Posted 7 years, 4 months ago by VCR-WOLFE
  all other folders are off limits!!  

chars for sale should have prices in name + description, ask me if unsure

  • money offers are paypal only
  • preference for art offers of similar skill levels
  • a rough list of character preferences may be seen in my trade/sale folder
  • do not offer me species adoptables
please leave offers as either a comment on this bulletin, on the interested character, or by PM! ill get back to you as soon as possible
i do not do ping lists, its not something i can remember, sorry!


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oh hmm! would you wanna do one or a couple art pieces to trade this fella?

i'm super interested in & !!

i saw this fella of mine was in your desirable folder; if you're interested?

or anyone from here!!

hi! would you be willing to trade for ? im interested, let me know! ^^

hey hey!! i’d def be willing to >:)

i’ve always had my eye on Paz and Unk, i’ll be honored to yoink at least one of them!!!

OHH man would you potentially consider a trade or partial resale + trade on + in the future?
i have designs UFST on xxx !! ^_^ i'm a little picky on the ALMOST KEEPING guys but if someone there interests you i can think it over, happy to do multiples!

hi hi I was wondering if I could offer for these guys ! 

I could offer anybody in my ufo !
I could also offer money or art depending !

Small bump ! I can now offer anybody in my th aside from sonas and anybody marked “nfs” 

hi! im so sorry i took so long to reply... ive been a bit busy irl so i got forgetful of online ^^;

i was very interested, but i dont think im ready to give up eoither of those characters yet! tysm for the offer tho 

no worries and ah okay ! 

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howdy! i got them for 50usd so id be interested in that or a trade of similar value

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oh man your art is so cool, its super tempting ;o; would you at all be interested in doing a small custom design to trade for lacquer? if not it can be regular art or money! ^^

tysm man !! :’)) and just curious but would you accept a complex custom (back and front view of the custom, can be symm or not symm up to u !) for nettle or jelly ? I can add money if needed, if not that’s totally okay !!

For lacquer I could to a chibi custom fully rendered or art ! What would you be looking for ? :0

ohh still tempting but i think im too attached to jelly and nettle to let them go >w< i hope u understand

i think a chibi for lacquer would work! i usually like to give artists a handful of my characters to pick from that i think theyd enjoy drawing, so whoever catches your eye here?

no worries !! I’ll get started on that chibi !

I think I’ll do la brea she has a rlly cool design ! I’ll send you updates on the chibi over on ig, tysm !

i dont use my ig so here is best to contact me! but ill mark lacquer as pending for you

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Hello! I'm interested in this character right here:

Would someone from this folders interest you: (a little tentative with some in here but feel free to ask!) (I'm a lot more tentative with the characters here but please feel free to ask!)

oh im Super interested in this design, but if you arent open to negotiate for it thats totally ok!

I'm open to negotiating on them. I'm just tentative with them.

okay! would you prefer money+trade offers for it? we can discuss in notes if you want

I'm open to either money/trade offers but I'm looking more for trades! Also sure I'll shoot you a dm!

Howdy! I'd be interested in Quill if anyone (or multiple depending on the designs) interest you. :)

nothing interested me, sorry!

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hi there! i got them in a trade so i would look at art or character trade offers

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holy shit im sorry i didnt get back sooner,,, irl kinda kicked me in the Ass. i did peek thru ur characters tho and you got some really cool ones but none that grabbed me as Had to Have!! tysm tho

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Hi hi! Are you open to offers on ? I've been tossing the temptation to ask back and forth for the past few months haha!

uh yea sure! hit me im curious

i don't think i have any characters that would interest you, so I was thinking either art or a mixture of art+money? [For examples: It's a bit of a mixed bag of fun work and serious work. Some more slightly outdated examples + pricing can be found on]. Whatever you think might be appropriate!

HEY omg im so sorry i just dropped off.... shit kind of really hit the fan in my real life and i just... gave up? online. idk if i can go thru trading but i gave u a follow bc ur art is really good tho!!

It's alright! Thanks so much for the follow <3 - If you ever change your mind, lmk! I might poke again sometime in the future haha !!

what does the stipulation for the 'favorites' folder mean? i'm super interested in this guy but i dont want to offend by asking OTL

usually its reserved for me to offer on chars im interested in but id be willing to look at offers for that char!! i saw this guy in ur gallery who looks super cool and up my alley

I don’t suppose IC would interest you for ?

it doesnt interest me, sorry!

No worries! Thanks for looking!

hiya! i've had my eye on fargo for a good while, i wanted to ask if you'd consider trades for him! Here's my folder directory, each folder is hyperlinked (basically, special is off-limits, but everything else i can consider, tho the characters folder is gonna be generally tentative).

hi there! im sorry i took so long, i had wanted to think abt the offer but then also got caught up being busy irl ^^; esther and primrose somewhat interested me but im not sure id be looking to trade fargo for either of them :0c

hiya!! no worries! thats understandable, ty for lookin! :]

Would (body horror cw)

One of these interest you before I start linking some ocs?

hi! im somewhat interested in the body horror oc, what were you looking to offer on from me?

Hey! Sorry was just wondering if you were still interested! ;0; it's okie if not!

hi, sorry i had a busy couple of days. i dont think i could let go of any of those characters for the one you offered, sorry!

That's perfectly fine!! Thank you for looking regardless!!

hi!!!! im really interested in quill if you were accepting offers on them!!! <:)

ive got a design that i saw in yr desired designs folder that id be interested in trading! i bought them for $100 usd -- just to be transparent about the value! i was working on a model of them, but havent yet finished it. i can give you the assets for that if you want also lol! design in question (sweetchimera)

let me know if ur interested! 

hiya! sorry for the delay in replying ;; got busy but also was thinking abt the offer aaa

its a really good offer! but i think im def still attached to quill to take it ;o;

np at all, i totally understand!

i was also interested in this design in trade for silutet if you were interested! however i do know theres a worth difference (100 vs 125) so no pressure at all :-)

oh, id actually be interested in that trade if you like!

👁 I TOTALLY WOULD! ill transfer silutet to you, but im away from home (night shift OTL) til tomorrow evening. when i get back then ill pack up all my assets and take some screenshots and send them to you!

no problem, i just sent transfer for my half. hmu when you got the time for the assets :3

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hello there, how much art/trade value would you want for:

i really like sphinx characters and they look great!

let me know what you think, thanks

hi! the first sphinx is value at 125usd, if i traded it i would prefer usd first but would look at art or high quality character trades

im not willing to trade mallory!

Would be of interests? I’m have eye set on someone in your favorites but ik it’s only if you offer first

howdy! theyre a cute character but i dont see myself using them ;w; thanks tho!

ive been interested in this character for a while so i thought id shoot my shot

is there anyone here you'd be interested in trading for? I can also offer art

thanks for the consideration!

hi, sorry for the delay! i didnt see anything that interested me for quill, but thank you!

Would you potentially be open to art offers for this guy? If not I can try to come back and offer USD when I have some spendin money :>

heya! sorry for the delay to respond, but i dont think im looking to let go of them right now! ;w;

All good, tysm for the response!

ooo you got a couple really good ones but i dont think i could let go of paz for them!! :0

heya! i like claus, but i dont think i have any use for the chars you showed here ;3;

i didn't see anywhere but do you do pings ? there's one guy favorites that absolutely has my heart but i didn't know if it would be rude to ask for a ping

i do not, sorry! i will add that info bc thats good to know

im also curious lmao, which one is it?

I had a feeling you’d be curious haha, i would be too It’s this big boy!!!

oh! yknow sometimes ive thought abt putting them up for offers. would you have been offering usd or trade?

is this a dream come true?? omg,,, UHM!! i'm 99% percent sure i dont have anything on my trade account you'd like cause i looked at ur preferences ( the account anyways)

but i can offer usd!!! and pay it's original full price!! :D or more if you need it :O

ohhh yea, the only one that grabbed me was pending! haha

uhm i need to contact the designer if they remember the price, i Think it was 90usd but i wanna be sure bc i know it was a higher price!

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hi, im sorry for the delay! nothing really caught me interest, id probably look more for money offers

Hello! I was wondering if you were taking offers on -- & ?

hey im really sorry for the long delay, irl has been a lot lmao. im not looking to part with those two right now!

It's not a problem at all! <3 Thank you for getting back to me!

hi! nothing intrested me but ty for the offer!

im very interested in SiO and was wondering if anyone from here caught your eye? i can also do USD outright or as an add-on

hi there! nothing really caught my eye, sios usd value is 80usd but tentative

i could definitely do 90+fees! no pressure to accept ofc so if ubwanna think about it thats good with me

i'd definitely be willing to up my offer to $100 

hey! this was really unintentional bc irl life kinda got away from me. i decided i am going to keep sio for now, but ty for the interest!

yeah ofc no problem!!!

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hey! sorry for the delay in answering. thats a really cool design but i dont think id be able to give quill up for it!

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heya! you got some really cool ones, but none i could part with quill for ;w;

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Yo! Anyone in you for (if you don’t want offers on them it’s totally fine just lmk)

howdy! ive been rlly busy irl, sorry for the delay ;; none in those characters interested me but ty!

No need to apologize!

Hey I am still interested in this character if you're willing to sell! I can pay with money and/or art if interested!

hey! i'm interested in this character you have up for trade

let me know if anything in my trade/sale folder interests you!
i'm willing to do some updated ref pics for some of the older designs if that helps

hey there! ty for the offer but nothing really grabbed me as had to have ;w;

no worries! :)

Hello! I stumbled upon this characters page again and thought to throw an offer if that’s alright ^^

I have my sale folder here. Hope it’s alright to link the whole folder as it includes a lot of various characters

If there is not anyone of interest, I can throw out there a custom design offer or a shaded bust offer

Thank you!

hey no problem linking the whole thing!! i didnt see anything that i had to have, so i will be keeping open for others to offer. thanks tho!

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howdy! nothing rlly interested me, but ty!

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both of them are worth 90usd, but im fairly tentative on the sphinx

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Would you be interested in this Ouropal design for this pony in your sale folder?

ah no, sorry! id prefer usd for the horse

hi! nothing grabbed me as had to have, sorry ;w;

hey I saw this oc in your 04- adopted folder

and I’m wondering if you would consider cash offers ?
also here’s some ocs I could offer as well 

Ocs I  could offer include
You are also free to browse through my toyhouse ^_^ 

hey there! im so sorry im getting back to you so late. i didnt see any characters i had to have in your offers, but ty!

Hi! I saw you are okay with offers on your 04-adopted folder.. i hope this is alright ^^

Would you consider reselling [this character]?
Or, alternatively, trading for art of approximate value? [comm menu here]

thanks either way!

hi there! youre alright. im so sorry i took so long to reply, i really love your art and designs so i had wanted to think over your offer but then i also got caught up with irl stuff ^^;

i really appreciate your offer but i think im too attached to the character to quite let them go now!

thats alright, thank you!

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howdy! theyre valued at 50usd but i would be willing to humor trade offers

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hey, sorry for the delay in reply! i think im going to pass but ty for your offer!

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How much usd would you be looking for this Fumi?

hi! for them id probably go 100-120 range

Ahh okay, that's outside of what I can afford at the moment. All good! thank you for letting me know!

yea np, if you wanna make your own offer or have me hold them lemme kno, im not really in any rush to get rid of them even tho theyre ufo :o

Oh ye that's alright! I might come back with an offer when I have more funds to spare, no holds necessary as I have no idea when that'll be. I appreciate that tho! :>

ok! have a good one then c:

I'd love to purchase this girl if she's still available!

she is! my pp is and i can transfer when its paid!

Payment has been sent.

transfer sent!! tysm c:

Sorry, I didn't see your bulletin until after my DM!!

I'm still interested in these two lads, and !! And as stated in the DM, Many Faces is off-limits, Special Bubs is tentative and here's my sales/trade folder!

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sure!! i bet youll do something cool with them :0 my pp is here and ill send the toyhouse transfer

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i just got them recently so im not looking for offers, sorry!

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oh its fine! you can leave them on the character, i need to update the text on them

im also posting up the offers on da and fa in a few minutes


i was interested in these guys and was wondering how much you were looking for them.

hello! im not looking to rehome those three rn, but ty for the interest!

Ok, thank you for letting me know!

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ok! ill dm you

hey! i saw your post abt these two for sale on FA, and i'd love to buy cyrus if i could - i can offer 60$ if anyone else is already looking at him!

oh yes! id be willing to take that offer. you can send it here

Sent! Thank you c:

HEY sorry for the delay!! i got busy irl but i sent the transfer

no problem, i did too!

I would love to offer art and money on !!! I could give $20 plus some art you'd like of any type!!!

Here's some galleries!

If you like someone more specific or more money, I'd love to negotiate!

ah howdy! 20 is a bit too low for me :0 i paid 50 for them so id look for smth around there, or maybe a character trade

I'm totally cool to pay $50! Would you still like art with it?

im not as interested in the art, but ill think abt selling them! im still pretty attached aa

Ahhh, alright ;; please let me know if you do plan to sell them, I'm very interested in them

Hey! Don't mean to be a bother but I'm still interested if you ever plan on selling :> I can pay more than the $50 you got them for if you'd like that!


Just curious if you'd take USD for this Fumi here;

yes i would! i think id go around 40-50usd range

Ahh okay coolio, i'd be happy to do the 50usd!

I'll swing back n claim them tomorrow- since that's when I'll have the funds to do so, if you don't mind! :>

im fine with that! just reply again when youre ready, ill put down that theyre held for you

Thank you so much for that! I have the funds now, where should I send it to? :>

you can send it here! and i can transfer to you after

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hi! i got them for 150, id tentatively entertain usd or character trade offers but theyd be harder

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im keeping anthy for now but ty!

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Hello! I am interested in Would you be interested in anyone here:

nothin interested me, but ty!

Heyo! I'm checkin in a while later to see if you'd entertain character customs or art for ? My art examples are here they've been a massive dreamie

Are all your fumis still not up for possible offers?

howdy! my fumis were made as mutant types so im not able to sell them or anything

Ah! i hope it doesn't sound bothering! But Lex actually sometime ago told me that they were ok with their mutant types being traded or sold and mentioned you looking to trade them but i was a bit afraid to come forward not wanting to think i was being rude i could show screenshots if needed!

Ah! i hope it doesn't sound bothering! But Lex actually sometime ago told me that they were ok with their mutant types being traded or sold and mentioned you looking to trade them but i was a bit afraid to come forward not wanting to think i was being rude i could show screenshots if needed!

oh no thats news for me. its been a really long time since ive been involved w any species at all so im not sure how far fumis moved along without me haha. but if thats true i dont mind looking at offers then

Ah awesome! heheh are there anything specific looking for like mostly designs or would you perhaps look at money/usd offers aswell? im very interested in Phoebe and Jacksaw!

uhh you know im not sure! since all the fumis i still have were custom work by myself but drawn a few years ago id probably put them somewhere around 50-60usd ish for a price estimate? but id def be willing to look at art or character trade offers too, either by themself or as an add-on to money

19 Replies Could I offer 2-3 art pieces for this character? You can check my art tab for examples (click through to the second+ page to get past sketches).

i would prefer art as an add-on to usd!

Ah, understandable. Sadly I'm broke! It's a nice design though, thanks for answering!

Howdy, I was just wondering if you'd entertain usd offers on 
  Thank you~

im sorry but i got them in a trade! so id only be able to take art or characters 

No worries, does anyone from here catch your fancy?

not really, sorry!

No worries, thanks for looking ^^

np! i wanted to add if you ever consider trading or selling this fella id def be interested! I really like these two characters! would my art or customs interest you for one of them?

i got my little claws into anthy lmaoo.... but dude youre really tempting me for a trade for pedey >:0 a custom design from you would be super cool

I'd love to do it >:0!! if you want to, feel free to hmu here or twitter/discord for custom info

god i forget did we ever add each other on disco... i have swiss cheese brain

fuck... i dont think so sfdsfhk. i'm lemmy#6980 there!!

Hello!! Sorry I just saw this but would you also look at usd offers on

Hello! I'm really interested in this baby!

Feel free to look at anyone in my TH (except Mains) 

nothing rlly interests me sorry :v

Thank you for looking ^^ have a good day!

hey, i love! feel free to look in my uft folder for them! (also all characters that r unsorted)

nothing rlly interested me but ty ;w;

Hiya! I would love to pay $50 for ^^ If possible

howdy!! i went w another offer but ty for yours

No worries :D Thank you for replaying!

Hi! I am looking respectfully at and would be interested in offering USD for him. I'll offer $50 atm but if you paid more I'd be willing to go a little bit higher! 

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heya! i really appreciate the offer, but i think im too attached to pedey to let him go haha ;w;

pyrrhicpunch here! could i do art trades for ? i can dm you with art examples over twit

AHHH i was thinking abt it and i totally forgot to get back to u ;o; i think im still attached to az!!! ty tho aa

das alright!

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ahh im sorry! someone claimed them before you :o

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I have had this character favorited: for a bit because I love buggies and this one is beautiful and I was wondering how you felt about fan characters? I read over your design preference journal and couldn't find anything saying you're against them, and I have Pixel here, who is an Arcanine oc, but has some extreme hips, which I did see were on your preferences for body type! If you don't like that one, I also have Crowley, who is kind of a lower quality but with some extra art, Lockjaw, and Basil, who is  carnotaurus I tried to be fairly accurate drawing. If none of these catch your fancy, that's a-okay.

none of them really interested me, but thank you! i need to update my preference list too that reminds me,,, its been awhile lmao

i would like to buy this dreamie if theyre still available 😳

oh sure! if ur still interested you can send the dosh to my pp [email protected] and ill transfer them over to you

sent ^_^

Hello! I'd like to offer for this awesome guy I stumbled on

I can offer anyone here:

I am also willing to offer someone from here as well but I'm picky with designs:

howdy! nothing really interested me but im willing to consider money offers around the characters original purchase price at 130!

Thanks for letting me know. Sadly I can not offer money. I could offer some art if that works as an offer. If not that's completely okay. 

howdy!! nothing really caught me sorry ;o;

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howdy!! I’ve had my eye on this pal for a little while so I figured I’d inquire about them!

If you are considering offers, I cooould offer art! We’re mutuals on furaffinity + twitter if that matters. I’m not sure their worth, so whatever you find fair! I may be able to offer characters as well, though I’m not sure if I have anyone you’d like. You’re free to poke around my ota folder, though!

hey just wanted to say I'd still be interested in this pal! I could offer money too!

heya!! im super sorry, these past couple weeks have been... really wild and i lost track

this fella was 25usd. im reluctant to let him go but youre a chill dude if youre still interested in them?

Oh hey no worries, that’s totally understandable! Thanks for getting back to me! ^__^

I’m definitely interested! $25 sounds perfectly reasonable! If you’re still attached I definitely wouldn’t want to pry them from you, but if you’re willing to give them up, I’d be happy to have them! If you like, I can sell/trade them back to you first should I ever get tired of them? I totally don’t mind!

yea i think im alright letting them go! i mostly just feel bad i didnt use them as much as i thought i would haha

[email protected] is my paypal!!! and i can send a transfer over to u when its paid for

Thats totally fair haha! But awesome, payment sent! ^__^ tysm!

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Hi! I'm super interested in these two:

Assuming they're possibly for trade, what types of offers are you most likely to accept for them? (Note- my TH account is a heavy WIP and does not contain all of my characters. Most there are not for trade, anyways.)

howdy! i dont take offers on characters i just got, sorry!

as for the centipede lad, id be a bit more interested in money, but id be willing to give a gander at character trades too

How much money? 

i got them for 50usd

If is ufo / uft, feel free to look around all my folders, including Sonas <3

I didn’t see this and commented by accident aha.

np! nothing really interested me tho!

No worries aha!

Hey what are ya looking for

They’re gorgeous! 

i Just bought them haha

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hi omg!!! sorry for the delay ive been super busy ;w; the fella who interested me the most is this cutie, but idk how attached u are to them!

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howdy! id still be interested!

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OMG DONT WORRY i think were all kinda fucked up w shit going on lmaooo

im down to trade for calliope! as for lad i think id prefer money for him if i were to rehome him but i think im keeping him for now :0c

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hi, i was interested in this lil baby!!

im willing to trade anyone from this tag, only offlimits are the chittercida and valentine!

nothing really interested me but ty for the offer!

Hey, If Vellum still open I would like to purchase them.

howdy! im sorry but they were claimed earlier today ;w;

Hello, I know Orpheus is in your Favorites folder but whenever or if you do decide to part him from that folder, could you ping me possibly? I'd love to buy him someday, he's gorgeous.

Hi, my eye fell on this guy, I could offer my art for them, maybe money(up to 15$) along with the art <<
here is my abode!

howdy!!! i appreciate the offer but it doesnt interest me ;w; ty tho

I am absolutely in love with this fella! ;; All I can offer is USD. How much would they be? If you aren't wanting to part with them I understand! Thank you for your time! :)

howdy! im not sure im ready to let go of them yet but ty!

oop , hey again ! 

here'sexamples of my art (can also do digital) 

if anybody in my whole th interest you , please lemme know ! can also do customs if preferred ^^ 

nothing grabbed my interest but ty!

i really want this fellow

here is my art 

im not interested, but ty for the offer!

Long shot but are you entertaining the idea of money or art offers on Midnight Runner? Or a mix of both! is where you can pop in and see my work.
Lots of robots recently but I absolutely adore doing feral/monster work as well! For art, very willing to do a trade, or a character design in exchange if you're interested!

Edit: Whoops! My b, I didn't notice you'd moved them to Favorites! Apologies!

oh no prob!!! im super sorry i never replied i like. oh my god the quarantine stuff just totally destroys my sense of time. youre all good tho!

Hi, how much would you take for this fella? Or a price range?

i got them for 10usd!

I can pay $10 if that’s fine!

Where can I pay?

sorry for the delay! my pp is [email protected] and when thats paid ill transfer them over ;v;

It’s okay! I just sent the payment!~

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i just bought kit a day ago! sorry 

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sure!! [email protected] is my pp, and after i get payment ill transfer them over to u c:

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Ah dang, too late. :'D I was about to ask if I could purchase. Such a cool character! <- I was interested in him! Would anyone in my sale/trade folder interest you?


nothing interested me, sorry!

oooh I love so much!

Is there anything specific you'd take for them? Like, a price range? 

I can also offer up characters from my toyhouse

uhh i got them for 25usd. i like this fella of yours a lot!

tho im also kinda wishy washy whether id be looking to rehome xen too

Ah I understand! If you ever decide to rehome Xen, I'd totally trade Abbadon ^^

or I could pay the $25 (or more)

hey there! im absolutely in love with this kid here!

i dont have much to offer but feel free to look through any of these characters! (except sky!)

if none of them interest you id totally be willing to buy them with usd (although i might need to do a payment plan? if not ill probably be able to buy them in a couple of weeks!) if you could give me a rough estimate of what youd accept for them in terms of how much money! otherwise, thank you for looking!

none of the characters interested me, but bub was 130usd. im not sssuuuuper sure im looking to rehome them atm tho?

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ahh im sorry! they dont rlly interest me :'0

Hello! I was interested in this design:

Saw it in your "Free to offer" folder so hope its alright to ask :>
I have these designs: 

And/or I could offer something like this of an OC of  your choice: (nsfw)
Or something like this involving your OC/my OC in a pose of your choice: (nsfw)

Thanks for considering!

hey howdy!!! im so sorry for the delay, i wanted to think about your offer but got caught up irl ;w;\

its a REALLY tempting offer for your art, but i think ill hang onto thresh for now!! ty for the offer tho mate

No worries at all, totally understand! If you ever change your mind, please keep me in mind <3 Cheers!

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howdy! that design doesnt really catch my fancy, but ty for the offer! i got bub for 130usd if that helps with any sort of range

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neither of them appealed to me either, but thanks!

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howdy! id be willing to drop to 100, possibly 90 on them

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Hello hello! I LOVE Proxy and was wondering if we could work out some sort of deal on him? Some art on my profile as well as Sairus-Art on dA. 


My dA:

the art doesnt interest me, but thank you!

i didnt see anything that really grabbed my fancy, but thank you!

if Muto and unnamed sphinx taking offers? 

some ocs from my sale folder? and i can make some pixels

or just pixels

examples are here

muto is not, but ill entertain offers on the sphinx!

nothing in your sale folder really interested me, but i would resell the sphinx for the original price i got it, 30USD

Im falling in love with your character, Cho but im pretty sure she's not up for offer to adopt that's right?

they arent for offers, sorry!

Aw alright :)

only characters in the marked folders are for offers, sorry!

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they still are yes!

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no sorry! its a custom second life avatar

Ello ello! I've got my eye on ! Is this one still nab-able?

yea! [email protected] is my pp and i can transfer the bab right over to you bud!!