Bassist in Persephone's Winter. Flirty musical mercenary.

capable // sly // confident

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2004


Full Name Dmitri Mikhailovich Zubov Age 29 Species Human
Nicknames Roadie (by friends), Dima (by Haggis) Birthday November 15, 1977 Gender Male
Prefers any name Zodiac Scorpio Pronouns He/Him
Band Persephone's Winter Religion Jewish (secular) Sexuality Pansexual
Band Role Bassist, multi-instrumentalist Background Russian Relationship Status It's Complicated
Day Job Unemployed guitar tech Birthplace Moscow, Russia Living Situation In an apartment alone

"Groupies, plural?"

- Xero

The Story So Far...

Roadie is a guitar tech by trade, but when the comic starts, the band he's spent most of his adult life working for has just broken up. Not eager to jump back into looking for another tech gig just yet, Roadie is sitting in as bass or guitar in some local bands when Izzy finds out about him and convinces him to play with his for a battle of the bands contest.

Roadie's not terribly invested in this, but a gig's a gig, and maybe it'll even be fun-- if things don't get too complicated.

Roadie is flirty, lazy, laid-back, and naturally laconic. Seems to be full of road stories but doesn’t think they’re that interesting, and although he is not secretive, he rarely mentions anything about his personal life, past, or work unless it's relevant to the task at hand. He usually goes with the flow in the band and lets the others fuss over things and get the credit, but really, he's the one who knows most what he's doing, and he'll quietly steer them out of the fire when he has to. He's very professional when it comes down to it, and reliable when called upon to do something-- which makes him sometimes butt heads with Izzy, who's in charge but all over the place.

A hedonist, his main motivation is to enjoy life, with good music, good sex, good food and good friends. Roadie doesn't exert himself over anything he doesn't particularly care about, but he's very dedicated when it comes to something he does care about, like music. He knows his skills will carry him through, whatever happens, and that is why he is willing to take chances like playing with this college band in this silly contest. Not much in life really worries him; always calm under pressure.

Not much on commitment and not a fan of people trying to tell him what to do, outside of a professional context. He's not used to spending a lot of time in one place, and this is the first time he's been a full-time member of a band. He sees himself as a hired gun and isn't thinking of the band as a long-term thing. He's not exactly expecting or seeking fame and fortune out of this contest.

He's self-confident, and charming to everyone from the elderly downstairs neighbor he helps with chores to the ladies and the fellas. He's not particularly outgoing, but he's comfortable in any room. He can be blunt, though, and especially sharp if he thinks you're intentionally wasting his time. Roadie isn't much of a combative person, but if you push him far enough, he will definitely give you exactly what you deserve.

Finest Moment

When Silver was at his most heartbroken over a breakup, Roadie spent the night with him getting high and laughing at old sci-fi B-movies together.

Lowest Low

As a teenager, he once broke his wrist jumping out of a second-floor window when he had to make a quick escape from a lover's bedroom.

Height: 5'6"/168cm Build: Chubby, but strong upper body
Eyes: Green Hair: Black, straight
Handedness: Right Style: Chill, subdued

Roadie is short and chubby, with black hair, sideburns, and a goatee, and jade green eyes.

He wears a lot of gray and black, and likes neat monochromes and muted solid colors or subtle patterns. He doesn't wear loud patterns or bright colors. He's usually wearing gray or black chucks and either button-down shirts or dark hoodies and layers. He often has his sleeves rolled up, but he takes pride in his appearance and doesn't like to look sloppy.

Roadie loves chess and complicated Russian crosswords, and he keeps up with the newspapers from back home.

He loves music more than anything and owns a big vinyl collection that covers the walls of his apartment. He usually has a guitar or something else he's working on laying on his workbench. He has miscellaneous music and tech skills and can repair or otherwise handle a lot of electrical or other handyman tasks. His dream would probably be to make a living building and selling his own guitars.

He loves food, but he'd rather eat out or "help" Haggis cook than cook for himself.

Other interests include black coffee, astronomy, documentaries, and making out with the rhythm guitarist.

Roadie has lived in the U.S. since he was 17; his English is very good, but it gets sloppier when he's tired or drunk, and he'll mutter things in Russian when he doesn't want the others to understand him (like if he wants to insult Izzy or say something cute to Haggis).

He can dance.


He doesn't know how to drive, and a good way to get him annoyed is to make fun of him for it.

Roadie's a multi-instrumentalist; he'll play whatever the band needs, and he's good. He keeps multiple guitars and a keyboard in his apartment, but his leading lady is his bass Katya. She's a Music Man Stingray in Pacific Blue Burst, and the first real thing he owned in America. His guitar strap is black weave with a blue embroidered flower pattern.

He finds something interesting about most genres of music, but he's especially partial to classic rock and metal, and jazz and jam bands (the band he was most recently a guitar tech for, Wanderlust, was something like Phish) that he bores Haggis to tears with. He loves Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

Guilty Pleasure

He actually likes "Freebird".


Haggis It's Complicated / Bandmate

It's hate at first sight for Haggis and Roadie, but the more they're stuck with each other, that hate morphs into fooling around in secret and eventually... into something quite different, maybe. They would never admit to being a couple, not even to themselves, but it gets harder to hide even as the stakes get higher for being found out, and soon they'll have to decide what secrets are worth keeping.


Scurvy Bandmate

Along with Haggis, Scurvy, Izzy, and Xero are the other members of his new band. Scurvy and Roadie immediately got along, as they're some of the more chill and mature members of the band, and can talk in-depth about music theory. There's a lot of mutual respect there.


Izzy Bandmate

Izzy's the leader of Roadie's new band. They usually get along... but they can butt heads over band decisions (i.e. how much of a dumbass Izzy is), and even though Roadie usually goes with the flow, he can be just as hardheaded as Izzy when he's sure he's right.


Xero Bandmate

Xero is the final member of the band. He and Roadie get along fine, especially when they can tag team making fun of Izzy or Haggis.


Silver Old Friend

Silver is his best friend from the days when he actually was a roadie, and they get together often to shoot the shit and give each other guff about whatever's happening in their lives. Silver can read him like a book, but that's always been mutual. Their friendship is uncomplicated and honest, often to the point of bluntness, but it's the kind of easy relationship Roadie appreciates, when the music business can be full of so much insincerity.


Régine Friend

Régine's another good friend; they don't ask much of each other, but each is there for the other when they need them.


Joie Former Employer / Old Friend

Joie was the rhythm guitarist of Wanderlust, the band Roadie worked for as crew for many years. She immediately took a shine to the teenaged Roadie, and for better or worse, taught him everything she knows. The two were wingman and wingwoman for each other back on the road, and they're still good friends.


Kennedy Former Employer / Old Friend

Kennedy was the frontman of Wanderlust, and he's a friendly guy who still likes to offer advice and support to Roadie when they catch up.


Shea Former Employer / Old Friend

Shea was the bassist of Wanderlust, and the person who gave Roadie his enduring nickname. His relationship with this sly and independent woman is one of mutual respect.


Harvey Former Employer / Old Friend

Kennedy was Wanderlust's drummer, and a frequent tour bus chess opponent of Roadie back in the day. They're still friends.


Vera Neighbor

Vera is Roadie's elderly downstairs neighbor who has sort of taken it upon herself to be his mom or grandma. He helps her with errands and chores around the house, and spoils her cat, Princess, as his own. They're the only family he's got, really, and they mean more to him than he can say.

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