Once upon a time, Etoile Celestella owned a gorgeous planet that was used for luxurious getaways.

...But then the (unofficial and highly illegal, in fact) Space Police came along and declared that Celestella was now going to be used to house criminals too violent and/or powerful to be contained in prisons. Etoile didn't consent to this, of course, but there was little she could do to keep the Space Police from dumping all manner of abominations onto her planet. Now Celestella is mostly ruined, overrun by villains and gangs and littered with debris and explosions.

Etoile is constantly seeking ways to get everyone off of Celestella, but the prisoners aren't too upset with their predicament. Of course, not being able to kill their one obstacle to true lawlessness lest the planet get destroyed is an annoyance, but it's not like Etoile is much of a threat to them, anyway.