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"God fucking dammit, Ivan."

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💀Angela "Angel" Summers💀
Human (Caucasian) | 15 | Female | Birthday: Jul 12 | 🎶 Playlist


Reclusive, Brooding, Snappy, Intimidating, Apathetic, Level-Headed


Angel is not a people person by any definition. A loner and a bookworm, she prefers to be alone and as far away from people as she can get. A sufferer of Resting Bitch Face, no one really wants to talk to Angel either. As a result she can be quite intimidating, but beneath the walls she builds around herself is someone only a few people ever get to see.

No one knows very much about Angel. She doesn't have friends and chooses not to socialize, so she's gained a reputation of being the scary punk girl. Often seen with her nose in a book, Angel seems perfectly fine being alone all the time. And the few people who do interact with her are usually met with a snappy response anyway. It's unknown why she's so antisocial to any of her peers, but to her overbearing mother it's just a phase she will eventually grow out of. But to Angel, this is a lifestyle she's accepted for a while.

It's not until the middle of her freshman year her routine is shaken up. After sternly rejecting a jock who tried to hit on her, she thought she'd never see him again. But after that, he started hovering around her and offering her endless compliments. She was perfectly fine telling him physically to get lost, but he never seemed to be gone too long. And with the start of a new school year, she prepares herself for him to come back too.

She expects a mundane first day, but as she is making her way through the halls, another kid runs full speed into her and makes her supplies fly everywhere. Furious, she prepares to absolutely chew them out, but midway though her cursing she sees an incredibly young kid apologizing profusely through big teary eyes. Her anger dissolves and she apologizes for being so harsh, suddenly feeling sorry for this kid. They're still very distraught over upsetting her, so Angel attempts to calm them down by inviting them and their friend to see her later so they can make amends over the mistake. She finds out this kid's a visiting foreign student named Zyra who is shadowing his friend Rain. She also learns Zyra comes from a very isolated community and isn't too familiar with their customs yet, so he was very startled by how angry he made Angel. She forgives him and invites him to talk to her again sometime, seeing the new kid as a harmless acquaintance and quite cute in how clueless he is.

Over time she gets closer to Zyra, who is ecstatic to have her as a friend and a surprisingly nice person to spend time with. Her only regret is that hanging out with him attracts Ivan, who has this strange jealous grudge against him. Regardless, Angel values her friendship with Zyra and Rain and slowly starts to lower the walls she has around her. She even notices changes in Ivan, who's toned-down his obnoxiousness and actually wants to know Angel as a friend. It takes a lot of time and many boundaries drawn, but even Ivan gets to see a friendlier side of Angel. And perhaps with these new bonds, she can start to heal the deep cuts she's been nursing for so many years.

Likes 👍

Animals, video games, books, punk fashion, dark colors

Dislikes 👎

Crowds, popular kids, jocks, invasion of space, parental figures

Favorite Music Genres 🎶

Classic Punk/Alt & Nu Metal

Aesthetics ✨

Punk, Goth, Skater, Books, Libraries, Avril Lavigne, Early 2000's Hot Topic


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