Derby girl. The audacious friend.

brassy // loyal // cheeky

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1994?


Full Name Guadalupe Escárcega Ocasio Age 22 Species Human
Nicknames Lupe (by everyone) Birthday March 22, 1985 Gender Female
Prefers Lupe Zodiac Aries Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Happy Fingers Religion Catholic (nominally) Sexuality Bisexual
Group Role Amber and Jill's co-worker Background Puerto Rican Relationship Status Single
Day Job Works at a musical instrument store Birthplace Brooklyn, NY Living Situation At home with her family

"If you're into girls now, I can set you up."

- Lupe

Friends and co-workers with Jill, Amber, and Hali at a Brooklyn new/used musical instrument store called Happy Fingers, and playing as a blocker on the same roller derby team as Amber, here's Lupe: audacious, snarky, teasing, deadpan. She's chill and takes almost everything in stride, but if you mess with her friends, she will absolutely fuck your shit up.

Lupe adores loud colors and patterns and especially flame printed clothing, feather boas, and all kinds of ridiculous nonsense. She loves dance music and she drives a lifted Jeep Wrangler, and she doesn't care a whit what other people think about her.

She's bi, but not that interested in dating. She doesn't drink and usually ends up being the designated driver, which is fine with her because she lives for teasing her friends and is happy to watch them embarrass themselves. At a concert, she and Jill are usually in the back making fun of the band, the fans, or both. Hali in particular is Lupe's favorite person to tease, and she never leaves her alone-- but only in good fun.

Lupe is the best cook in Jill's circle of friends, and often invites friends over for dinner with her family.

Height: 5'8"/172cm Build: Beefy, plump
Eyes: Dark brown Hair: Black, glossy
Handedness: Left Style: Loud

Lupe is big and powerfully-built and ready to ruin some hapless little jammer's day. She has glossy black hair usually woven in two thick braids.

As mentioned, her style is wild and loud, and if anyone's going to wear t-shirts with shamelessly stupid phrases on them, it's her. She tends to wear a lot of band shirts or shirts from her derby team, but if they're not tank tops, she'll cut the sleeves off, cut a neckline, and trim the shirt any other ways she likes to make them suit her liking.

She wears cutoff shorts in the summer and might wear some punky accessories like spiky collars, but it's difficult to describe her as a punk or as a member of any other specific subculture.


Hali Good Friend / Coworker


Jill Good Friend / Coworker


Amber Good Friend / Coworker / Teammate


Britt Good Friend / Teammate


Dinah Teammate


Trixie Teammate

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