Chelsea Martinez



Chelsea Martinez

CHELL-see marr-TEE-nez
DFAB Female
February 11th
Human. Though perhaps not for long...

An ordinary human pop star who lives for the limelight and loves all of the pros and cons that come with fame. Well, perhaps she's not so ordinary. One night a minor demon attempted to attack her, and thanks to her demonic personality she managed to subdue it with her bare hands and tainted soul. She now wears it as an accessory, in control of all of its power and becoming more corrupted by its presence by the day... or maybe she's just always like that. Either way, her habit of consuming the souls of the talented and manipulating her fans into doing her bidding earned her an invitation to Hell College, where she intends to continue the cycle.


Chelsea comes off as a stereotypical celebrity caricature. She's vain, hates lifting a finger for anything, selfish, and loves to lord her success and power over others. She seems to be vapid, shallow, and all around a terrible person.

It would be a lie to say that's not true, but it's really only partially true.

In truth, Chelsea's defining trait is that she loves to act. Putting on the typical pride demon face is a lot of fun to her, and given that she's confident and doesn't mind stepping on people to get where she wants to be it suits her well. She doesn't feel bad about much and has trouble wondering why other people would. If other people feel bad about how you treat them, then they should do something about it. And if you can't fight back then, well, that's your fault. She doesn't really pick on the especially weak or anything, and every once in a while she might apologize for something she did if it has consequences more dire than she intended or the victim cries enough, but for the most part you shouldn't expect much mercy from her.

Chelsea is primarily concerned with her own well-being and happiness, willing to sink to all sorts of lows to get what she wants. This aspect of her has only increased since becoming corrupted by her pet demon. She has a penchant for devouring souls now and doesn't feel bad about controlling people to do her bidding. What's the problem, she thinks. If people are such big fans of her they'd follow her orders either way, right?

As self-centered as she is, Chelsea does enjoy competition and admires people who are like her. She doesn't mind losing too much depending on the situation, especially because she enjoys planning her revenge and gets a kick out of putting people back in their place. The people love a good underdog, after all, and who doesn't love a story about redemption?

Despite all of this, Chelsea is more down to earth than people assume. If you can get past her persona, she's actually pretty friendly and loves just hanging out with people and doing simple things like watching TV and going out. Don't expect her to stay too close to anyone, though. She prefers light-hearted relationships with no baggage and little emotional depth. She'll always be down to party with you and will probably let you indulge in all the luxuries she has to offer, but if you want to talk about your feelings all the time or get mad when she hangs out with or even dates other people she won't hesitate to drop you like a rock. She likes flirting and teasing others, but she doesn't like being tied down.

Though she's as cruel as she likes toward humans, Chelsea has a soft spot for animals, especially domesticated ones. Many varieties of monsters fall into the same category. She has the urge to pet them all, and she'll happily punish anyone who's cruel to them.


Edibles Raspberries, pretty much anything pink, pepperoni pizza, cupcakes, beets, balsamic vinaigrette, hot dogs, sushi, frozen fruits, frozen treats in general, ambrosia salad.
Weather Cool, breezy, clear nights. She also likes a pouring rain every now and then.
Activities Singing, dancing, being praised and worshiped, winning, listening to music, getting what she wants, watching makeup tutorials and murder documentaries, snacking.
Colors Pink and black, especially when they're together!
Misc. Competition, mythology, pretty much every genre of music, stars, gossip, fashion, Vines, ribbons, cats, dogs, sprinkles, bath bombs, glitter, movies about badass girls, gullible men, spiders, cell phone charms.


EdiblesOvercooked meat, expensive chocolates (she prefers the taste of cheaper stuff,) artificial citrus flavor, barbecue sauce, raw onions.
Weather Snow. She really hates snow. It's cold and it gets everywhere!
Activities Doing anything before she's gotten ready for the day, sleeping, being tricked, misplacing things, cleaning, manual labor.
Animals Rats, most insects, aggressive dogs, cows, llamas.
Misc. Grime, dull colors, small bathtubs, disorganized living spaces, pessimists, sandpaper, internet drama, velcro.




Chelsea stands at 5'5" with a figure typical of what's expected of a pop star: perfectly polished, slender, and with curves only in the most desirable places. She has pink hair and eyes, something which is natural enough on Anime Earthâ„¢. Her hair goes down to the middle of her back, but it's almost always put up. Otherwise there isn't much to note about her body, though she claims she has a "special secret" somewhere on her body that she invites the daring to find...

Oh, right, there's also the matter of that little demon that's bound to her soul and whatnot. She tends to wear it as an accessory, usually a scarf, but she can't actually remove it from her body.


Chelsea has had a professional styling team behind her for much of her life, but they've always been aligned with Chelsea's personal taste. She's always seen in elaborate makeup and stunning outfits that are more like costumes, always with plenty of accessories and complimentary hairstyles. Her attire tends to include plenty of bows and ribbons.

Now that she's on her own her style is much of the same, though perhaps less complicated. She spends much of her morning getting ready, and she likes to always look like she's ready to step out on stage at any moment.

Every once in a while you might luck out and catch her on a lazy day, with her hair down and her cat socks on and in little more than a big sweater she bought from her own website...


Chelsea's body language always indicates that she's in charge. Despite not being particularly tall she always finds a way to look down on people. She always sits with one leg crossed over another, both open and closed enough to show that she doesn't consider you to be a threat and is vaguely annoyed that you'd even consider that. As a celebrity, she's spent a long time learning how to manage her image and always give off the impression she desires without even opening her mouth...


Chelsea always smells like raspberries, shampoo, and glitter. Pretty much the essence of the color pink.


i uh... i dunno. she sounds... normal...? has a voice well suited for energetic pop music...???


Chelsea was born in southern California, and from birth she always wanted to be on top of the world. She enjoyed singing and dancing as a child and she never wound up growing out of that, participating in every talent show and pageant she could get her parents to enter her in. Her parents were always a bit hesitant - her maternal grandparents had immigrated from Mexico to pursue their musical dreams and never gained much traction, leaving her mother to grow up in a chaotic environment where they never had enough money - but Chelsea proved their doubts wrong again and again. By middle school she had been spotted by talent scouts, leading to her becoming a child actor with a side career in kid-friendly music.

As she grew older, the way she was publicized evolved. She grew out of kids channels and became more music-oriented than acting-oriented. Her costumes became more revealing, the public cared more about her personal life, and questions became more and more personal. Chelsea didn't mind it, though. She loved the limelight and thrived on the attention, willing to do whatever was asked of her to get her in front of bigger and bigger crowds. The luxuries she was granted outweighed the drama and struggles she had to face, and even the negatives usually felt like positives to her.

One night a minor demon - an animalistic, simple thing made of shadows - attempted to attack her during a vacation and devour her soul. Without even thinking about it, Chelsea simply grabbed the thing and wondered what it was. Her strength of being and fearlessness toward the dark side of the world allowed her to unwittingly subjugate the demon, but its influence crept into her heart. Her curiosity grew rapidly, and she decided to keep the demon at her side. She decided to use it as an accessory, not sure what it was but happy with how it complimented her outfits.

The more time she spent with the demon on her person, the more demonic she became. She noticed that she was developing abilities she could only dream of before. Everyone seemed more obedient toward her, and even the most unfamiliar fan would sink to any low for her. Furthermore, even people who didn't care for her would bend at the knee with enough time. Doing a little research, she determined that her cute new scarf was something demonic in nature, and by subduing it she was gaining its abilities and then some. And that... well, that was just fine.

In the year or so before current time, Chelsea found herself with a peculiar sort of hunger and an increasing distaste toward those more successful than her. They began to disappear, and the media didn't care as much as they should have. Thoughts began to form in her head about all of mankind bowing before her, obeying her every command...

Fortunately, before the rest of the world could really start catching on and doing something about Chelsea's newfound taste for the souls of the talented, Chelsea received an invitation to Hell College. Curious about what it could teach her and wondering what it would be like to be surrounded by the like-minded, she accepted and vanished into thin air. The case of her disappearance ignited a media frenzy unlike any America had seen before, but no one's gotten even slightly close to the truth...

RP History

Chelsea hasn't been RPed with yet, so check back in later!



Though mostly a normal human, even before attaching a demon to her it's worth noting that Chelsea's charisma was pretty formidable. After becoming corrupted by demonic energy, though, she can just plain cheat. Those who admire her already will obey any command she utters, no matter how much it goes against their personality and/or morals. Even people unfamiliar with her can be manipulated by her, though, and the more time they spend around her and the more fond they become of her the easier it is for her to manipulate them. However, she's found at Hell College that there are many beings with strong willpower or who are outright immune to her brand of mind-altering magic, so it's not like she could just make herself God even on Earth.

By singing, her commands become more powerful and become more deeply ingrained in people's minds; most of her most popular hits are laced with subliminal messaging in this way, further opening her fans' minds to her. She can also use her voice to attack others with sound-based magic, and if one's heart is open enough to her she can heal them with their music as well.

Being demonically-corrupted, she's developed an interest in souls and can remove them from the bodies of those weaker than her with ease. Since she has so many fans, it's not hard for her to get her fill. Depending on how thorough she is and what her desires are, she can leave people as either emotionless husks or kill them entirely.

Her demon accessory is somewhat independent, though its only priorities involve protecting its host. It can stretch and change shape at will, though Chelsea can override the demon's will and replace it with her own whenever she wants. It's useful for restraining others, attacking them, and it even gives her access to some minor shadow magic - something she hopes to develop more now that she's at Hell College.


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Positioning SkillShove: Pushes horizontally adjacent units outward one space.
Passive Ability#1 Idol: Boosts TEC and LUCK of adjacent allies by 20%.
Personal WeaknessDeals 10% less damage to Beast units.
Friendship Bonus+5% LUCK






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408692?1493038974Aranaea Bishopi

"Coolest chick on campus and by FAR the best professor. Hell College has a decent lineup, but Aranaea is the kind of girl I'd wanna hang out with outside of class, too. She really knows her stuff and couldn't bore you if she tried."

336399?1488504059Desima Vespus

"I dunno who the hell she think she is, but it annoys me. Normally I'd be down with a chick like that, but I don't think there's a single person she won't brush off. Girls like her are so obnoxious. You're not better than anyone if you think you're better than everyone."


"He's ridiculously annoying and never really shuts up... normally I wouldn't bother interacting with a guy like him outside of bossing him around, but... he kinda reminds me of one of my old dogs. Ugh... I wish he was just a full-blooded human so I didn't feel all warm and fuzzy about him."


Date CreatedSeptember 5th, 2016
Soul Color Pink with black mixed in.
Sin Class Pride
Major Musical Applications
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Present In

  • Hell College

[ Role not provided for RP-original settings. ]


  • Chelsea's name wasn't chosen for any particular reason. I just wanted a common full name that a real person might have, but also one that flowed nicely and sounded kinda of cute, like one you could see a pop star of her age having.
  • Though she enjoys her current life, she hopes to settle down with a bunch of pets someday.
  • She's spent more time than you'd think looking up vaporwave remixes of her music.