DFAB Female
April 17th

A member of Halyn's Alliance who, true to her name, always brightens up a room. Despite being stuck in a world where she's constantly thrown into deadly games and confronted with violence, Soleil always maintains an optimistic and supportive vibe.

Despite this sunny exterior, there's aactually a lot of resentment and sorrow. She tries to carry her burdens, though; if she collapses so will everyone around her, and if everyone around her is a wreck she'll never be able to pick up all the pieces, much less her own. Furthermore, she's not one to be trifled with; she's got a surprising vengeful streak and a strange ability with applications she doesn't hesitate to utilize.


Soleil is as extroverted, optimistic, and friendly as her bright and sunny appearance would imply. She loves being the life of the party and lights up any room she's in. She loves making friends and hanging out with them, hating to see anyone get left out. If everyone around her isn't in a good mood, she takes it as a personal failure. Needless to say this isn't terribly good for her mental health, but it's a burden she doesn't feel comfortable letting anyone else carry.

Being such a people person, Soleil hates being alone for too long. It lets her think too much. So she's always surrounding herself with people, and when she can't she's been sure to take up innumerable hobbies to ensure that she's always busy. She sings at That One Cafe, she stars in TV shows, she makes outfits for everyone and herself, she offers styling services to everyone in the Test Reality... she doesn't like having too much downtime.

Soleil is an expert at hiding her emotions. She doesn't often react to things with much intensity if it's not positive, always trying to keep a neutral air about her to prevent conflict from breaking out. Though she hates doing it, she makes for a good mediator thanks to her desperation to avoid any given situation blowing up. If there's anything worse than conflict, it's the hurt feelings and uncomfortable atmosphere that comes from a conflict that doesn't resolve well. She often hesitates to take sides in any given situation, fearful of ultimatums and hurting others.

Hoping to make people strong enough to not have the issues she has, Soleil loves breaking people out of their shells and gently nudging them out of their comfort zones. She understands people well and deeply, though, so she's good at judging how far is too far and when she's hurting more than she's helping. She makes for a good confident, always willing to keep secrets for people and be their shoulder to cry on should they need it.

Though she doesn't look it, Soleil has a vengeful streak. If someone really wrongs a friend of hers or even herself she takes a lot of pleasure in getting her revenge. Maybe don't mess with her. She doesn't deserve it, anyway!


Edibles Pancakes, popcorn, schnitzel, citrus, corn on the cob, pizza, any kind of lemonade. She really likes bright flavors. She also likes pineapple on pizza. It's her. She's the one.
Weather She craves that sunshine!!! Craves that warmth!!!
Activities Singing, dancing, acting, chatting, making clothes, experimenting with different styles, hanging out with friends, playing sports, karaoke, dressing other people up, getting others out of their shells, photography.
Colors Orange and yellow. Also likes white and red.
Misc. People, music, fashion, summer, lights, soccer, things that reflect light in interesting ways, the aisle with all of the air fresheners, cool mornings, stickers, shoes that light up, skirts, colorful insects, flowers, REALLY BIG flowers, tropical aesthetics, beaches, cell phone charms, horses, social media.


EdiblesRed meat (listen Tomodachi Life decided on schnitzel not me,) spinach, heavy meals, anything bitter.
Weather Really cold and crappy weather. Not good for hanging out outside!
Activities Being alone, going to bed without resolving something, being upset about anything, having to mediate for others.
Music none of them you fool, all music is valid in the eyes of soleil
Misc. When people forget things that she told them (it can freak her out pretty badly), heated conflicts, completely dark places, when people hide things from her, playgrounds where everything is made out of metal, being too busy to chill with friends, cold weather, bats.




Soleil stands at 5'6" with a relatively average figure. She has an hourglass body type, but it's not particularly exaggerated. Her skin is a warm brown color and her eyes are a golden color, though the exact hue is hard to put down. Not quite orange, not really brown, but not really yellow...

Soleil's hair is about waist-length and is a dark red color. She's one of the few Tested who bothers to tweak her appearance, so she restyles her hair every day, leaving its natural shape and texture something of a mystery. Sometimes she'll even cut her hair; Tested grow back hair quickly since their appearance is always trying to return to its "default," so if she doesn't like how it looks it won't take long to get back to normal.

Soleil also often experiments with makeup, nail polish, etc. If none of the other Tested are gonna bother, someone's gotta use up all of the cosmetics!


Also unlike most Tested, Soleil doesn't just stick to one outfit. She enjoys expressing herself through fashion, so she has a massive closet full of all sorts of clothing that she shares liberally with anyone who wants to join her. She's got plenty of accessories as well, from headwear to jewelry to purses and bags. Someone's gotta keep the mall in business!

Soleil's tastes are pretty omnivorous, but she is biased toward summery fashions and bright colors. She also likes over-the-top costumes and likes dressing up when ever she gets the opportunity to.


There's not too much to say about Soleil's body language; sometimes she'll exaggerate for comedic effect and while she's okay at hiding bad feelings, she's not necessarily an expert at it. She likes moving around a lot when she can, I guess, so even in a normal conversation she can come off as really energetic??


Always bright and fruity. Though scents fade from Tested quickly, Soleil is determined to always smell like she just walked out of a tropical fruit salad. She tends to keep a lot of perfume on-hand.


i feel like at one point i at least had a singing voice headcanon for her but alas, all is lost to time so my answer is... i dunno. she does have a pretty powerful singing voice though that's notably deeper than her speaking voice, the kind of voice suited for some sick jazz


Soleil had the misfortune of having her Tested anatomy showing up early, leading to her strange powers manifesting before she was even 10. She wasn't too bothered at first - she could make people! people who did whatever she told them to do! and she could make some people disappear! - but things went sharply downhill a few years later when she accidentally erased her family in a petty argument and found that she couldn't bring them all back. Not permanently, not with all of their personalities and memories. Just hollow copies.

Now unintentionally orphaned, Soleil struggled to carry on with her life in a world where no one bothered her, where no one sought her out for anything, and where no one remembered she had a family at all. Soon enough she found herself slipping from the memories of people at school as strangers moved into her home, unaware of her existence. Shaken and cold, when a reality-bending girl named Verity told her that the world she knew was a lie and that a deadly game called "the Competition" was looming on the horizon, she believed her without question.

Verity told her that most of the people in this world - the Test Reality - were Unreal people: illusions of bodies with personalities and desires that were empty of soul and genuine consciousness. Soleil's power was to control Unreal people specifically, hence why there were people (such as Verity) that she couldn't erase.

However, this meant that there were other people like her. There were other Real people - the Tested - who had "awakened" early and were watching their lives slowly dissolve away. Soleil made it her mission to find them all and befriend them, to let them know that things would be okay and that they weren't alone. She didn't want anyone to feel the utter emptiness she had just gone through, the confusion and the fear and the detachment from reality.

Eventually Soleil stumbled upon Halyn, who was a Manipulator like Verity. Halyn was eager to take in the awakened Tested and form a sort of alliance to better their chances of winning the Competition. Soleil accepted, joining Halyn's Alliance. She became fast friends with its inhabitants: an agreeable guy named Dicro Corrune, his unofficial little sister Fray, a catgirl Halyn created herself named Tintra Nekiri, and a pile of living clothing named Lun. She also befriended the trio of Pierre Ciar, Ceri Etoile, and Nika Elaxi; a trio of Tested who hosted a news program for the Tested. Finally, she became closer to Doll Shop owner Seraye Phaelin, who had been there for her before she met Halyn.

When the Competition began, Halyn's attempted to stay relatively neutral and unnoticed. Eventually, though, the bloodshed came to them and there was no avoiding it. Though Soleil was eager for peace, she cast aside mercy when it was necessary and became the alliance's primary defender as both Dicro and Tintra slowly began to unravel under the Test Reality's pressures.

In the end she was killed by Shan when he came to finish off the remaining competitors. Well, probably. I don't actually have most of the deaths nor the timeline of Lilesque planned out but whatever!! The point is that she made it pretty far, but little did she know this Competition was only the beginning...

RP History

Soleil was around for all of the initial Competitions, though she didn't really do much. She didn't become particularly relevant until the big one after a mass memory wipe, causing Soleil and the rest of her alliance to forget about anyone they had previously met in RP. During this Competition, things got off to a pretty weird start. Some manbear attacked the Ritzy Apartment Building, destroying the entrance and making the gang have to crawl through the front window all the time. It was terrible! She got to meeting plenty of new people, from new alliance members to some fancy purple dude who contracted with Halyn, bringing her back to the Test Reality after she had vanished for a while.

Not everything was so cheery, though. For one thing she had her room and closet raided by a familiar catgirl and her recolored Pikachu companion. Not that she wasn't used to Larya doing such things, but it was still kind of annoying. So, she decided to find their base and get some sweet revenge! She made it just in time to watch two acquaintances of hers (...neither of whom are canon anymore but that's RP for ya) being tortured by a sinister magician named Fellmund. She sent out waves of Unreal people to attack him, but she came too late to keep one of his victims (Zalika) from dying. Fellmund got away, but Soleil managed to escape his razor-sharp house of cards with the other victim (Narelle) with only a few injuries. She contacted the alliance, prompting Dicro, Tintra, and the aforementioned fancy purple guy (Julias) to the scene of the crime. Everyone got fixed up and they headed back to the Ritzy Apartment Building, with Soleil and Julias having a nice conversation about hair!!

And then she disappeared for like 30 pages until some children (including Ara) and Death needed her to make them magical girl costumes. So she did! Also the Ritzy Apartment Building exploded which kinda sucked, so the alliance went to go stay at Umbra's place. Their boredom was soon alleviated by an invitation to a wedding taking place at Castle Oress, so Soleil headed over with Tintra and Lun. Halyn texted them to leave soon enough, though, and they ran into Seraye and her bodyguard/boyfriend Exuro outside. They explained that [wip] Ignis Phasmatis - Julias' boss - was planning to burn down Castle Oress with everyone in it, furthermore explaining that Ignis had tormented them unceasingly in the Competitions they had since forgotten. Unfortunately, they were too late to stop Ignis' plans, watching Castle Oress go down in flames. They did get to watch Exuro pump some holes in Julias, but that didn't really help things since Halyn's Alliance still viewed him as an ally.

The alliance returned to the since-repaired Ritzy Apartment Building, where they tried to quietly resume their normal lives. This was thrown for a loop when, to make a long story short, a random druggie walked in and pointed out that Tintra was dead. Sure enough it turned out Tintra really had died; she was in the Ritzy Apartment Building when it exploded. However, she had requested that her name not be put on the Dead List so-as not to alarm the alliance, re-entering the Test Reality as a ghost to maintain the illusion that nothing bad had happened to her. Halyn's Alliance being Halyn's Alliance, though, they took it in stride. Then Soleil shoved Umbra into a magical girl outfit and then Lila died. Probably because of that. Umbra has her ways.

oh also at some point soleil talked with nika bc nika was going around murdering people including pierre and ceri but Uhhhh i don't think any of that is canon anymore, i was doing weird stuff for a while with nika huh. soleil kept disappearing too so i guess she was doing weird stuff behind the scenes that i don't even remember

Post-Lila, Soleil mostly hung around the alliance not doing much of interest. She and the others found out Ignis had been using Fray as an avatar to view the Test Reality through, then she went to go drag Dicro into the television business but the elevator took her to the mysterious second floor where she saw Ignis naked (it doesn't make much sense in-context either,) then one other time she walked out of her closet and it was Ignis' prison reality for some reason, then there was some whole subplot where they all had to live in a hotel made by Hadris Torant... they were some zany times.

The alliance then got dumped into yet another new RP for- erm, interdimensional clusterfuck place, but this time the apartment didn't come with. They had to resort to staying in a ratty, run-down, clearly dangerous apartment complex, which no one was terribly happy about. But that allowed them to run into some new friends:  Esme,  Bug, and Yvalhaell Aurhovala. They were all propositioned by a man calling himself "Doc Crank" who offered them money in exchange for escorting a client of his through dangerous territory. The alliance accepted, joined by Yval. They met their employer, Markis Delgato, who proceeded to be kind of a dick to them. Things got worse as they were approached by some nigh-unkillable soulless folks, and Soleil couldn't even help much because Lun was busy almost breaking her spine out of fear! Luckily the others managed to put down their foes pretty quickly... and once the dust had settled, they noticed Markis had ditched them, taking the alliance's payment with.

Now the alliance is finally back in the Ritzy Apartment Building, since their most recent foru- uh, interdimensional clusterfuck place foray actually had it this time. Soleil, however, decided to found the Interrobang Broadcasting Corporation, ready to bring some sick TV to the masses. If anyone would post in the damn thread. ):<



Soleil has, by far, the strangest power in the Test Reality. Soleil is capable of creating Unreal people out of nowhere: people with no souls or subconsciouses who essentially exist to serve as background characters to make the Test Reality look alive despite its small population. Even those who can't sense souls, auras, and what have you can tell something is amiss about her creations. They tend not to remember things, they display little interest in others, and their very existences are sort of uncanny. They're like characters in a dream: you can clearly see them, but when you look away it's hard to remember their features and the more you focus on them the more you realize you're looking at something that's not real. As such they can be used to make illusions of people, but this is only good for a brief distraction; it won't take someone long to realize they're talking to a fake.

Soleil enjoys exploring the applications of her ability, finding it kind of cool that she landed such a bizarre ability. She's capable of ordering Unreal people around, allowing her to form massive armies. Of course, the more Unreal people she has out at once the harder they are to command efficiently since her "link" to them is spread out so thin, so if she really created an army they'd just kind of stand there. Mass numbers are excellent to use as meat shields, though, not to mention a bunch of random people popping up out of thin air tends to make for a good distraction. They also have some weirder applications, like serving as makeshift ladders or flotation devices, being able to plug up gaps, etc. They even have some more practical uses, like helping her reach things or serving as an extra pair of hands for personal styling. Not like they're gonna get mad about being used as a tool!

Unreal people can also be armed, and if she only has one or two around she can use them fairly effectively provided she knows how to use the weapon herself. And if not, well, hands and teeth can do plenty of damage on their own. She's been training over the years to gain more precise control over Unreal people, learning that the more in-depth she thinks about them before creating them the more realistic they'll be. Theoretically speaking, if she sat down and planned out a person out deeply enough they could be indistinguishable from a Real person. If she had OCs, her power would be unmatched. No matter how real they get, though, she can only keep them around for a day at best before her energy is depleted. The more she has out at one time, the shorter this time limit gets.

She's experimenting with astral projection at the moment, noting that if she focuses on an Unreal person enough she can kind of see through their eyes. How far she can get with this ability is currently up in the air, but it seems there might yet be applications she's only beginning to figure out...


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ElementPhysical / Sound
SpeciesHumanoid, Soul-Based
Positioning SkillGather: Draws units within one space of user adjacent to user.
Passive Ability#1 Fan Fan: Heals 10% HP each turn if adjacent to an ally at the start of turn.
Personal WeaknessTakes 10% more damage from Dark attacks.
Friendship Bonus+5% LUCK






Click a character's name to view their profile! These are only a few of Soleil's relationships; check her links page for more!

202556?1498079736Dicro Corrune

"One of my closest friends. Dicro's always around when you need him, and he's just a ridiculously nice guy. Makes a great model, too, even if he's too embarassed to admit it! I can't help but worry about him, though... he gets into a lot of trouble, and it's not always the kind of trouble he likes."


"Fray is like my little sister! She's so much fun to hang out with, and she's always down to play a game or go outside and do something! She's a great person to just sit down and talk to, too... I think we're more alike than she thinks. I'll always be there for her."

202798?1490737103Umbra Tear

"Umbra seems cold on the outside, but honestly? She's one of the nicest people I know. She'd give you the coat off her back without you even needing to ask. And speaking of coats, she's really got impeccable style! I always like getting clothes for her... she makes everything look good!"

225569?1489362340Seraye Phaelin

"Seraye is one of my oldest and closest friends. Aside from sharing a lot of hobbies, she's super cute and just a really nice person! I'm always down to help her out with things. She's helped me out a lot, so it's really the least I can do."


Date CreatedSomewhere in the 2006ish area.
Soul Color Marigold
Alliance Halyn's Alliance
Competition Placement TBA (but she was in the top 10)
OC Blog Tag

Present In

  • Lilesque - Main

[ Role not provided for RP-original settings. ]


  • Her favorite instrument is the saxophone, though she doesn't know how to play one.
  • Whenever she opens a box of crayons she has to take a deep breath. Nothin' like that crayon scent.
  • In her original concept Soleil used to be white pop star with orange-red hair and red eyes. Her name was Natsuko Soleil (previously Natsuko Hitenpi, stage name Natsu-Ko) and she was basically a selfish, evil siren. Lun was her weird lackey/boyfriend and he was some random emo dude who was the opposite of who he is now. Those were weird times.
  • Soleil has a full name, but I never actually came up with one. At first I was just too lazy to make up a last name, so I said she changed her name for some mysterious reason. Then never came up with a reason. Or original name. So now the story is that she started going by Soleil and has since forgotten her actual name alongside most of her early memories as is typical with Tested.