Basic Info


Norman "Orange" Adman

Chiro's Nickname

Li'l Oregano




DMAB Male (he/him)


September 24th


Virgo-Libra Cusp



Home Planet






Significant Other(s)

Aedi Levon, LeFleuris de Floraize, and Lausac Pardes. He also seems to have a strange closeness with Chiro Shiroiro...


Something good, but since joining Hadris things have been complicated...


Personal Assistant to Hadris Torant



Date Created

Shortly before NaNoWriMo 2012.


His friends, rules, being around people, ties, ciphers, food, meetings, mornings, small talk, running errands, making others happy, warm colors, cooking shows, word-a-day calendars, bouquets, movies, curling up under piles of blankets, open windows, treadmills.


Citrus (surprisingly), disorder and chaos, being hungry, loud noises, being threatened, the color pink, pests, messes, unreasonable people, having to raise his voice, bicycles (he falls a lot), messy food, heavy lifting, getting roped into doing things he doesn't want to do but not wanting to look like a jerk by saying no, insensitive jokes.

Favorite Ice Cream

Cookie Dough


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 hardworking  🍊  responsible  🍊  mediating  🍊  sociable  🍊  mature


     On one hand, Orange's personality matches his appearance quite well: he's upbeat, friendly, extroverted, and bright. He's almost always willing to lend a hand to those in need, even if it means he ends up overwhelming himself with owed favors and emotional baggage. He wants everyone to be happy and to be able to get along, so he'll always be there for people who need to vent and for those who need conflicts resolved. He makes an excellent mediator and is able to keep a level head in all sorts of situations.

     On the other hand, much about Orange betrays his youthful appearance. He tends to get annoyed when people mistake him for a child, since though his body hasn't aged since his teens he's a 22-year-old adult who works hard and who has gone through quite a bit. He's mature, resourceful, hardworking, and maintains a professional air in even the most embarassing situations. He's good at reading people, understanding others, reading between the lines, doing a lot with small amounts of information, and maintaining his composure in intense situations. He makes a good leader and is stricter than most people would imagine when he's in control of anything, but even then he maintains a gentleness that makes him easy to work both alongside and under.

     Orange has a number of personal issues - the internal moral conflict he's developing thanks to his closeness to Hadris and his knowledge of his empire's seedier sides being the most prominent - but he's not very good at talking about them with others. He's afraid of burdening people or dragging them down even though he'd give the world for an acquaintance in a heartbeat.


 "Good morning! Is there something I can help you with?"


     Orange lived an ordinary and very dull life for a while. He was the middle child in a relatively large family that wasn't much of a family. He mostly kept to himself and only got together with the rest of the family if there was a special occasion of some sort. They loved each other, certainly, but as a whole their family bond was middling.

     While he was in high school, All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant announced his intentions to take over. The world was thrown into a panic, uniting to stop Hadris using whatever force necessary. Orange's family - and the majority of the population, for that matter - supported the anti-Hadris movement passionately. Orange, however, wasn't convinced that Hadris taking over was doomsday and spent much of his time researching him and his motives. Coming to conclusion that Hadris' takeover was in everyone's best interest, a schism grew between Orange and the rest of the family.

     In an attempt to correct his thinking, his family dragged him along to an anti-Hadris rally. Irritated, he stormed out and promptly avoided death. Terrorists hoping to give off the impression that Hadris and his associates were behind it bombed the rally, leaving Orange's family (and a majority of the attendees) dead. Though Orange survived thanks to having walked right out of the epicenter, he lost both legs and one of his arms.

     The next thing he knew, Orange was recovering in the medical center of Hadris' dimension. Not having anything to go back to - unless he wanted to live with his older brother who despised Hadris even more now - Orange took up Hadris' offer of remaining in his dimension. Given pseudo-magical prosthetics and counseling, Orange started taking introductory classes to Hadris' realm and decided to throw himself full-force into it to maintain his mental well-being and any semblance of an average life. By the time he would have normally finished his freshman year at college, Orange was ready to serve as an intern under the overlord.

     (Then a lot of things happened but, you know, spoilers and whatnot.)

RP History

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 AVERAGE: 5.2/10


     Orange lacks any powers or special abilities, but both of his legs and his left arm are some sort of prosthetic. They look incredibly real and Orange can use them as though they were his normal limbs, but he can't feel anything in them and when injured they leak a black substance. The inability to feel anything in his legs gives him a little more endurance than the usual person, but that means he's also prone to unintentionally injuring himself and overexerting himself without knowing until it hurts the rest of his body.

Writing Featured In

Never Have I Ever... || June 21st, 2017
🍊  Orange walks into work on an ordinary day to a not-so-ordinary scene.

Morning || February 2nd, 2015
🍊  Orange gets an existential pep talk from Chiro in the early morning hours, not long after a particularly life-changing event.

Support Your Local Mafia || September 16th, 2013
🍊  Hadris hosts a game of Mafia with the Representatives and Orange. Orange does alarmingly well.

SYOL || November 2012 & November 2013
🍊  The story of Orange's life upon deciding to become part of Hadris' empire.