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Jonathan Linden



Name: Jonathan Linden
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 161cm
Type: Human
Birthday: 20.5 (Taurus)
Orientation: Bi/pan
Alignment: Neutral Good
Theme: X & X & X
HTML: lowkeywicked
… man, who wakes up before six on their own accord? I wouldn’t like to wake up even at eight in the morning.
pRceF1o.png A new student to the Lottenberg academy, the curious circumstances of Jonathan's arrival ensure everyone's immediate interest in him. Added by the fact he instantly becomes the roommate of Claude, one of the most known boys of the school, it doesn't take long for Jonathan to become surrounded by people who want to know more about him, and he gladly answers to their inquiries - as long as the questions don't concern his school switching mid-semester

Jonathan is generally regarded as a boy typical for his age: active, energetic and highly social, although sometimes a tad too curious for his own good - even though he really doesn't want to get himself into trouble, especially now that he has arrived to a new school. However, Jonathan has a natural tendency to find himself in the midst of trouble and strange happenings, and he does have a rather unfortunate habit of bending and breaking the school rules, as long as he's certain they will harm no one and he won't get caught.

Underneath the rather boyish and sporty exterior, however, Jonathan has a relatively soft nature and he enjoys looking at the night sky and writing poetry, although the latter one he keeps a secret from others. His writer father has sparked an interest in reading and literature in Jonathan, and although he's by no means a star student, he tends to fare surprisingly well in literacy related school subjects despite what people might think based on his appearance only.


Still an adolescent, Jonathan is in the middle of physical changes and keeps growing steadily. He has a sturdy but athletic body with wide shoulders; a quite strong build compared to many others his age. Jonathan has strong arms and feet as a result of doing physical labor during his summer vacations, and he is rather strong to the point he doesn't always control his strength completely.

He has a light skin but with the kind of tan typical for people who work outside, and his face, neck, shoulders and arms are covered in small freckles. He has brown, large eyebrows and hair of matching colour. His eyes are blue with a slight heterochromia, his right eye slightly more light in colour than his left eye, but the difference is very subtle: often you need to know about his eyes before noticing the difference. His eye shape is somewhat round with visible eyelashes near the corners of his eyes both up and down. His nose is on the bigger side and together with his round face shape and large eyebrows give him a rather masculine appearance despite his youth.

He is seen wearing the boarding school's autumn uniform that consists of a white collared shirt with poofy sleeves and black suspenders, shorts and crossover tie all of the same black colour. He wears white mid-calf socks that are often rather loose and baggy because he forgets to pull them back up, and he wears black shoes with four white decoration buttons attached on each. He is also seen wearing a gray-ish blue cardigan over his autumn school uniform.


  • Physically rather strong for someone his age. As he is still growing and will get even stronger, Jonathan doesn't always control his strength well and might end up breaking things by accident if he is being careless. He is afraid of hurting other people by accident, and tries to be as gentle as possible with them, especially if smaller in size than him.  

  • Jonathan has a very good memory when he puts effort into learning things, and he is usually the first one to learn the whole script by heart when doing a school play. He is also a relatively fast reader, and generally fares well when literature is involved.

  • Generally good at sports; he is a pretty ordinary but active boy

  • Skilled in writing, although he is not really a person to write prose

  • Animals tend to trust him easily because of his relaxed exterior

  • Bilingual thanks to his parents having different mother tongues, and he can also speak a third language just enough to get by


  • Jonathan's father is a writer and mother a critic and a hobbyist painter, and as result Jonathan grew up in a very artistic family. Although he doesn't really consider art his own career, Jonathan is very interested especially in poems and likes to write them sometimes on his own too. He doesn't really talk about this hobby much though, as he finds it embarrassing to mention to other boys.

  • In the same vein Jonathan loves to read, and despite his rather active, outdoors-y lifestyle, he usually finds time for reading as well. For many the fact he is quite well-read comes across as a surprise, given how much of a jock he comes across to be.

  • Adores his little sister and is very protective of her
  • He was bitten by a stray dog when he was small and has then developed a fear of strange dogs. While Jonathan certainly likes dogs and is more than fine with those he has gotten to know, all strange dogs absolutely terrify him and he tends to freeze when encountering an unfamiliar dog, especially if it's loose.

  • Loves stargazing and night walks, even if he is a little afraid of the dark and whatever could lurk in the shadows. While usually Jonathan likes to play by the school's rules, he is not above sometimes sneaking out of his dorm to look at the stars outside. He is very good at not getting caught.

  • The plaster on his face is plot relevant so he can also be drawn without one!

  • Has a very slight heterochromia: his right eye is slightly lighter than his left eye is!


A kind and courageous boy, Jonathan is a natural friend maker and as such often very liked by his peers. He generally doesn't want any trouble with anyone and is very cooperative, but his temper can sometimes get the best of him: Jonathan is fast to answer to violence with violence if someone else hits him first, and he finds it hard to just ignore being insulted. He gets easily carried away by the spur of a moment or peer pressure, and while he undoubtedly has a mature side to him, Jonathan isn't very different from other boys his age. He enjoys outdoor activities and team work related games, and while not exactly a leader, he does have the capacity of being one when needed.

Social, outgoing and optimistic, Jonathan usually always finds a way to get by no matter how bad things seem to be. However, despite his very extroverted and oftentimes confident disposition, Jonathan can also be surprisingly shy and tends to overthink things when feelings are involved. He also has a tendency to accept things as they are without putting up a fight if he has to do something he is uncomfortable with: he can be really straightforward and stern with some things, while in turn avoid and keep quiet about others entirely depending on how they stay within his personal comfort zone. By extension Jonathan doesn't like big changes, and although he does have a certain kind of impulsiveness and risk-taking to his nature, he still generally prefers to stick to things he is already familiar with.

Although not much of a talker himself, Jonathan can be surprisingly witty when he just wants to be. As such, when he is being careless, his comments and remarks might sometimes come across as rude and insulting even though he doesn't intend them to come out that way. He has the capability to get under people's skin, but rarely if ever does so solely due to his own soft nature: he doesn't intentionally want to hurt or upset anyone, and Jonathan knows words are a weapon that have the potential to hurt.


This character is going to appear in the Sinfonia visual novel. This section is stub to avoid spoilers

Jonathan has three close family members: mother, father and a little sister. He was originally born in Halsnö, his father's home country, where his father had also made himself known as a writer. To escape the fame and find a more idyllic place to continue his writing, the family moved to Jonathan's mothers' home country where they settled in a small town near a forest.

Jonathan's sister Maria was born when he was 8 and resulted in Jonathan becoming very responsible and mature for his age, taking care of his sister and helping his parents around when they were busy with their own work or with Maria. They lived close to Jonathan's grandmother and father who also had a small farm and Jonathan would often visit them and help around, resulting in him becoming very used to animals and handling them.

He had a lot of friends at his home town, most notably a pair of twins called Kasper and Jesper, and he attended a boarding school in a nearby city.

It's currently unknown why he had to transfer schools in the middle of the semester, and Jonathan himself is extremely hesitant to talk about it: he usually changes the topic or ignores questions entirely.


Claude Lovelace

[ roommate ]

A mysterious roommate Jonathan wishes to know more about. As a prefect, Claude is eager to lend Jonathan a hand in navigating the new school. However, everyone keeps warning Jonathan about him being a bad influence, but he doesn't seem all that bad... right?


Thomas Acker

[ friend ]

Jonathan's sickly classmate and the first student Jonathan spoke with upon arriving to his new school. They seem to be on the same wavelenght, making it easy for them to forge a bond.


Leon Millan

[ friend ]

A charismatic upperclassman, Leon is not always all that responsible but knows how to make everyone feel welcomed. He helps Jonathan out on his first day.


Jet Russo

[ friend ]

A honest and caring upperclassman, out of the whole group it's Jet that Jonathan feels the strongest sense of alikeness with. As they're both empathtic and responsible people, they often end up agreeing with each other.


Walter Harvey

[ friend ]

The jokester of the group, Walter has a sharp tongue and the wits to match, making him appear surprisingly similar to Claude. Jonathan initially finds him a little intimidating, but it's clear Walter cares about his friends a lot - Jonathan included.


Rick Lewis

[ friend ]

A temperamental first year, Rick sometimes feels younger than he is, but simultaneously he very much has a mature side to him too. Jonathan can't help but wonder if there is something Rick is keeping a secret from the rest of the group...