The "healer."

chatty // nerdy // nosy

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1994?


Full Name Beatrix Feigenbaum Age 25 Species Human
Nicknames Trixie Birthday March 29, 1982 Gender Female
Prefers Trixie Zodiac Aries Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Coney Island Mermaids Religion Jewish Sexuality Asexual
Group Role Blocker Background ??? Relationship Status ???
Day Job Registered nurse Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???
  • member of the Coney Island Mermaids roller derby team
  • usually a blocker
  • cute and friendly, but actually tricksy. a menace in the pack. good to have on your side
  • chatty and all up in everyone's business. knows all the team gossip and aims to know the other teams' too for strategic use in the heat of battle
  • if this were hockey you'd call her a pest
  • bookish nerd, has a thigh tattoo of the White Tree of Gondor to go along with her derby name
  • registered nurse. says she's the healer of the party... the party being the roller derby team
  • Trixie I feel like you stir up more problems than you heal, but ok
Height: 5'5"/165cm Build: Plump
Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark brown, wavy
Handedness: Right Style: Cute, mod

Trixie dresses in cute, perky clothes, bright colors and vintage styles. You'll also find her in merch of her favorite nerdy media.

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