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"The hell'd you say to me? You wanna say that to my scythe?"

     A young man from Earth who had something of a troubled childhood. He grew up on fighting and mischief and a strong desire for attention, leading to him developing a cocky and brash personality to drown out his ever-growing inferiority complex. After dying in a motorcycle accident his soul was collected by a being on a higher plane named Iskal, who offered to revive him in exchange for his soul. Lysis accepted and returned to life with a magical scythe and the mission to harvest 1,000 souls to trade for his own soul back.

     After doing a whole lot of killing, Lysis was arrested by the Space Police and sent to a prison planet called Celestella, where all of his street smarts and experience in fist-fighting suddenly means very little in the face of a planet of super-powered criminals. Killing people and harvesting their souls isn't so easy anymore, and he's very quickly beginning to regret every life choice he's ever made.


Name Lysis Persenche
Age 23
Gender DMAB Male
Pronouns he/him
Birthday May 27th
Zodiac Gemini
Place of Origin Earth
Species Human/Soul Harvester
Height 5'9"
Orientation Panromantic/Pansexual (leans toward women)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Occupation Soul Harvester for Iskal, prisoner on Celestella.
Date Created December 28th, 2015
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Crime Harvesting the souls of innocents on a planet where that's kinda weird.


  • Celestella  //  Main

(Role not provided for RP-original settings.)


cocky  •  loud  •  quick-tempered  •  competitive  •  defensive

    Lysis is extraordinarily hot-blooded, loud, and overconfident. He thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread, and in a lot of cases he has enough talent to back it up. He doesn't take challenges lightly and will accept almost any challenge, obsessed with proving that he's the best at any given thing. He's kind of a sore loser, as he takes any failures extremely personally and will dwell on them years later. He's got something of an inferiority complex, so he needs to have some sort of physical evidence that he's better than others, however temporary it is. This has made him incredibly defensive, and any insult (intended or otherwise) against him will trigger his temper. He has difficulties accepting that he's wrong or that he's lost, so any arguments or fights against him will be dragged out tremendously.

     If you can tolerate his ego, though, he's pretty friendly and likes to help people out. He's kind of annoying and smug, yeah, but he presents himself in a pretty casual manner and that's usually obvious. He doesn't actually see everyone as inferior to him - again, he feels he's the inferior one, hence his competitive nature - but he likes to joke around as if he does. His demeanor is part a front to hide his feelings and a coping mechanism for his underlying issues.

     On the inside he's an incredibly terrified person. Aside from his inferiority complex, he also has to be afraid of failing the task he's been assigned and getting his soul devoured. The older he gets the more he realizes he's still so, so young with so much life ahead of him, but by now he's ruined his chances of ever accomplishing anything or leading a happy and secure life.

     Whenever he breaks, so to speak, he does so with a lot of anger and denial.


  • Hair gel.
  • Anime
  • Motorcycles
  • Giving everything he touches a cool name.
  • Cold medicine.
  • Rhythm games
  • Chips
  • Putting stuff on pretzels.
  • Driving way over the speed limit.
  • Any form of media full of action.


  • Losing
  • Bad weather.
  • Fanservice anime.
  • Tripping over things.
  • Poorly-paved roads.
  • Getting stuck in traffic.
  • His mortality and fate.
  • Dying


  • Driving
  • Watching anime and action movies.
  • Playing video games.
  • Getting into fights and causing mischief.


     What immediately draws one's attention to Lysis is his unique hair: purple locks all piled up with an undercut on both sides. Once you take that away, there's nothing particularly extraordinary about him. He has thick eyebrows, narrow gray eyes, and enough muscle tone to make it clear that he leads an active lifestyle, but there's nothing that would make him stand out of a crowd.


     Lysis' sense of style also help him stand out. There's nothing terribly unusual about his closet full of v-necks and skinny jeans, but the longcoats and heeled boots are a different story. There's also his numerous piercings, including two snake bite piercings and all sorts of ear piercings. He's always up for more, and is thinking about picking up some tattoos along the way.


     Lysis' body language is very aggressive and forthright. He frequently uses thumb displays and crotch displays even when he isn't truly confident, having such shows of confidence ingrained into him by years of observing his father and brothers. His arms and hands sway freely when speaking, and he has a habit of puffing out his chest. He's extremely reactive both emotionally and physically, so his feelings are always very clear.


     Some strange, but impossibly pleasant combination of grape soda and AXE body spray.


     Nothing unusual, though certainly loud and brash. Of note is that he tends to swear like a sailor, sullying any warmth his voice might be hiding.


    Lysis grew up as the middle child in a family of 4 brothers and a single father. His father was an aggressive person who had fought tooth and nail for everything he ever had and still suffered from horrible luck, from a laundry list of medical issues to the death of the one person who kept him steady: his wife. After the death of Lysis' mother, Lysis' father became increasingly disenchanted with the world and spent most of his time in a drunken stupor, his "parenting" consisting entirely of yelling at his children for having problems or otherwise needing help.

     Because of their father's general absence, Lysis and his brothers mostly raised themselves with little to no supervision. This led to them becoming a gang of troublemakers, doing poorly in school and frequently getting in trouble with the law. Lysis fared slightly better, if only because his status as the middle child led him to desire to stand out, causing him to develop an inferiority complex and competitive streak that led to him performing better in school than his brothers. This didn't seem to impress anyone, though, so Lysis wound up dropping out of high school in his junior year to focus full-time on pointless competitions between his brothers.

     On an ordinary day of flagrantly illegal mischief, Lysis got into a motorcycle race with one of his brothers. He unexpectedly crashed into something and died, only to awaken in a higher plane, confronted by some sort of demonic entity. The entity - named Iskal - offered to revive Lysis and grant him immortality in exchange for his soul. Disoriented and not particularly eager to die, Lysis hastily accepted and found himself merely mangled in the wreckage of his accident. He was brought to a hospital where he wasn't expected to live, much less ever be able to walk or function in society again. To everyone's shock, though, he had recovered completely in less than a month and seemed even better off than he was before the accident. His story was treated as a miracle, though Lysis knew the truth was considerably less joyful.

     Lysis became increasingly conscious of the gravity of his situation. Not only could he no longer die - at least not permanently - but his immortal soul belonged to some monster from another dimension who was free to claim it at any time. Perhaps able to sense his distress, Lysis found himself summoned to Iskal's realm one night, where Iskal explained the terms of their contract and offered him some mercy: if Lysis could obtain 1,000 souls for Iskal, they would release him from the contract. In the meantime, Iskal was free to claim Lysis' soul for consumption whenever they pleased, so time was of the essence.

     Despite the severity of the situation, having a clear goal in mind allowed Lysis to view his task as a challenge. He was granted a soul-reaping scythe he could summon and dispel at any time and then sent on his way. Lysis wasted no time in harvesting souls, snatching the soul of the next person who looked at him funny. And then the bystanders who reacted in horror. And then the police. In the span of a few minutes he had killed over a dozen people, just beginning to realize what he had done when he was abruptly detained by the Space Police for the crime of public soul-harvesting on a "normal" planet.

     Scrambled from so many surreal events happening in such a short period of time, Lysis didn't fight back much when he was dropped off on a prison planet named Celestella. Lysis regained his composure sure enough, ready to tackle his contract in a world with no rules or regulation. It would be easy to rack up 1,000 kills pretty quickly with no one to hold him back and no moral shackles to weigh him down.

     Or so he thought. As it turns out, killing people when they expect threats against them is extremely difficult, especially when most of them have superpowers, are highly trained, or both. Often both. Lysis found himself the victim of his attempted assassinations, and while Iskal revived him upon every death Lysis wasn't about to rely on the generosity of an otherworld abomination who owned his soul. He's adjusted his strategy to focus on Hellscream: a robot who stores souls within his body for energy. If Lysis can just kill or even just disable Hellscream he'll be able to individually reap the hundreds of souls Hellscream is hoarding, which would bring him significantly closer to his goal if not past it. Of course, that's easier said than done...


     Lysis is effectively immortal in that he is always revived upon death, though all of his non-fatal injuries remain intact. The more times he dies the faster his healing becomes: it took him a few weeks to recover completely from a horrible motorcycle accident after his first death, but by now he would fully recover from the same injuries in about a day. Additionally, he's become more durable since his body and soul have become "on guard" due to repeated deaths.

     Iskal granted him the ability to summon and dispel a special magical scythe at any time. It can't be damaged or broken, and even if it somehow is, Lysis can simply re-summon it. It has the ability to tear souls from bodies and send them directly to Iskal, though the beings in question need to be recently-deceased or otherwise have their souls tied to the body in some manner.

     It's also worth noting that Lysis is fond of parkour and has had a very physical life, so despite his lack of powers or weaponry he can still put up a fight in most cases.


HP 5 / 10 SP 4 / 10
ATK 8 / 10 DEF 6 / 10
INT 3 / 10 RES 4 / 10
TEC 9 / 10 HIT 6 / 10
SPD 7 / 10 LCK 5 / 10
AVERAGE: 5.7 / 10


Type Dark / Fighting
Ability  Rivalry
Nature  Rash
Characteristic  Likes to fight.
 Night Slash Metal Claw
 Close Combat Shadow Claw




  Sword Physical weapon. Range: 1. Damage reduced by target's Def.
  Infantry Unit Can move two spaces. Slowed by forests, etc.
  Ruby Sword
Gives Atk+20% if weapon-triangle advantage, Atk-20% if disadvantage.
  Luna Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50.
  Fury 3
Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3. Unit takes 6 damage after combat.
  Desperation 3
If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 75%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack.


Disgaea Class Warrior
Etrian Odyssey Class Reaper



     None yet, check back in later!


     None yet, check back in later!


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"...I don't wanna think about that thing any more than I have to."
"Fucking asshole. Can't wait to kill the shit out of him someday. Huge fucking cheater. How the hell is anyone gonna have a fair fight against a literal fucking death machine? That's bullshit."
*unintelligible angry muttering*


I wanna see a character who genuinely flips tables when upset

Lysis is, uh... not terribly good at managing his anger.

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Q106. Which OC of yours is the most willing to take risks?

A lot of them, really! A lot of my OCs kind of live on the edge and are confident in themselves, so they don't hesitate to take chances. Azior, Hellscream, Lausac, Loligo, Porphyra, Kameila, Lysis...

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