"If it isn't too much of a bother... could I ask you something?"

     A Mernymphaea imum who lives in a spring within the labyrinth of Heaven College to provide healing services to the students who reach her. She fits the job well, being someone with a kind, warm, and gentle personality. She is, however, prone to letting others walk all over her, being too fearful of punishment and too unwilling to upset others to stand up for herself. It doesn't help that she's relatively powerless, in a place that's beginning to feel increasingly unfamiliar, and essentially trapped a single location that limits her ability to form connections and escape should she need to.

     She's beginning to catch on to the fact that she didn't always live where she did, and that perhaps there's more to her life than Heaven College is willing to tell her...


Name Tulippa
Age She's not sure...
Gender DFAB Female
Pronouns she/her
Birthday February 28th
Zodiac Pisces
Place of Origin A place where there are many Mernymphaea, presumably.
Species Mernymphaea imum
Height Around 6'4" from head to fin. Err... flower.
Orientation Gray-Aromantic/Gray-Asexual
Alignment Neutral Good
Occupation "NPC" in Heaven College's labyrinth who provides healing services.
Date Created August 16th, 2016
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Virtue Class
TBA (potentially Kindness?)


  • Heaven College

(Role not provided for RP-original settings.)


peaceful  •  gentle  •  amiable  •  obliging  •  worried

     Tulippa is gentle and kind-hearted. She's the sort who seeks to keep peace and fears any hostility or conflict, even if it's one one person being snarky toward another. Her psyche is extremely delicate and can't take much negativity before collapsing, so among those who come to her for more than just healing she has a reputation for being sensitive.

     In order to maintain happiness, Tulippa is eager to please and will do almost anything that's asked of her. She doesn't like to argue and can't cope with being given so much as a disappointed look, so she's become very obedient and unquestioning in her time at Heaven College. This shouldn't be mistaken for trust or loyalty, however: Tulippa is a very suspicious and nervous person who knows there's something wrong with her situation. She complies out of a fear out of disrupting the lives of others, but even moreso out of fear of what will happen to her if she asks too many questions.

     Her worrying extends into her relations with strangers: she becomes concerned about others over the smallest injuries and will especially over anyone who treats her kindly. She'll beg people to stay until she's sure they're fully healed... though, admittedly, she also just happens to be very lonely.


  • Flowers.
  • Anything related to hair (styling it, taking care of it, hair accessories, etc).
  • Sunlight.
  • Colorful things.
  • Helping others.
  • Music.
  • Warm days.
  • Knick-knacks.
  • Gentle conversations.
  • Learning.
  • Animals.


  • The unknown.
  • Hostility and violence.
  • Inclement weather.
  • The dark.
  • Rude people.
  • Having her questions ignored.
  • Loud noises.
  • Being alone.


  • Singing.
  • Exploring what she's able to.
  • Taking care of people and helping the lost.
  • Combing her hair.
  • Collecting lost items.
  • Sunbathing.


     As a Mernymphaea imum, Tulippa is defined by the large flower at the end of her tail, in this case a tulip. She's very bright and healthy thanks to her constant sunbathing; after all, it's not like she has much else to do. Aside from that, other notable attributes of hers are her extraordinary pinkness, freckles, her extrordinarily shiny hair, her thick eyebrows, and her short stature. The bulk of her height contained in her tail; if she was human she would probably only be about 5'0" at best.


     Tulippa doesn't actually wear clothing: what little she has is part of her body. Her sense of style does manifest with her hair, though! She spends much of her free time (read as: all the time) combing her hair and styling it in different ways. Most of the time she keeps it up, however, especially when expecting company.


     Tulippa's expressions aren't the most subtle thing in the world, but she generally tries to hide them. Instead, most of her body language is centered on her tail: it sways slowly when pleased, quickly when anxious, and is completely still when she's afraid. Her hands are likewise important to her expressiveness, spending much of their time either nervously tangled in her hair or anxiously rubbing at her fins. Her eyes, however, are the biggest giveaway of all: they open up significantly when she's afraid, intimidated, or lying, revealing her feelings in an instant.


     Exactly like a healthy, blooming, vivid tulip.


     Soft, gentle, and airy. Her voice is relatively high, but it's warm enough to be construed as motherly. Provided she's calm, that is. She has a tendency to stutter, and when nervous her voice quivers and drops drastically in volume.


     Tulippa is completely in the dark about her past. All she knows is that one day she woke up in a spring she had to assume was home, mind buzzing with the mission to help those who approached her. In fact, for a while she didn't have any reason to suspect there was a past before this. But as time passed, she began feeling an abstract sort of wrongness. Her surroundings became uncomfortable, and her healing powers began to feel increasingly alien.

     The truth is that Tulippa - like many of Heaven College's labyrinth's sapient residents - lived a peaceful and ordinary life among her kind on another planet before being chosen by the Temperance Overking, Caelestis Elior, to populate the labyrinth. Her memory was erased and additional memories were created to convince her that the labyrinth was her home and healing others was simply her life's mission. In order to keep her from figuring out too much or acting out should she discover the truth and be unhappy with it, she was isolated to a single spring in the labyrinth and given a role that involved people simply using her and leaving without much fanfare.

     Unable to make any particularly lasting connections - minus an uneasy acquaintanceship with another NPC - Tulippa has found herself struggling to get answers. She'd like to ask those that visit her some questions, but she's stopped both by the desire not to bother anyone and the fear that if she derails things too much, both she and those she interacts with will be punished for it.


     Mernymphaea imum have no inherent magical abilities other than the ability to communicate with flowers and sea creatures. Tulippa is unique, however, in that her abduction by Heaven College led to her being given more powers. She now has the ability to use healing magic, able to cure status conditions and restore health points effortlessly.


HP 6 / 10 SP 10 / 10
ATK 1 / 10 DEF 3 / 10
INT 3 / 10 RES 10 / 10
TEC 2 / 10 HIT 7 / 10
SPD 7 / 10 LCK 8 / 10
AVERAGE: 5.7 / 10


Type WaterFairy
Ability  Healer
Nature  Timid
Characteristic  Alert to sounds.
 Aromatherapy Aqua Ring
 Aromatic Mist Floral Healing




  Staff Magical weapon. Range: 2 (attack only). Damage reduced by target's Res.
  Flying Unit Can move two spaces. Ignores forests, mountains, rivers, etc., when moving.
  Slow After any combat, inflicts Spd-6 on foe through its next action.
  Physic Restores 8 HP to target and all allies within 2 spaces of target.
  Still-Water Balm
When healing an ally with a staff, grants all allies Res+4 for 1 turn.
  Wings of Mercy 3
Enables unit to warp adjacent to any ally with HP ≤ 50%.


Disgaea Class Fairy
Etrian Odyssey Class Medic



     None yet, check back in later!


     None yet, check back in later!


This section only contains IC details about Tulippa's most important connections. For more connections and more details on the connections listed here, please view her links!

"She's... frightening. Every move she makes is intimidating... but I think she's the only ally I have. She's the only one I can talk to about what's happening... so I have to trust her."
"S-She's exceedingly daring! For someone who seems so small and innocuous, her bravery is remarkable... I hope she doesn't get in too much trouble. I know this place is unkind to the underhanded... even if I wouldn't accuse her of being as such."


Monue  //  Date: Tulippa! She's too cute, and seems so nice. <3

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Monue  //  She sunbathes as a source of nourishment, being part plant, with her skin acting as a leaf would. Interestingly, the area around her spring has very clean air, a byproduct of this unique form of photosynthesis, and her spring is highly oxygenated. With enough time, and focused regulatory effort on her part, perhaps people would be able to breath under the water there!

This is really cool!! I'd consider this canon, honestly!

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Voted most likely to cry over you when you get a papercut.

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"You haven't lived unless you've had the whole steamed flounder from Blue Ribbon Brasserie in New York. If you've had it somewhere else, I suppose that'll do too."

A-Ah, well... I, um... I can't say I'm very comfortable with the thought of eating fish...

So, then...! How about some nice, healthy grapefruits?

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