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Aura is a Bavoomian, brought onto the Metamo Ark when Meteos began to threaten the universe. She's the representative for Bavoom, but she's definitely not a good pilot (as much as she insists she is), so unless she's needed she rarely enters the cockpit. Bubbly and friendly, she gets along very well with everyone on the Ark, even the ones who aren't particularly friendly- nobody knows how she managed to befriend people like Aatami, but nobody really questions it around her because she's so nice. Speaking of Aatami, she's got a crush on him- even though her friends insist he'd probably kill her. She swears up and down that he's actually really nice and he just looks scary.

Due to Bavoom's atmosphere allowing basically nothing to survive except her kind, Aura is very carefree, but can be a bit absent-minded, and has a terminal lack of any sort of fear- quite literally, in fact; it's a quirk of Bavoomian evolution. She's a really determined scrapper, but she has absolutely no sense of who she can take on and who she can't. She's not above trying to punch way above her weight, and she genuinely won't realize how much danger she was in until someone drags her out of the encounter. For similar reasons, she's very, very careless while piloting the Ark. Let's just say there's a reason why she's not allowed to have the controls unless the crew actually needs her.

Her theme song.