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"KrrrrEEEEEE!" The small jolleraptor shrieks, zooming over a set of couches that seem to have materialized on the space of your profile for no other reason than to be here for this overly elaborate 'thank you for the favourite' post. Congratulations on your new roommate!

aaaaa  you seem really cool, keep up the good work yo!

Thank you!!! You seem pretty cool too. c;

I'm glad you liked Dag Dag! That smelly ghost is near and dear to my heart.

"Thank you for the favourite, young one. May your days be filled with endless joy and laughter."

hgoheughrh-- thank you so much for your review and kind words about my writing, it really means a lot ;o; I'm so glad you enjoyed what you read

You're so welcome!   

im sorry about ur cat, he was a good boy with a gentle face. sending love and affection ur way!!!

Thank you! You're very sweet   

All these new commissions of your characters are gorgeous,,, Thanks for blessing my TH notifs 

Haha, aww :') But I know, right? My eyes and soul are blessed


(I'm sorry about the loss of your cat. :( )

Thank you   


sksksk ok your review of my lit was so amazing, thank you so much, it totally means the world to me! (and for the record i'll make sure i post an alternative if i have any other 18+ stuff i want read in the future <3)

You're so welcome!! It's a very good piece. I'm sorry again you had to wait so long!

And thanks for that! I wish it weren't necessary, but the thread just doesn't move fast enough on its own. :( I guess there aren't too many people actively writing literature on TH, but that's a shame; I'd love to get that thread more active than it is!

Np, and same to you!! Honestly I was surprised I wasn't subbed to you already, haha <3

Thank you for subscribing!


Thank you for the kind praise on the thread! It really made me happy!

You're quite welcome! c:

Thank you so much for the compliment on my art. :) and I don't know if you're on devianart but I do have a group on there dedicated to the arcana And we have contest happening sometimes. If You want You can join.

You're quite welcome! :) I haven't used dA in years, but thank you for the offer anyway.

No problem!

;;;;;;;;; thank you so much for the favs on my two ocs  a a a a a

and for the lovely comment in that thread about friend of the stars

it means a l ot lkGDMksdglg

You're so welcome!   

Thank you for the favorite.  Awesome art style.

You're very welcome, and thank you! c:

I just wanted to say that thank you so much for your kind words in the trademarks thread! I really appreciate it.

Of course! <3 You're quite welcome.

I know this is really late but thank you so much for mentioning me on the favourite creators thread!! You have been one of my favourite creators since I joined too!

Of course, and same to you!!   

I wasn’t expecting the sub?? Thank you so much aaa-

Thank you too!! I always love seeing you and your characters around; it was past due haha <3

Haha same here! I hope you’re having a good night right now ^^

Same to you! <3

OF COURSE and same to you!! <3 <3 <3


Haha, thank you!  

Was reading what you aid about my character, Lazarus Penn and what you said about disability. I cannot agree enough as I am also disabled! Thanks for oyur comment. Much appreciated. <3

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Oh gosh, thank you so much for saying that! That means a lot, seriously ;_____; I love your characters too!

Thank you for the favorite! <3
Have a nice day~

Please stop bumping my best picture post. 

Sorry about that!

Thank you so much for the explanation on how to insert an image to a comment <3 Thank you for the lovely compliments on my art Q.Q You're too kind! I'm so sorry about all of the watermarks and such, I don't see them so I didn't realize how difficult it made it to see, I'll try and do something about that.

You're quite welcome! <3 I'm glad if I could help.

Thanks for the sub!

"Thank ye for the fav, lass!"

Thank you for loving my TV character! I'm actually currently writing her story right now if you were interested. :P Sorry this is late - work and everything haha. Hope you've been well!

I don't think I thanked you for the fave ;w;
I'll do it now.


Oh snap!! It's you! I remember you now! HAH!! Like my friend I also recognized Izzy from art fight nice!! Your OC's are so detailed its amazing! <3 Thank you for the subberooni btw!

Haha, no problem-- and thank you!! It's nice to see you here!  

Thank you for the subscription!! :D

tysm for the sub!!  i recognize izzy from artfight, it was a pleasant surprise to see i love ur art!!

Np!! I love yours too; it's so lively and you have really fun characters!

aw thank you so much!! <33

:0 Thank you for favoriting Otis! :D


lmao I'm glad

Thank you for the fave!

Welc c: Fiji is precious! I love seeing him around in the forum games.

!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

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you too op <3 <3 <3