The muscle.

crude // gleeful // tough

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2008


Full Name Brittany Dimayuga Age 22 Species Human
Nicknames Britt Birthday May 8, 1985 Gender Female
Prefers Britt Zodiac Taurus Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Coney Island Mermaids Religion nonreligious Sexuality Lesbian
Group Role Blocker Background Filipina Relationship Status Dating Dinah
Day Job College student/bookstore clerk Birthplace Chicago, IL Living Situation In an apartment with Dinah
  • rude, crude, and loving it
  • def the kind of girl who owns a "vaginatarian" shirt
  • really proud that she got the number #69 for the derby team. was a little nepotism with her girlf the captain involved? maybe
  • blocker
  • moved to NYC for Dinah; originally from a derby team in Chicago, but Love Bloomed on the Battlefield
  • has Strong Pizza Opinions. disgusts Dinah with her love for deep dish
  • vegetarian; cannot abide vegan cheese
  • metalhead
  • White Sox fan (that's the hat she's wearing); 2005 was the greatest time of her life
  • Big Butch Energy but also a secret romantic and soft around Dinah
  • Dinah doesn't need her protection but too bad: she's got a bodyguard who will break some kneecaps for a bitch anyway. hardheaded; cannot be dissuaded from anything
  • good buds with Lupe
  • works at a university bookstore; the only one who's friends with the angry, ancient bookstore cat, Lady Macbeth
  • def makes pussy jokes about that. this is what you're gonna get if you're friends with her
Height: 6'1"/185cm Build: Tough
Eyes: Green Hair: Blue, straight (bleached and dyed from black)
Handedness: Right Style: Butch

Dinah Girlfriend / Teammate


Lupe Teammate


Amber Teammate


Trixie Teammate

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