Characters for saaale!

Posted 2 months, 10 days ago by glassmoth

I need some cash so I'm selling some dudes! Some closed species, some not.
I'm willing to haggle on some of them, just ask me what you'd be willing to do! (o vo)b

Closed Species

Fuwachii by Snouken
• | SOLD

Yevren by VanillaToxin | SOLD

Yimin by Miloudee | $60


Design by Xuu5019
• | SOLD

Design by grindzone | $50

Design by Liwian | $40

Designs by me | NYP $30-50 | NYP $40-80


I'm interested in Wisp if they're still available!

Hey hey! someone expressed interest riiight before you and I’m holding Wisp for them until next week. But I can let you know if they back out!

No problem at all, and that would be much appreciated! c:

Alright well I never heard back from them so if you're still interested just let me know!

Ohh I'm def still interested :D

Great! Would you be comfortable sending as friends & family if you're using paypal? If not that's totally fine! either way my paypal is [email protected] and they'll be $50. ^^

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