Shea was the bass player, main lyricist, and co-founder of Wanderlust, the jam band that Roadie spent years working for, first as general crew, eventually working his way up to their trusted guitar tech. The band recently split up after many years, but it was an amicable parting of the ways, and they're still friends.

Shea was once married to Kennedy, and they started the band together. Eventually they divorced, but there are no hard feelings there; they just weren't right for each other in that way.

Shea is as clever and sharp as her lyrics and basslines, and she could be the type of person you might call a strong independent woman who don't need no man, if that didn't sound too juvenile for her. She has nothing against men, of course; she's just very self-possessed and confident and has no trouble whatsoever doing everything her own way.

She's a little woman often flanked by her two very big elderly ex-racing greyhounds, Mac and Stevie. Her sense of fashion is as legendary as her ability to drink anyone under the table-- if she felt like it, but like an arm wrestler with nothing left to prove, she doesn't feel like humoring people with it anymore. She never really liked the taste anyway.

Shea is caring in her own sort of way, but you have to know her to get it: it's the sort of tough love that means she really respects you. It's because of her that Roadie got, and still has even after all these years, the nickname "Roadie"-- it's what she's always called him. It's an affectionate nickname, even if it doesn't sound like it.