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An animated GIF of the Toyhouse Editor mascot, px-3.

The amazing animation of px-3 (the TH editor mascot) that you see above was commissioned from my friend Swissy for a big milestone: As of yesterday, the Toyhouse live code editor I made has hit 1 million pageviews!


As a thank you, I bring you......more bugs. Nah jk but this update adds a lot of really ambitious, kinda experimental changes. This includes a WYSIWYG feature (!), finally fixing the importer so it can see past warnings + using my bot account to see guest blocked characters, and migrating storage to Indexed DB, after reports that local storage was chucking out people's work.

This version has been pretty intensively beta-tested, but there's still a chance it will break for you. If it does, please post a bug report or comment below! I would like to keep this working for as many people as possible. You can also use an older version if this one is breaking.

You know, back when I started the code editor, I had no idea anyone outside of myself (and a couple of friends) would use it. So colour me surprised at the response it's gottne. Seeing people talk about how it has made their coding experience easier, including fellow coders (which blows my mind), has been one of the most fulfilling things I've experienced. I don't think I realised how many people were using it until I saw memes about the code editor going down when my website migrated and I forgot to point Cloudlflare to the new address.

It's become a collaborative project (parts of it were contributed by Venfaaniik and alyeong) and the people kind enough to join my beta tester pinglist have been a huge help to making it what it is today: Endercoil, uniuniverse, Waltz, Yuzuriha, lonelymutt, R-A-Z-I-E-L, dogstarlite, Highlanderro, KizunaYui, purrdri, CCynical, Fainthed, misquery-monarch, saku_sthetic and DreamingMage18! To all of you, everyone who's helped by writing an informative bug report, or given a suggestion that got implemented, THANK YOU.

While you're here, you might be interested to help me test out some of my other recent projects - a Toyhouse HTML download & backup tool and an Art Fight image gallery download& backup tool. If anything's not working for you, don't hesitate to message me!

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Ahh I'm honoured to be pinged!! I somehow didn't receive it. :O But I am here now!! And literally about to go and test things out again, now that I find time again to code and mess around some more sdklfdsg

I'm grateful you released a code editor at all!! I honestly wish, it was something, the TH creator would implement into the site. You just don't know, how useful many people find this code editor. You're seriously doing a massive service to the entire community, and I hope people will continue to acknowledge and thank you for your good work. x)

With that- I'm SUPER happy to hear you hit a milestone! <3 I hope you're proud and will celebrate in any way, you deserve it! : D  ♥


I am SO HAPPY to have been a part of this project, and MY GOSH! ONE MILLION!? This is the best news EVER! Just before the new year, too! Amazing job, everyone! Keep up the AMAZING work, we got this!