En Litari II



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The exiled Prince of Sirens,
whose voice could carry no music.

It has always been a tradition for royal sirens to sing to the entire kingdom when they reached adulthood, for their voices were stronger and more beautiful. Those that heard their voices could swear that instruments would play with them, like they were opera singers surrounded by heavenly orchestras. Singing was their proof of royalty.
En, however, was not as majestic as they claimed.
Although indeed born into royalty with siren blood, he was completely incapable of anything musical. Playing an instrument? No. Keeping a rhythm? No. Whistling? No.
Singing? Definitely no. And with the day rapidly approaching, he began to grow scared.

As the day arrived and En stepped into the performing square, surrounded by not just the sirens but the people of both Cathal and Litari, he opened his mouth and sang.
And it was beautiful. The instruments played, and his voice rang everywhere. Everyone let out a warm sigh as they listened to their prince.
Until the song glitched and got stuck on a loop.
The sirens were furious. This man did not prove his royalty, and even mocked their culture by trying to lip sync! Their voice was louder than the rest of the kingdom's, and with the royal family too weak to fight back, they were left with no choice but to exile the prince.

Removed from his home, En wanders the world in search of a way to learn music and earn his right back on the throne.
But little does he know of the much larger storm looming over his kingdom.

Notes: I've always thought about the next generations of my characters, En was one of them, although I can't remember how I got the ideas for the plots. I definitely remember liking the idea of a siren that couldn't sing, and the longer I sat on it the more ideas I got, like having to sing to prove he's royal. It took a while to get all these parts to fit together nicely, and I'm excited to see how the rest of his story goes!


Full Name: En Litari II

Nicknames: Loser Prince (according to his entire kingdom)

Age: 20

Birthday: August 17

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hair/Eye Color: White/Gold

Height: 5'6" 

Weight: 140 Ibs

Occupation: Ex-Prince

Personality: En is average, if not a little optimistic. He's naive and easily influenced, with his country's hatred towards him giving him a low self-esteem eager for validation and encouragement. Despite the weight of everything on his shoulders, he's still young and has a bit of a free-spirit, laughing and joking with his friends.

Non-Human Weapons:
- Lan-Ran - A mythical weapon passed down from a father he never knew. These twin double-edged swords have the capability of controlling one element at a time each. When the rose emblem at the base of their hilts are combined, they can transform into any weapon he desires.

Non-Human Abilities:
- Musicianship - An ability inherited to him thanks to his siren blood, but one not awakened yet. This skill, altered in his generation, allows him to listen to the music in one's soul and sing a piercing note capable of hitting them with a powerful blow.
- Musicianship II - Another inherited ability that has also not been awakened yet. Once he can clearly listen to the music inside his soul, En will be able to protect himself from mind control/reading abilities.

Voice: Lighthearted and optimistic; Antony Del Rio

Drawing Details: Looks like any average person, albeit slightly pale, olive skin. Biggest details are in his white hair and golden eyes. He wears a cloak with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath and suspenders over. He wears matching black pants with dark brown boots. There are sword sheathes on both sides of his hips for Lan-Ran.

Fun/Extra Facts:

- En is the second in line, with his older brother named Allegretto. He's assassinated shortly after En is exiled.

- Lan-Ran is only capable of being used by people with Litari royal blood. In another's hands, the blade is rusted and no elements can be used. En seems to be the only one capable of summoning the sword at will, though, compared to his brother.

- Despite Lan-Ran being a definite proof of royalty in terms of Litari blood, the sirens were still not convinced of En being one of them. Any trust they had was immediately distinguished when they learned about him lip syncing.

- En is much better at using Lan-Ran than any previous holder. In fact, towards the end he learns a special skill where he rapidly switches elements on the sword, shooting out a ball of rapid energy. Towards the end of his life he is dubbed the Fireworks Swordsman for the way that skill looks.

- Roy, his father, has vanished without a trace shortly after he was born. By this time Roy has killed Ark, who the world still sees as a good guy, therefore they dub Roy as an evil, corrupt monster. He disappears so that his family isn't connected to him and is spared everyone's rage.

- By the time Ark is dead, the modern world of humans now co-mingles with non-humans.

- The fiasco of En being exiled lead to a tension in Roy's kingdom between Litari and the sirens. The civil unrest only worsened with Allegretto's assassination, with rumors spreading that the assassin came from Balthazar's kingdom. 

- With Elabelle left alone in charge of a massive kingdom on the brink of civil war, a kingdom overseas attacks them at their weakest.

- The kingdoms used to be hidden from humans but are now out in the open, seen more as a secondary government ruling over non-humans. These kingdoms are shared with the countries, such as Litari being in Italy, or Anthea being in Germany. The kingdom overseas that attacks Litari is named Tritias (Tr-it-tea-as) and is located in the United States.

- The royal adviser for Tritias is Anthea's former king, Earle, who also happened to be the one who assassinated Allegretto.

- Speaks Italian and English.

- Likes bad movies unironically.

- Is willingly able to eat onions like apples.