra shrugged it off and agreed to take Frignis to go find Dicro. Much to Ignis' relief, however, it didn't take long for Dicro to get the sense something was long and jump into Fray's head, pushing Ignis back out and returning to the Ritzy Apartment Building to wait for Fray to regain consciousness.

That night, Ignis decided to do some subconscious-delving. Fray was hanging out in an aquatic layer of her subconscious, conversing with her good mental pal Mr. Fish: a rainbow blob fish with the voice of Morgan Freeman. Intimidated by his demands to aid him in exploring Entirety's collective unconscious, Fray nearly unleashed a swarm of rainbow blob fish on him and dragged him down into the depths of her soul before Dicro showed up in the nick of time once more. They agreed to take him to the deepest level of Fray's subconscious, and along the way Dicro correctly deduced that Ignis' goal was to get as high on the Chain as possible by climbing up the subconsciouses of Entirety's most powerful beings; that would definitely get him out of his prison reality, after all. Much to Fray's horror, Dicro agreed to help him figure out how to take over Entirety. Dicro proceeded to ramble on about the possible connections from where they were, specifically how to get up to Opine eventually; Fray quickly turned around, aiding his explanation. To some extent, they did have an ultimate goal, after all: getting rid of Opine.

After Ignis left to attend to personal matters (read: napping,) Fray awoke on Day 4 to excitedly find a Cyndaquil named Cinda had joined the alliance. She happily introduced her new Pokemon pal to everyone. This joyous morning was interrupted by the news that for some reason Lun was at Umbra's place with a scythe through his chest. Not overly concerned - Lun was a pretty hardy fellow, even among Tested - the alliance headed over to Umbra's, where Halyn gave them the news that She - the ominously unnamed, worryingly almighty alternate counterpart to Tintra - was behind the attack. She warned them to keep an eye out yet, unsure if this was another of Her random attacks or a sign of some greater involvement in this Competition. Fray mostly concerned herself with glaring at a member of Umbra's Alliance named Aita, because energetic young girls who serve as alliance mascots have to be sworn rivals. With the conversation over and Umbra inexplicably dressing up to go out somewhere alone, the alliance prepared to head back home... only to witness the apartment exploding in the distance the second they stepped out of the door. Awaiting repairs, Halyn's Alliance was forced to stay at Umbra's Mansion for the night.

On Day 5, Fray amused herself by poking Joe - a mafioso who had joined Umbra's Alliance - awake. This joyousness was soon interrupted by Julias' room exploding in purple fire and a distinctly familiar energy, prompting Fray and Dicro to cautiously investigate. The scene was less than pretty - Julias apparently had an overload of Ignis' magical energy and looked half-dead for it - but Halyn took over so quickly that the duo didn't hesitate to back out of the room. Just as they arrived in the main room again they found that Exuro and Seraye - noted Not Big Fans of Ignis nor the rest of Umbra's Alliance - had entered the building. They explained they were there to check on the alliance, reasonably worried after seeing the apartment blow up. The subject of cycles came up, as by now Seraye had unlocked her memories and while Dicro and Fray hadn't, Ignis had made them aware that they occurred. Exuro briefly explained that Halyn and Umbra's Alliances hadn't gotten along well in the past, mostly because Ignis had a habit of torturing and murdering everyone at the Doll Shop.

For better or worse, before the two could let that sink in, Fellmund suddenly burst through the door in search of Seraye. No one fell for his tricks, however, nor bothered to play along this time - not even Fray! Unfortunately she was distracted by Ignis making his presence known again, glaring daggers at Exuro through her and grabbing a knife off of his person while he was occupied with Fellmund. Before Ignis could have her stab him for an unclear but greater purpose than petty revenge, Fellmund dropped paralysis gas bombs on the group and dropped into the basement. Unfortunately for him, it didn't wind up working thanks to Dicro and Fray's control over air magic. Dicro quickly proposed that they kill Fellmund off before he caused more trouble, but Fray was too distracted to properly respond. Instead Ignis took the lead, piloting Fray at Dicro's direction. Despite their best efforts, though, Fellmund managed to escape with his life. As Dicro discussed the aftermath with the others, Ignis took advantage of the moment to redirect Fray over to Julias' room, where they quickly found Julias was in conflict with a woman named Flare from his home Reality. Fray maintained a safe distance until Flare fled, at which point Ignis announced a change in plans and left her mind. Fray immediately returned Exuro's knife and watched he and Seraye depart. Also Neren, Death herself, arrived to propose that Dicro take over Entirety or something, but glaring at Aita some more was WAY more important to Fray.

Once that was over with, Fray returned to the main room with Dicro to the sight of noted aggressive and violent Umbra's Alliance member Ciess drunk and rambling about puppies. As Ciess left with some others, Shan - you know, the same Shan responsible for their deaths - ordered Dicro and Fray to keep an eye on Flare, who had returned to the mansion to get revenge on an absent Julias. She happened to mention Ignis was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, making it awkward when one of Ignis' Infernal Guards popped up out of nowhere to hand Dicro a mysterious piece of paper. Fortunately for them Flare was laser-focused on Julias, so she decided the two weren't worth the energy and left.

The next morning on Day 6, the mansion was bustling with a bunch of people Fray didn't really know. This normalcy was soon disrupted by Dicro dragging her off to the park, having received mental orders from Ignis to meet him there. In the flesh. Needless to say, Fray wasn't particularly enthused by this. They arrived at an inexplicable cave in the park, where sure enough Ignis had managed to exploit a loophole in a contract he made with Halyn to physically manifest in the Test Reality. While Dicro played it cool, Fray screamed internally the entire time Ignis discussed his plans, not helped by the fact that Ignis had to pause to scare away a random Competitor who stopped in. The plan was to enter Umbra's subconscious to block off Opine's connection to her, but for that they needed to use Fray's subconscious as an entry point. As such Fray was left behind, guarded by Julias and several Infernals. Dicro's actions took out a good chunk of his soul and therefore Fray's, leaving her exhausted and practically unconscious by the time Halyn came around to watch over her. She woke up just in time to see Ignis and Julias return later that evening after setting Castle Oress on fire, albeit with the latter seriously wounded.

On Day 7, awoke once more after somehow managing to fall asleep in the cave of horrors again. She awoke to Dicro's prodding, following him along as Durnam requested a MAGICAL SUBCONSCIOUS ADVENTURE with him. And that was that because the RP died right after Dicro got out of there and Fray hadn't done anything in the meantime, rip

With Opine having trashed another Competition, the Tested were thrust back into the chaotic interdimensional crossroads they were once so accustomed to, the Ritzy Apartment Building situating itself somewhere arbitrary. Halyn's Alliance had no complaints, Fray included. The apartment saw plenty of brief wacky arrivals, Fray dragged a person or two into her subconscious for a brief adventure, swapped bodies with Exuro in a theme thread and rummaged through his pockets, so on and so forth!

Eventually the time came when the group was suddenly thrust into yet another Competition, albeit one that left their memories untouched and used a points system rather than a battle royale one. This hardly even registered to them, especially Fray, who gleefully welcomed new friends to the apartment as though it was any other day. She followed after Dicro as he escorted a newcomer named Pluarta to search for Cel. They arrived at Umbra's Mansion just in time to get attacked by an axe-wielding murderer... but, fortunately, the plot abruptly ended again. Only for another Competition to start up soon after! This time, however, there was a bit of a twist: all of the Tested were booted out of the Test Reality, with this latest Competition focusing entirely on non-Tested. While this meant Halyn's Alliance escaped the bloodshed for now, it also meant they were homeless. They were stuck moving into a conveniently-opened hotel, but Fray and Dicro had little time to worry about that. Ignis happened to have other plans for them.

One day Fray and Dicro wound up called by Ignis to his realm, where he intended to use Fray's subconscious and Dicro's abilities to head into the subconscious of his mortal enemy, Siegfried Nolansson. This involved a bunch of demonic entities entering her head, which Fray wasn't exactly enthusiastic about but decided to let happen anyway. Fortunately, things went fine for her, and she even had a nice chat with Ignis about the limitations of his prison and how maybe people wouldn't give him so much trouble if he wasn't a huge jerk. Just as she felt she was really making a breakthrough with him, things went horribly awry. Ignis' many moving pieces mostly failed, those demonic entities suddenly didn't want to hang out with him anymore, and Dicro looked a little on the traumatized side. What could have happened that shook Dicro so much? It's not like he was afraid of death or anything. But, as everyone tended to do with her, Fray was left out of the loop.

Things returned to relative normalcy, though with Fray hiding a secret bitterness and concern over Dicro's lack of communication in something she felt she had the right to know about. The whole hotel thing wound up canceled and things moved to a new site, which meant Halyn's Alliance wound up having to move into an astoundingly run-down and dangerous-looking apartment complex. Fortunately, a girl named  Esme had moved in with an adorable dog named  Bug, whom Fray immediately jumped to playing with and making baby-talk at while the rest of the alliance chatted with fellow new tenant Yvalhaell Aurhovala. Another new tenant going by the name of Crank interrupted the group, hoping someone could help him with an escort mission for a high-paying client. Desperate for the cash to get a better place, the alliance + Yval jumped on the offer and followed along. They met their client, Markis Delgato: a man dripping with the essence of the 80s. The mission quickly went awry as some sort of soulless zombie appeared from an alley, but Fray and Dicro easily incapacitated the zombie, allowing Crank to examine it. Then a sizeable horde of them showed up, but fortunately Crank and Yval proved themselves to be just as effective as Fray and Dicro could be. Of course, in the chaos, Markis happened to slip out of view, conveniently leaving the group without any payment...

One more site change later and Halyn's Alliance finally found themselves back in their old apartment again, now with their titular leader returning to reside with them after a long stay at Umbra's. While Soleil went to go work at a TV station and Dicro went to work for Ignis at his weird maid mansion, Fray remained behind with the rest of the alliance to enjoy the relative peace. As per usual, though, this didn't last for long, with an associate of Exuro's warping in covered in greivous wounds. As it turned out, those Ignis plans Fray was part of involved the decimation of Exuro's headquarters, leading to the deaths of several innocent people she was technically aligned with. Far from happy about this, Fray now has to struggle with how to proceed, how to continue hiding her connection to Ignis, and what to do if anyone finds out, especially considering Dicro's only become more and more distant from the alliance...










"You better not underestimate me, or you'll be sorry!"

Being Dicro's Marionette, Fray also has the power to manipulate strings, chains, and (as she's a Spade-Class,) air. Her spade pin can turn into either a DEATH SHOVEL or a sword, though in general she sticks to the more magical stuff. And by she I mean he, seeing that usually Dicro is using her body whenever they're required to fight. The two have become more independent in recent years, though, so Fray's become increasingly competent in fighting on her own. While Dicro is able to take more damage, Fray instead excels in being speedy and agile.

Also someone thought it was a good idea to give her a lightning gun for some reason and it so wasn't?!


[ For information on what these stats mean, click here! ]

Humanoid, Soul-Based
Positioning Skill
Leap: Moves user to the opposite side of unit.
Passive Ability
Bubble Soap Enthusiast: Resists Water attacks.
Personal Weakness
Takes 10% more damage when not adjacent to an ally.
Friendship Bonus
+5% SPD

























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Dicro Corrune

[ ally, marionettiste, basically brother ]

"Dicro is really cool! He's always been there for me ever since I was little! Not to mention he gave me these sick powers! Still, sometimes I wish he'd take me more seriously. I'm perfectly capable of fighting on my own! And if something's wrong, he can just tell me!"


Ignis Phasmatis

[ mind creeper...? ]

"Man, this guy... where do I begin? He's a jerk! A HUGE jerk! Just comes into my head one day being a jerk and trying to take over the world or whatever! And I try to teach him the power of friendship, and what does he do? He keeps setting people on fire and stuff! Why do I even bother, geez..."



[ ally, friend ]

"Soleil and I are total biffles! She's always down to do stuff with me outside and help me come up with cool new outfits! She's like the big sister I never had!"


Date Created
Has existed as a self-insert character for a while, but wasn't solidified as a character until 2006ish.
Soul Color
Marionette Class
Dicro Corrune
Competition Placement
TBA, but she died fairly late.
OC Blog Tag

Present In

  • Lilesque - Major
  • Oress Plots

[ Role not provided for RP-original settings. ]


  • In her original RP incarnation where she was SUPER a self-insert, she was a Sho Minamimoto fangirl. In fairness, she'd probably like him if she played TWEWY, but not to quite that extent. I spent like an hour trying to find her old icon (it was an edit of Ai with Shiki's hat and recolored) but alas, I can only assume I only uploaded it to TinyPic even though I had a Photobucket by then??
  • Her Smash mains are Pikachu, Yoshi, Ness, Toon Link, Diddy Kong, and Pac-Man.
  • She thinks Spongebob is an absolute icon.


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OOC Name
Never Existed
Primary Changes
She never existed in the first place.

In Interety, Fray doesn't exist, nor does any equivalent. The Alt Test Reality is vastly stripped down and reduced to just some of the more important characters, sort of how I'd do things if I could go back and build the story from the ground up again. Fray wound up being one of the many characters who got cut.


Species Credit
Profile Coding

"Come hang out with me again sometime, okay?"